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  • Question:-Clemson???
    Does Clemson University have a Marine Biology as a major???? Please answer yes or no!!! one of my friends says yes but I cant find it on there website.
    USC Charleston rocks but so does Clemson. and anyway my bf wants to go there, and we both want the same profession, Marine Biology. I have wanted that since 5th grade!! he has since 6th!!

    Answer:-Through the biology department you can choose an interest in marine biology. The link below shows faculty members who are interested in that field. I would suggest contacting one of them for more information about that field at Clemson. Good luck.
  • Question:-what does it take to get accepted into Clemson University?
    I have a GPA of 3.7, my class rank is 60 out of 400, and I am taking all AP and Honors classes also next year I will be taking IB and more AP classes. I am involved in many extracurricular activities, i would really like to go to Clemson when i graduate. Am i on the right track to getting in, and what could I do to make my chances of getting in better?

    Answer:-Admission to Clemson is all about academics, academics, academics. And SAT scores. Your GPA and your class rank (top 15%) will definitely get Clemson's attention, as will your AP and IB courses. I'd say you're on the right track--just make sure you nail your SAT score. Take some prep courses if you feel you need to.

    Clemson does not consider extracurricular activities in its admissions decision, so just keep that in mind. I don't ever want to tell students to drop their extracurriculars, but will only say to make sure they're not affecting your grades or otherwise distracting your academics.

    If you have a relative who goes/went to Clemson, make sure you mention that. Clemson takes "legacy" status into consideration. And if you're in-state your chances are better than if you're out-of-state.

    Long story short I think you've got a great chance. Good luck!
  • Question:-How does Clemson's undergraduate physics program rank nationally?
    I'm trying to make an educated decision between NC State and Clemson, and as a physics major the quality of the undergraduate physics program is of great importance to me. I'm looking for any empirical data comparing the two physics programs; also, if anyone has any firsthand experience in Clemson's physics program, your input would be greatly appreciated.

    Answer:-Clemson is better than NC State, for physics and most other programs as well. Undergraduate physics programs aren't ranked; grad programs are, and Clemson isn't in the top 100, but rankings are directly proportional to how many PhDs you graduate per year, and Clemson has a much smaller program than most schools. However, they do have a good number of great professors and a lot of opportunities for undergraduates to do research. Recent graduates from there have gone to some top graduate programs.
  • Question:-How to get college information mailed to you from Clemson University?
    I'm a Junior in high school and I have been requesting information from many colleges to be mailed to me, from their website.

    For some reason, I can't find any link on the Clemson site to fill out a form for information to be mailed to me.

    Can someone help me out?

    Answer:-Here's a link to request program information. Good luck!
  • Question:-Do students who apply to Clemson from out of state usually get accepted?
    I am a student attending high school in New York and my main choice for college is Clemson University. My grades are above 90 and I play baseball as well. I have yet to take my SAT's so that is the one thing I need to do well on before I apply to Clemson. Please, let me know any additional information on what else I need to do before I apply to Clemson.

    Answer:-Clemson's student body is about 1/3 out-of-state students, but it's a competitive admissions environment for out-of-staters. I would recommend your SAT scores be above the 75th percentile, which is around 1360 (out of 1600; they require all 3 sections of the SAT now, i believe, but I don't know what the percentiles are for the scores out of 2400). Anything over 1400 (out of 1600) will definitely get their attention. If you're taking any AP courses, sending your scores to Clemson will get their attention as well--providing they're 3 or higher of course :) Also your class rigor (how many advanced classes you're taking), GPA, and class rank will have a big effect on their decision.

    Clemson doesn't consider extracurricular activities in their admissions, so don't go overboard with those trying to be a "well-rounded" applicant--Clemson's more interested in your academic potential, with the philosophy that there will be plenty of time once you get there to become well rounded (and that's true--there are oodles of extracurriculars to choose from on campus).

    Lastly, if you have a relative who's a Clemson alumni, you should absolutely mention that on your application. It does have an influence on admissions decisions.

    Best of luck!!
  • Question:-What is the hardest majors at Clemson University in order from hardest to easiest?
    I have been searching the web and can't find a place that shows the hardest majors at Clemson University...Does anyone know where I can find one or have a list of them in ranking?

    Answer:-You won't find such a list because Clemson doesn't publish one--officially it doesn't exist. But unofficially and off the top of my head, the hardest majors at Clemson traditionally include
    + Architecture (Clemson has an elite architecture school)
    + Engineering of any kind
    + Nursing
    + Business
    + Accounting
    + Graphic Design
    + Microbiology

    Clemson also has an outstanding education department; I know it's considered very challenging, but I don't know if it's considered "hard".

    Easiest majors are traditionally ones like PRTM, Language and International Trade, English, and some of the liberal arts courses. But to be honest, I think that's misleading--those majors are all very challenging! I don't know of any majors at Clemson that are "easy". Your guidance counselor would probably have better insight at what majors are easier to *get into*, though.
  • Question:-How is the undergraduate engineering program at Clemson?
    I have a previous degree in bio and am considering transferring to Clemson for engineering. I have an interest in biomed/mechanical is the program and the school/ area overall? Any advice?


    Answer:-Clemson has an outstanding undergraduate engineering program in all the engineering disciplines, including Mechanical engineering. It is known as an engineering school, and with good reason.
  • Question:-What are the good restaurants and bars in Clemson, South Carolina?
    We are going to Clemson for a football game and want to know which bars and restaurants we should go to. Love dive bars but is there anything nicer?

    Answer:-hi there,just a little info for you...

    The Spot on the Alley
    Full service Sports Grille.
    12 TV's, pool tables, NTN trivia

    Mellow Mushroom
    189 Old Greenville Hwy
    Clemson, SC 29631
    (864) 624-1226
    (864) 624-1229

    Tiger Town Tavern
    368 College Ave
    Clemson, SC 29631
    (864) 654-5901

    Pixie & Bill's
    1058 Tiger Blvd
    Clemson, SC 29631
    (864) 654-1210

    and your normal,mcdonalds, kfc,pizzas.

    Clemson Bar at Target
    Find Clemson Bar Online.
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    Clemson Bars
    Find Local Bars In Your Area!
    Search by Category/Name

    Explorers Bar & Grill
    163 Old Greenville Hwy, Clemson, SC - (864) 653-8464

    Dee Mart
    Highway 93, Central, SC - (864) 639-6414

    Islander Pub & Grille
    134 Exchange St, Pendleton, SC - (864) 646-6337

    Static Exotic Night Club The
    104 Hunnicutte Dr, Seneca, SC - (864) 882-2582

    Tiger Tails
    104 Hunnicutte Dr, Seneca, SC - (864) 882-2582

    Tiger Town Tavern -
    368 College Ave, Clemson, SC
    (864) 654-5901 -
    Category: Bars

    Keith Street Pub & Grille -
    101 Keith St, Clemson, SC
    (864) 654-2274 -
    Category: Bars

    Top of the Tavern -
    366 College Ave # A, Clemson, SC
    (864) 654-6600
    Category: Bars

    Explorers Bar & Grill -
    163 Old Greenville Hwy, Clemson, SC
    (864) 653-8464 -
    Category: Bars

    Twisted Spoke
    7603 Highway 76, Pendleton, SC - (864) 646-9500

    Blackeys Inc
    415 E Main St, Seneca, SC - (864) 885-1997

    Tiger Town Tavern is the one people reccomend,
    check out the links for more info,theres night clubs also,enjoy your game,good luck...
  • Question:-Is Clemson university among the top universities like Georgia Tech?
    I would like to know the ranking of Clemson university. Is it a top university?Is it a private university? Is it among the top-graded universities? What about the placements?Please help.How do you compare Goergia Tech with Clemson ?Is the former a good university?

    Answer:-Clemson is a public, land-grant university. It has been ranked the 22nd-best public university in the country for 2 years in a row now (and I believe 61st best university overall?), so yes it's an excellent school. It has an outstanding engineering program that is highly respected throughout the Southeast, in engineering hubs around the country (i.e. Washington DC, Washington State), and indeed nationwide. It is one of the harder schools to get into.

    Georgia Tech is absolutely an excellent school as well and you would do well to be accepted by either institution. I think Georgia Tech probably has a better reputation than Clemson as an engineering school, but I suspect that's because it has a huge focus on engineering itself while Clemson has a much broader set of majors in engineering, science, humanities, and the liberal arts.
  • Question:-Has Clemson ever worn orange jerseys and purple pants? If so do you know when was the last time they did?
    Has Clemson ever worn orange jerseys and purple pants? If so do you know when the last time it was?

    Answer:-No, they've never worn that combination. They've worn the opposite combo (orange pants and purple jerseys) multiple times, but never orange jerseys and purple pants. It's the only combination of orange, purple, and white they haven't worn.

    I believe that before the 2006 Georgia Tech game, the team warmed up in purple pants and orange jerseys. But they switched to all-purple before the game started.

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