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bowl projections

  • Question:-BOWL PROJECTIONs?
    was cruisin through this morning and finally found their bowl projections. just wanted to highlight a few...

    BCS Championship Game -- WVU vs LSU (best two teams in the country right now)
    Sugar Bowl -- Georgia vs Hawaii ( i even need to comment?)
    Captial One -- Illinois vs Florida (juice williams should win the heisman)
    Rose Bowl -- Ohio State vs PAC-10 2nd place (worst game ever...)
    Fiesta Bowl -- Oklahoma vs PAC-10 Champ (might be decent if oregon plays, otherwise ou is gonna roll usc)

    I dont know bout you, but a few of those games look one sided to me...also, i cant wait for illinois to be tebow and the gators...
    heres the link to the site if you want to see all 1000 bowl games....
    vinny -- i simply highlighted a few games that are of interest to me. i could give a crapless about ku or mu so fu :) ok, setup was perfect...kansas/missouri plays virginia tech in the orange bowl....

    Answer:-Pac 10 projections for me i think will be

    Rose - Arizona State v.s. Ohio State

    Holiday - USC v.s. Mizzou

    Sun Bowl - Oregon State v.s. Uconn

    Emerald Bowl - Oregon v.s. Georgia Tech

    Las Vegas - Cal v.s. BYU

    Armed Forces - UCLA v.s. Ball State
  • Question:-Bowl Projections???????
    Who do you think is going to the Motor City Bowl?
    And why are some projecting Western Michigan to go the Hawaii bowl that bowl just doesnt make sense for Western Michigan to go to?

    Answer:-The non-BCS bowls are yet to be decided yet. But the BCS Bowls are going to shake down like this.

    Orange Bowl: Cincy vs Virginia Tech
    Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs Texas
    Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs Utah
    BCS Ntl Championship: Oklahoma vs Florida
  • Question:-Where can I find CURRENT NCAA Football bowl projections?
    Most of the bowl projections online are preseason ones. Where can I find current ones? Thanks.

  • Question:-Does anyone have the time and the insight to make Bowl Projections?
    Also could you explain how the Bowl system works in a nutshell. Sometimes it seems strange that teams that are not exactly even matchups play each other. My favorite team is Missouri and I want to see them play an SEC school that doesn't make BCS (since Missouri likely won't make a BCS Bowl). LSU, Florida, Georgia, Auburn: at least 2 or 3 of these will not make a BCS bowl and would be a good matchup for Missouri.

    Answer:-The only bowl game that is a safe be is the EagleBank with Navy...

    In a Nutshell:
    Conferences have contracts with bowls for its members. Most conferences meet their quota, but from time to time there isn't enough bowl-eligible (500 or better) teams. In such instances, they'll get a replacement team from another conference.

    Team selection is not based of fair match-up or finish in conference, but rather on which school's fan-base travels better. Bowls want schools with loyal fans who will make the bowl game a full week vacation... this means tourist $$$$ for the local chamber of commerce.

    Missouri can still make a BCS game if they can win the Big 12 champ by winning the North division and the championship game. Non BCS bowls that have Big 12 vs SEC teams are the Cotton and the Independence.

    it appears as though the SEC might fall short on having enough teams for their 10 bowl commitments (assuming they get 2 BCS bowls)
  • Question:-Does anyone know any good websites with college football bowl projections that are current?
    ESPN and Yahoo do have them and are updated weekly but Im just wondering if there are any other sites that I am not aware of.


    Answer:-there is a message board on the bcs site, they are always making them
  • Question:-What are your some of your early Pro Bowl projections?
    I know it's only week 6, but just based on what you've seen so far.
    You can do whichever positions you think are interesting.

    QB: Ben Roethlisberger, Jay Cutler, Brett Favre
    RB: Chris Johnson, Ronnie Brown?, LT?
    WR- Brandon Marshall, Chris Chambers
    TE- Tony Gonzalez, Antonio Gates
    D-Line- Mario Williams, Kyle Vanden Bosch?
    LB- LaMarr Woodley, James Harrison, Joey Porter
    Secondary: Troy Polamalu, Michael Griffin
    QB: Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner
    RB: Michael Turner, Adrian Peterson, Clinton Portis
    WR: Terrell Owens, Greg Jennings, Larry Fitzgerald
    TE: Jason Witten
    D-Line: John Abraham, Aaron Kampman?
    LB: Brian Urlacher, Patrick Willis?
    Secondary- Asante Samuel, Nick Collins
  • Question:-This Year's NCAA Bowl Projections don't make sense, can someone make sense of them for me?
    Mostly I am concerned about the SEC and it's bowl projections. Here's the thing, if Tennessee gets to the SEC title game and loses, doesn't that make them 2nd in the SEC, 1st being LSU? Why wouldn't that put them in the Sugar Bowl and not Georgia? Also, why would Florida be in a bowl higher than Tennessee if UT does in fact win the SEC? If someone could give me a rundown, that'd be great. Thanks

    Answer:-Tennessee is 8-3,Georgia is 9-2 thats why Georgia is ranked higher.

    and if Tennessee loses against LSU they will be 9-4(if they beat Kentucky this Saturday)
    Tennessee will be 6-3 in the conference and Georgia will be 7-2 in the conference.thus making Georgia the second best team in the Conference.

    Florida will have a better record than Tennessee,since Florida beat Tennessee.thats why Florida will get a higher bowl.

    in all Tennessee needs to win the SEC championship to even be in a BCS bowl game.
  • Question:-What are your Super Bowl Projections?
    mine are The Bills or The Titans in the AFC. The Giants or The Panthers in the NFC.

    Answer:-Broncos over Dolphins in the AFC Championship, and the Eagles over the Giants in the NFC Championship.

    Superbowl- Denver 41, Eagles 3
  • Question:-how are these bowl projections?
    BCS National Championship Florida vs Oklahoma
    Orange Bowl Virginia Tech vs Cincinatti
    Fiesta Bowl Texas vs Boise State
    Sugar Bowl Alabama vs Utah
    Rose Bowl USC vs Penn State
    GMAC Bowl Buffallo vs Tulsa
    International bowl Connecticu vs Central Michigan
    Liberty Bowl East Carolina vs Vanderbilt
    Cotton Bowl Texas Tech vs Ole Miss
    Gator Bowl Nebraska vs Boston College
    Capital One Bowl Ohio State vs Georgia
    Outback Bowl Michigan State vs LSU
    Chick-fil-A Bowl South Carolina vs Georgia Tech
    Insight Bowl Wisconsin vs Kansas
    Music City Bowl North Carolina vs Kentucky
    Sun Bowl Oregon Sate vs Pittsburgh
    Armed Forces Bowl Air Force vs Houston
    Holiday Bowl Oklahoma State Oregon
    Texas Bowl Notre Dame vs Rice
    Humanitarian Bowl Boise State vs Wake Forest
    Alamo Bowl Iowa vs Missouri vs Iowa Bowl Rutgers vs Florida Atlantic
    Independence Bowl Western Michigan vs Arkansas State
    Emerald Bowl Miami vs Arizona
    Champ Sports Bowl Minnisota vs Northwestern
    Meinekee Car Care Bowl Maryland vs West Virginia
    Motor City Bowl Ball State vs San Jose State
    Hawaii Bowl Hawaii vs Arizona State
    Poinsettia Bowl BYU vs Louisiana Tech
    New Orleans Bowl Troy vs Memphis
    Eaglebank Bowl Navy vs Clemson
    Las Vegas Bowl TCU vs California
    St. Petersburg Bowl Southern Miss vs South Florida
    New Mexico Bowl Colorado State vs Fresno State

    Answer:-I like them they look pretty good
  • Question:-bowl projections: if Michigan loses to Ohio State how is it going to get into the BCS?
    this is what the bowl projections imply. Georgia is 10th in the BCS and needs to win out to get into the BCS (this is what was said). Michigan is BCS 12th but can lose to ohio state to get to the BCS. i don't follow this logic.
    the bowl projections put them in the rose bowl with OSU in the championship game. so that means OSU beats Michigan. would the Rose Bowl pick the highest ranked big 10 team no matter where it is in the BCS? the OSU would put UM near 16th or 17th in the BCS
    i am just wondering if this is even possible
    ok it's possible if Michigan doesn't fall below 14th in the BCS after losing to OSU.
    if michigan falls below 14th if they lose to OSU they are not eligible for BCS. they are currently 12th. i don't see how they not fall at least 3 spots if that happens.

    Answer:-capital one

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