Wednesday, October 26, 2011

beavis and butthead

  • Question:-Are you going to watch the new Beavis and Butthead episode tomorrow?

  • Question:-When do the new episodes of Beavis & Butthead start on MTV?
    So the rumors turned out to be true. Beavis & Butthead will be returning to MTV. I have read articles about it everywhere but not one has mentioned a date or a time. Whoever can answer this question for me first will get the best answer and all of my gratitude. I grew up on that show and have dearly missed it. Thanks in advance and if possible please provide a source.

    Answer:-As the official announcement was just made, it will be a while...the 30 episode order is now in production. There won't be any airdates announced until at least next summer at the earliest (since traditional hand-drawn animation takes a long time; half-hour cartoons take six months to produce).
  • Question:-What is a movie that is just down right about retards kinda like beavis and butthead?
    i dont want cartoons or anything just something like beavis butthead a movie about idiots that just say and do retarded shit if anybody knows of any let me know?

    Answer:-Jackass: The Movie and it's sequel, Jackass Number Two
  • Question:-Does anyone have Beavis & Butthead episodes to burn onto DVD that they'd be willing to sell?
    I want the Beavis & Butthead episodes on DVD but the official DVD has cut out alot of stuff, like the music videos. Obviously the programme isn't the same without them. Does anyone have full-length copies of the episodes that they'd be willing to burn onto DVD and sell?

    Answer:-That's illegal buddy.

    Whoever put me down is a retard because it is
  • Question:-What would Beavis and Butthead sound like with British accents?
    could you please do your best British Beavis & Butthead impression...

    Answer:-heh heheheh humm hmmm nice cup of tea heh heh heehhehehh look red bus awww toothache hehhehheh hum toodle pip
    It's funny because it's true, we're all really like that
  • Question:-When do the new episodes of Beavis & Butthead start?
    I'm really excited they're making new episodes and I googled it a while ago but didn't really find a clear answer. I think it said October 2011 but it wasn't clear about it. Does anyone know the exact date they start and what channel it will be on? I'm guessing they'll be on mtv like they used to be, I hope not though...

    Answer:-The new episodes begin starting October 27, 2011 :)

    And sorry to say but yeah they'll still be on MTV
  • Question:-In which Beavis & Butthead episode are they watching a Bob Vila home improvement show?
    Bob's wife announces she wants a divorce, something like "No more grout, Bob. I want a divorce... To get a divorce, I went to see my lawyer, Dave. How ya doin', Dave?" I haven't seen it since I was a teenager and would love to track it down. Google is bone dry. Thanks for your help!

    Answer:-dunno, but here is a list of all the episodes...
  • Question:-What is this song from the Beavis & Butthead 2011 commercial on MTV?
    On the commercial on MTV, there's this song playing and the lyrics are something like "this song, I'm really feelin' this song" and "this song, is the best song ever" in a male voice, and then it goes into club music I think...

    Any ideas??

    Answer:-Eric Frederic a.k.a. Ricky Reed (Band: Wallpaper)

    Song: F**** Best Song Ever
  • Question:-What was your favorite character from Beavis & Butthead other than Beavis & Butthead?
    I liked Mr. Anderson. And Todd.

    Answer:-Buzzcut. He's more psychotic than Randy Orton!
  • Question:-beavis and butthead or south park?
    which do you prefer?


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