Wednesday, November 30, 2011

miranda kerr

  • Question:-Miranda Kerr...?
    Do you think Miranda Kerr was cool when she was a teenager?

    Answer:-maybe who knows?sometimes some celebs turned out to be dorky-jessica alba says she was a loner in high school-so anything is possible.

    she has beautiful eyes, though, that miranda kerr.
  • Question:-does anybody know where i can find good pictures of miranda kerr?
    i just want good pictures of miranda kerr, ya thats about it, so please please, help!

    Answer:-Here are is a link to her homepage. There are 10 picture galleries to view plus 5 big scans. A nice variety of Miranda pics. Check out the other model pages too.
  • Question:-Do you think the model miranda kerr could play the role of a innocent/shy vampire in a movie?
    Do you think the Victoria Secret Model Miranda Kerr could play the role of a innocent/shy vampire in a movie? I know she isn't a actress but based on her looks do you think she could play the role of a innocent/shy vampire?

    Answer:-Miranda Kerr is one of the most attractive women I've ever seen. So no, and no one should be playing the role of any vampire.
  • Question:-How can I get a date with Miranda Kerr?
    How can I get a date with Miranda Kerr? What do I have to do to get her attention?

    Answer:-She's already got a boyfriend, I think.

    The lucky girl is dating Orlando Bloom.
  • Question:-What is the brand of Miranda Kerr's pink sweater dress?
    Does anyone know the brand of or where I can get the pink sweater dress that Miranda Kerr wore to the Victoria's Secret Heavenly Kisses perfume promotion party? I tried, but can't seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!

    Answer:-this isn't going to be any help but i would love to no as well.
    it was a great dress shpulleded it of really well.
  • Question:-What can I do to be more like Miranda Kerr?
    Miranda Kerr is my favorite Victoria's Secret model. I have watched videos of her and I think she is smart, and really pretty. I want to be more like her. What can I do?

    Answer:-You can be yourself and hope that's good enough.
  • Question:-MJ Fans Would Michael Jackson and the model Miranda Kerr have been good friends if they would have met?
    (If Michael Jackson was still alive of course) Based on their personalities do you think Michael Jackson and the Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr would have been good friends? Like if they would have met each other. Please be serious and answer with detail. To me Michael came off as a sweet and loving person and so does Miranda what do you think?

    Answer:-Her publicist is very cautious of whom she is seen with,
    also, she tends to keep a quiet life.
    With the big Pacific Ocean divide...
  • Question:-Could the model Miranda Kerr play the role of the Goddess Psyche?
    Do you think Miranda Kerr has the look to play Psyche the goddess of the soul?

    Answer:-yes i guess
    if she could act
  • Question:-how much does miranda kerr from victorias secret weigh?
    its weird b/c in general vs models look average and curvy, but are said to be like 120 lb, they just dont look dat way to me....especially like alessandria abrosio. so how much DO they weigh? on average? and what about miranda kerr?
    err ok wt_?

    Answer:-doesn't matter. She looks healthy to me.
  • Question:-miranda kerr?
    does anyone else absolutley idolise her!!?
    i think shes amazing :)

    Answer:-i idolise her,,shes my role model;)shes so cuteee
    this is my fave pic of her-

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