Wednesday, November 30, 2011

katharine mcphee

  • Question:-Katharine Mcphee?
    Does any1 kno if Katharine mcphee will b releasing an album any time soon ???? i really want her to but havnt heard anything yet. x

    Answer:-RCA has offically put on their site that her Debut CD will be coming out December 19th.
  • Question:-katharine mcphee?
    how old is katharine mcphee

    Answer:-I think that she is about 23...She just had a B-Day she was born March 25, 1984
  • Question:-How did Katharine McPhee make her stomach so flat?
    Does anybody know how Katharine McPhee get rid of her stomach? Please tell me what kind of workouts she did, according to the truth. I'm only asking about her workouts, so please don't gossip about her, thank you!

  • Question:-What kind of voice does Katharine McPhee have?
    I want to get voice lessons but I don't know what kind of voice instructor to get. I love Katharine McPhee's voice, and although I realize it would be really hard to get her voice, I want to learn to sing in her style.

    Any ideas?


    Answer:-I think she is a soprano. DO NOT try to sound like her. Everyone has their own vocal style. Make your voice sound like YOU.
  • Question:-Cash Warren or David Beckham who looks better as a couple with katharine mcphee?
    It is for a school project and i need to know who looks better with katharine mcphee.

    Answer:-Katherine McPhee is married. So are Cash Warren and David Beckham. And this sounds like a lame project, trying to hook up Katherine McPhee with other celebrities.
  • Question:-What did Katharine McPhee Sing on CSI NY Tonight?
    I was watching CSI NY tonight and at the very end Katharine McPhee was guest staring and she sang at the end of the show. Does anyone know what the song was?

    Answer:-Katharine sang - "It Won't Hurt So Much"
  • Question:-katharine mcPhee?
    She's the next superstar?

    Answer:-Probably, yes maybe not...who knows*
  • Question:-Katharine McPhee?
    What's up with her and that movie?????

    Answer:-A movie?! Say it ain't so! Are we in for another "Kelly Loves Justin"? or whatever that almost-career-killer's title was. Look, if you're a singer....SING. If you're an actor......ACT. Rarely do you get the whole package in one person. I wasn't impressed with Katherine McPhee beyond her stunning looks. She should go into modeling. Leave acting to the ACTORS.

    P.S. The movie is called "Crazy." It's about the life of Hank Garland, a Nashville singer trying to keep his head above water in light of life's little problems. K. McPhee in a movie about the world of singing? What a shocker.
  • Question:-I have Katharine Mcphee in my bed room right now?
    I have Katharine Mcphee in my bed room right now what to you advice me to do with her do I have to do the normal sex or the celebrity have their owen type of sex
    please answer quick.

    Answer:-unroll the poster until it's smooth & tack it to the wall with clear tape, then go about your bizness facing slightly to the side of the poster.
  • Question:-Would katharine mcphee and david beckham look good together as a couple?
    if not say someone you think would look good with them?

    Answer:-katherine mcphee would look good standing next to ANYONE.


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