Monday, November 28, 2011

smokey robinson

  • Question:-What was that song that MJ sang that Smokey Robinson said he wrote?
    At the MJ Memorial they showed a video of MJ at age 10 I think with his brothers singing a song. Then after Smokey Robinson spoke and said he wrote that song and then heard MJ singing it and wanted to get to know who was singing it. Does anyone remember the song?

    Answer:-Who's Loving You
  • Question:-Where can I purchase smokey robinson tribute on ice on DVD?
    I found "Smokey Robinson Tribute on iIce" on television on November 22nd, but I found it too late to record it. Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy of this show? I tried ebay and ioffer.

    Answer:-from NBC
  • Question:-smokey robinson?

    Answer:-bujiboy will vote for himself 4 times and get best answer. Cheater
  • Question:-Anybody know the name of the new artist that sounds uncanilly like smokey robinson?
    Im looking for the name of a new singer that sounds very much like smokey robinson both in voice and style of music, heard him on the radio the other day and his name escapes me ..... Please help!

    Answer:-george washington
  • Question:-Doesn't Smokey Robinson look like he might have some Native American in his family?
    I just noticed looking at singer Smokey Robinson's facial features that he definitely to me looks like he probably has some Native American Indian in his family. I just thought of that from seeing his facial features. I just thought that was interesting.

    Answer:-He definately has got some white in the wood pile somewhere along the line because of his eye color but I'm not so sure about Native American. Perhaps. Doesn't matter, he's an incredible looking man. Yum.
  • Question:-Which song of Smokey Robinson's did Michael Jackson sing/record?
    Michael Jackson sang a song that Smokey Robinson wrote, what was the name?

    Answer:-Who's Lovin You
  • Question:-What was the Smokey Robinson Song Performed in the movie Last Holiday?
    The movie is staring Queen Latifah and LL Cool J. And Smokey Robinson is performing on stage after the casino night when she wins $100,000.00
    PS. It's not "Tracks for my Tears"


    this is a list of all the songs in that movie!

    but if ur too lazy to look it is

    "Tracks of My Tears"
    Written by Smokey Robinson (as William "Smokey" Robinson Jr.), Warren Moore & Marvin Tarplin
    Performed by Smokey Robinson
  • Question:-Does anyone know what happened to Smokey Robinson's Seafood Gumbo in the grocery stores?
    I thought it was pretty good stuff for a quick meal, but I can't find it anymore.

    Answer:-idk what happened to it, but it was really good. now im sad
  • Question:-Has anyone gone to a Smokey Robinson concert & have a setlist?
    I am a sign language interpreter and I am interpreting for him in a few weeks and I can't find a set list anywhere. It really helps being able to practice songs that he has been doing in concert lately! Thanks for your help!

    Answer:-I looked all over and couldn't find a set list either but you could always look at a the lyrics to his most popular songs and study them a bit. Here's a link to his lyrics:
  • Question:-whose voice is better Eddie Kendricks or Smokey Robinson's?
    Motown's great falsetto's Eddie Kendricks and Smokey Robinson both had/have great voices. Who's is prettier? Who's is clearer? Who's voice is the best?

    Answer:-Smokey Robinson...

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