Tuesday, October 25, 2011


  • Question:-Is the unthink kfc coupon being accepted in Mechanicsburg, PA?
    I know how finicky and how crazy this promotion is going by reading things online..does anyone know if the KFC in Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania is accepting these free coupons?

    Answer:-I guess you could always try it! No harm there, right? Hope it works!
  • Question:-"Unthink" KFC commercial sounds like newspeak from the book 1984?
    I just saw a KFC commercial on mute that went on about "unthink". It was muted so I don't know what it was trying to convey. Isn't that a newspeak word? Does anyone else find that kind of creepy?

    Answer:-I'm actually reading 1984 right now, and yah, it can be a word. "un" anything is "not" anything. Maybe, though, you're thinking of doublethink. George Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning to future generations at the onset of machinery and the end of a war. I personally believe that it is wholly possible, and during certain presidential administrations, we have come close. "Unthink" would follow a certain slogan in 1984: "Ignorance is strength". Doublethink is when a person holds two conflicting ideas in his mind: a truth, and a lie. The lie is used in daily life until the person accepts it as truth, in which case there is no existing proof that it was never the lie, so it becomes the truth. Think about it.
  • Question:-What mental picture do you use when trying to "unthink sexy thoughts"?
    I'm sorry for my crazy question. I'm having a "debate" with someone about whether other people do this, or is just me? =D

    I tend to use "Martha Stewart naked on a cold day". That just kills everything. =D
    ok - when you want to unthink sexy thoughts because you find your sister in law attractive or your husband friend - something like that. Obviously if I'm thinking something sexy about my husband I pounce, I don't try to "unthink" them. =D
    @Michael: LOL. Thanks. Now I'm blind.

    Answer:- I think of my damned mother in law. Clothed or not, it doesn't matter. Phooey!!!!!!
  • Question:-I feel suicidal and depressed can anyone help me unthink this way?

    Answer:-i think there is always a reason why people begin to feel this way (you're not alone).
    the best thing you can do it talk to your doctor about it.
    that might sound scary or stupid (i thought it was), but i finally did and now I'm on my way to getting help.

    you can't just cross your fingers with this sort of thing.
    if these thoughts persist, you need to take action.
    good luck.
  • Question:-what is the name of the song on the new KFC unthink commercial? Sounds spanish, no words to it.?
    The people are dancing around with a new hand held box of chicken.

    Answer:-See what's here:

  • Question:-do unthink danny granger is good(he is a forward for the pacers)?
    i love the pacers but dont really know if hes good or not

    Answer:-He's awesome in bed.
  • Question:-howcan i prove that my husband is innocence his girlfreind is trying to accuse him of the unthink able ?
    he is got lock up for this charge and all his friends and family know he would not do this plus theres alot of stuff in the report that is lies me and his mom can prove but how do prove without having a lawyer espaccilly when u dont have the money to afford one and the judge wont listen to u without a lawyer????

    Answer:-Well, first thing you should do is take a keyboarding and an English class and re-post this question.
  • Question:-my daughter delete some files and now I can't go in my computer there is unthink in there now can I go back?
    my daughter delete some files and now I can't go in my computer there is unthink in there now can I go back

    Answer:-Put the recovery or restore CD in that came with your computer and when you start up your computer, it will ask you to hit a key to boot from CD. Hit a key.

    Choose for it to repair windows and see if it helps. just follow the instructions.
  • Question:-What is "unthink" the website?
    I saw a commercial for a new website called "unthink". I was wondering what it was, if it a social website? What makes it different?

    Answer:-No way to tell anything about them yet. They use a paid service to keep all their registration information private -- not a good sign, IMO.

    They claim that they're going to be the next big thing, bigger and better than Facebook or MySpace.

  • Question:-Are you ready to "unthink" the wing?

    Answer:-If you mean KFC....bring it on!

    *pulls out fork*

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