Wednesday, November 30, 2011

adriana lima

  • Question:-adriana lima?
    what do u guys think of adriana lima? hot or not? i think she is absolutely beautiful! what celeb do u think is the hottest?
    she is so hot i could die jacking off to her

    Answer:-she is sexy.
    but what does this have to do with men's health?
    well... actually... um
  • Question:-Adriana Lima?
    Am i crazy for thinking Adriana Lima looks very plain and simple ? Actually no i think she's ugly.. what's happened to the real beauties like nicole kidman and catherine zeta jones?

    Answer:-Nicole Kidman is the classic sophisticated beauty. Adriana Lima is the sexy, mysterious victoria secret kind of beauty.
  • Question:-Adriana lima ?
    Am i crazy for thinking Adriana Lima looks very plain and simple ? Actually no i think she's ugly.. what's happened to the real beauties like nicole kidman and catherine zeta jones?

    Answer:-She is hot and young!
    The beauty about her is :-
    1) Eyes like angle
    2) Mouth , kissing mouth
    3) Cheek bones, show that she is the supermodel like Denise
    4) Her skin and exotic look
  • Question:-Could the Model Adriana Lima play the role of the greek goddess hedone?
    Do you think the Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima could play the role of the greek goddess hedone? The goddess of pleasure,enjoyment and delight.

  • Question:-What kind of body figure does Adriana Lima have?
    She has a great body but come she is a model so she has too. I know that there is four different types of body figures. Apple, Pear, Hourglass, or straight and rectangular. What kind does Adriana lima have? And what do most of the victoria secret models have?

    Answer:-the hot type
  • Question:-How can I get over my obsession with model Adriana Lima?
    I am 13 and weirdly obsessed with Adriana Lima. I think about her all the time. I am soooo obsessed with her to the point where I could be considered a stalker.

    Answer:-If I were you I'd flip though mag. and find someone new to idol.
    Or just start a sport.
    If your not that athletic try yoga.
    In your room if you have any pictures up on the wall of her, TEAR THEM DOWN.
    Look through vouge, and ripe out fashion pictures like, all designers and try putting them on your wall if there are any pictures of her DO NOT PUT THEM UP!!
    I'm 13too and it's weird for you to be so obbsesed with some one.
  • Question:-What if Adriana Lima was trying to steal your man?
    Hey guys, if Adriana Lima was trying to steal you away from your girl, would you dump your GF for her?

    Also girls, would you be intimidated that one of the prettiest girls in the world is trying to steal your man? What would you do about it?

    Answer:-Shhhiiett I would be so intimidated by this girl!! She is BEAUTIFUL. I would give her my man, eventhough I don't have I'd probably even date her LOL (just kidding) but she is very beautiful I admire her.
  • Question:-How can I look like adriana lima?
    Well some people have told me that I sort of look like adriana lima (I wish). But my question is how can I look even more like her. My hair is a light brown colour and its layered with a side bang. My eye colour is green with flecks of brown and dark blue. I am pretty tall for my age and I have full lips a normal nose and pretty pale skin especially now in the winter.

    Answer:-try making your hair darker...
    i think she has like a dark coffee color...
    and maybe look at pictures and try your make up like her
  • Question:-How can i get colored contacts to match Adriana Lima's eyes color in this picture?
    here is the link of a pic of Adriana Lima's eye color. i know her color changes but i need to find this exact color, so if you can help that would be great! also i would like some reccomendations other than Freshlooks and Acuvue colored contact..ones that are ver high quality.
    thanks : )

    Answer:-Here's my advice: DON'T get colored contact lenses.

    I used to want an eye color like hers too, so I spent $400 on one pair of colored contacts. Not only did they feel extremely uncomfortable and make my eyes bloodshot, but they looked really fake.

    There are NO colored contacts that look real. Trust me! This is because colored contacts have a huge hole cut into the center, to allow you to see. Not only does your natural eye color show through this hole, but it makes it look like your pupils never change and are constantly huge. Plus, up close, the lenses look terrible - you can see the fake pattern on them as well as your natural eye color!! And sometimes when you blink, the lenses slide down, exposing your natural eye color.

    Also, real eyes absorb light, while colored contacts reflect it - so they look really freaky under some types of lighting. And they have a 'bulging' effect. A real iris lies flat on the eyeball, while colored contacts pop out of the eye, another dead giveaway that they are fake.

    Trust me, they aren't worth it. Embrace your natural eye color. And remember, it's not Adriana Lima's eye COLOR that makes her eyes so beautiful, it's mostly the SHAPE.
  • Question:-Adriana lima is the hottest woman ive ever seen?
    I think adriana Lima is the hottest woman ever. Wat do u think?


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