Friday, November 25, 2011

radio shack

  • Question:-radio shack?
    has anyone worked,or is working at radio shack?if so
    do you like the job?
    do you like the pay?
    is it a friendly environment?
    anything else i need or should know?

    Answer:-I've been working at RadioShack for about two or three months now in Alabama. Part time starts out at 6.50/hr which I did and recently since they moved me to full time I get 7/hr. The pay should be better, the commission/spiff they give you can be better. Its a alright job. I'm using it to et a background and eventually move onto something better. This week, I worked 34 hrs my paycheck was $351 before taxes. That included my $50 cellular commision and my $50 performance commision.
  • Question:-????$$Radio Shack$$?
    Just wondering, does anyone know how much money it cost per letter on a shirt at Radio Shack?Or about how much?Please&&Thanks for your answers.

    Answer:-no... your question is rather confusing...
  • Question:-I bought a Headset from Radio shack and the microphone does not work.How do I fix it?
    Ok so I bought this headset from Radio shack and the Mic does not work. I can hear people talk to me, but I can't talk myself. I am using the headset for My Xbox 360 and all I hear is low sounding static. How do I fix this so I can use the mic and talk with my friends?

  • Question:-How much does radio shack charge to fix an i pod touch screen?
    I have a 4th gen. i pod touch and i dropped it and cracked it pretty badly. i heard that radio shack charges 50$ to replace it and put it on for you. Is that true? Everything else with the i pod is okay, it works perfectly but cracked screen is the only problem.

  • Question:-How to purchase a phone from radio shack?
    I am eligible for upgrade and I am planning to get the Droid Incredible 2 from Radio Shack. How do i prove to them that i am eligible and can I change my plan in the store or do I have to go to Verizon to change my plan?

  • Question:-How long does the Radio Shack employment process take?
    I did all the paper work on December 10th at my local radio shack. I'm waiting for some kind of email but i have not received it yet. How long does that usually take? I'm so broke, I hope they didn't make me fill out paper work and give them a copy of my identification and social for nothing.

    Answer:-You may have to wait for a month more I think.
  • Question:-What is the maximum temperature a Radio Shack solar cell can withstand?
    I just bought 2 solar cells from Radio Shack (Item#276-0124) and was wanting to surface mount the backs to a protoboard I also got from there. I was wondering, what is the maximum temperature that the cells can withstand before the break? I am using a toaster oven as a soldering oven, so I need to know what is the danger zone for the heat setting. Thank you!
    I have a soldering iron, but I need the cells to be surface mounted to the board, aka why i'm baking them.

    Answer:-That is a fascinating idea. I did a little bit of research and it could actually come in quite handy to use a toaster oven as a soldering iron. It's very tedious to solder a lot of components. I found this url which you may have already seen:

    which discusses how to use the oven as a soldering iron. It has some recommendations on temperature. Your best bet would be to take the part numbers of the radio shack parts and google them and then look at the specs on them to see how much heat they can withstand. I did that and found this page however, it didn't provide all the details:

    You might need a solder that melts at a low temperature. That might be your best bet and then buy some spare solar cells and give it a try. What I would do first is heat the oven up and then try melting a small piece of solder first, or as that one link suggested, getting some of the liquid solder type stuff. If it doesn't damage the components, that might be a neat way to run through soldering multiple items fast.

    Can you calibrate your temperature? That might be a good thing to do as well.
  • Question:-What are the benefits of shopping at Radio Shack?
    My husband doesn't like shopping there. What do you think?
    Why does Comp USA shut down and radio shack stays open?

    Answer:-Radio Shack started as a place for hobbyists, ham radio, electronics, and eventually computers.

    They moved their model to malls and more consumer goods, ie Cell Phones, TVs, BUT still cater (to some degree) to the home hobbyist. My opinion is that they are making money by the cell phone credits they get (remember they are national and sell a LOT of phones), plus a few bucks on batteries, answering machines, etc.

    I, like your husband, dont like to shop there unless it is something I think that only they will carry locally, like electronic components (resistors, boards, switches) because I think they are overpriced on everything else.

    CompUSA went under because they just couldnt compete with BestBuy. They had little to no technical support, a limited inventory and very expensive locations, usually in strip malls. They just didnt make any right moves in the last 10 years to keep them competitive, and neglected to make money in services like the Geek Squad does.
  • Question:-when to be at radio shack on black friday and when do doors open?
    what time do you have to be at radio shack to be in line early enough for the deals, and what time do their doors open? do they hand out tickets like best buy and staples?

    Answer:-they will open at 6am, no tickets required so be atleast hour or so early before they runout
  • Question:-What do I need in order to return my phone to Radio Shack under the warranty?
    I have a cell phone that I bought from Radio Shack that doesn't work anymore. When I bought it I purchased the one year warranty as well. Now I need to know what I need in order to exchange the phone under the warranty. I am certain that I no longer have the receipt, seeing as though I bought the phone around 8 months ago.

    Answer:-It is quite possible that RS has a record of the sale.
    Go to a RS store with the phone, tell them your store and they should be able to find your record through your name, phone #, or the SN of the phone.

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