Friday, November 25, 2011

online deals

  • Question:-What stores have the best online deals for the holidays?
    I want to do as much of my Christmas shopping online as possible. What stores have the best online deals and which online stores will you being doing your Christmas shopping from? Or will you stick to doing it the old fashion way and visit the stores?

    Answer:-Buy christmas presents on Black Friday
    Walmart-Good presents
    Target-Good Clothes
    Toys R Us- Kids
    Apple Store- Teens
  • Question:-What are some stores with good online clearance deals?
    Abercrombie is ridiculously expensive, but they do have good clearances online. Any other good clothing stores with good online deals?


    They're kinda like Metropark & Urban Outfitters, but actually affordable (and better in my opinion). They have a constantly updated SALE section with some pretty good deals. I always liked the fact that everything I've ever bought from them no one else has! But they're always asking me where I get it from. Hope that helps.

    P.S....Money saving tip: If you want 20% off your entire first order at checkout use rep code: "LETITBE". You can also continue to use the same code LETITBE on all future orders. It never expires and you can use it more than once.
  • Question:-What websites provide the best deals online?
    When looking for the best deals on the web, or for the best local deals, what websites do you visit to find those best local and online deals?

    Answer:-I like Helen C4's answer, but I prefer to combine all of my steps into one. She suggests shopping different sites separately, I do this all at once. I use a new software called MyShoppingGenie. I found this about a year ago, and have been using it ever since. The Genie is a shopping tool that runs in the background of your browser. When you do a search for anything on a search engine like Google or Yahoo, the genie starts compiling it's own search results for that product from the entire internet. I have purchased a wide variety of things with the Genie, (printer ink, baby diapers, sports equipment,etc.) and always saved at least 40%. I hope this info helps!!! I got my Genie from (There is a 2 minute "how it works" video. After that, just click download my free genie)

    Happy Shopping!!
  • Question:-Looking for a good website with the best daily online deals on anything and everything?
    I am looking for a site that compiles the best online deals, updated daily, and that does not primarily focus on electronics like so many, but on just about everything sold online at a significant discount. It has to exist, right?

    Best site ever. Go to hot topics on the right to see the forum. Front page just has a small segment. It covers everything from electronics to housewares.
  • Question:-Why do people line up outside stores on Black Friday when online deals are the same?
    I called places like Wal-Mart and Target and they told me that most of the discounts will be the same/similar online.

    Is it just that the people are lining up mostly for doorbuster (front cover) deals, that are not the same online?

    Answer:-Certain deals are in-store only. But, for the most part, yes people are just retarded.
  • Question:-What are the best online black friday deals?
    What are the best online deals for an ipad or kindle fire and macbook also what kind of deals do ebay and amazon have? Thanks

    Answer:-Have you checked out ?
  • Question:-Are the Best Buy deals posted online available in stores?
    Best buy has of course a website and it has items posted in there. I'm wondering if the items in the website should be available in stores. I'm not talking about online deals only or not available in stores items. Just regular items posted in there.

  • Question:-How do I get good vacation deals online?
    Everyone I know gets good deals when traveling but I always over pay on flights, hotels, and even rental cars. How and Where can I find a good deal online for travelling to any tropical destination? Thanks!

    Answer:-I would say or
  • Question:-What is a good place to get good cigar deals online?
    I am looking for some deals that consist a combination of different kinds of cigars that come in a case that are on special or at least at a decent price (under 50 dollars if possible). I live in the Edmonton area but haven't seen any such deals. Are there any online stores that will ship to Canada that have such deals? Thank you in advance. is a US-based website that I know for a fact does business with Canadian customers. If you look at their website, you can find numerous samplers with various cigars for the under-$50 price range. Additionally, if you speak with one of the sales consultants directly (instead of using their automated shopping system), they are usually quite happy to help you set up your own samplers, and hook you up with great deals.
  • Question:-Is there any other online service that is similar to Priceline and Hotwire for great deals on hotels?
    I've been having no luck in finding a 5 day hotel stay at a reasonable price for Virginia Beach seaside starting next Sunday. I've been using both Priceline and Hotwire over the last couple weeks. Can anyone give me any other suggestions for finding great hotel deals online?

    Answer:-You should definitely check out I'm working with, and you can save up to 40% on hotels worldwide through the® Summer Sale. Plus, at select hotels, you will receive a free Flip™ camcorder if you stay 4+ nights!

    Also, is running a I Need a Vacation promotion, where you can win a vacation for life. To enter, submit the funniest, most creative and compelling photo of yourself that shows why you deserve a vacation. Flip™ Ultra™ camcorders are given out daily to the photo submission that receives the most votes that day as well as to one person who voted on a photo submission.

    For more information, visit the links below!

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