Friday, November 25, 2011


  • Question:-Kmart...........................................................................?
    Who owns Kmart? I am asking because, my mom said she isn't shopping at Walmart anymore. Today someone told her that Japan owns the chain own. When she came back and told I said I thought I told you. She well they got my last dollar.

    Answer:-Sears owns K-mart, and stock holders own Sears. Now if the majority of the stocks are owned by Japanese, then Yes, you could technically say that Japan owns Sears. But I do not think that is the case. I believe that more than likely the majority of Sears stocks are owned by Americans.
  • Question:-Whats the difference between kmart and big kmart?
    I know target has "super target" and they have a grocery section.

    Does the Big Kmart have a full grocery in it?

    Answer:-Directly from K-Mart's website ...

    Big Kmart - Big Kmart signals a different kind of Kmart. These stores are bigger, brighter and offer big savings, big value, big selection and big convenience.

    Big Kmart stores are designed to increase store sales by increasing the frequency of customer visits. The format focuses on three distinct businesses - home fashions, children's apparel and consumables - and features an expanded food area known as the "Pantry."

    The layout makes it easier for customers to shop by placing the departments our customers want to shop near one another, and closer to the front of the store.

    The average Big Kmart carries nearly 100,000 stock-keeping units (SKU’s).

    Big Kmart stores average between 84,000 to 120,000 sq. ft. in size.

    The first Big Kmart opened in Chicago, Illinois on April 23, 1997.
  • Question:-How many hours do Kmart cashiers typically work a week?
    A couple months ago I had an interview with Kmart. I forget the position I applied for, it wasn't for cashier, though. The woman said the hours for the position I applied for were between 12 to 20 per week, so obviously I didn't accept the job offer...

    Do Kmart cashiers get such pathetic hours too?

    Answer:-That sounds about right. Most get around 15 to 20 hours in slow times, and up to 25-30 hours if it's a busy holiday season. I've never understood this stupid principle that countless retailers use. They have many dedicated workers who would be thrilled to work full-time, 40 hours a week. Instead, the company prefers to hire all part time workers in addition to the already existing part-time workers, instead of giving the original workers the extra hours. They don't want to make them full-time because they don't want to have to pay any benefits to them. Part-time benefits have sky-high rates to the point where it's better to just put a little money aside each week in a savings account rather than pay for insurance each week.
  • Question:-How much does Kmart pay for a sixteen year old?
    How much does Kmart pay a sixteen year old an hour to work part time?
    Would it be the same as a supermarket and also, what other part time jobs would pay the most?

    I already work very casually at a pharmacy but I need more work.
    I live in Australia if that helps.

    Answer:-KMart etc all pay under the miscellaneous workers union award - so the salary is all the same - same as your pharmacy position.
  • Question:-What are the chances of me getting drug tested at Kmart?
    I have an interview at Kmart and I know they do drug test but a lot of people have told me they didn't get tested.
    Daniel, I smoke marijuana which is not bad for your health at all.

    Answer:-You will get drug tested. It is part of the hiring process. The hiring manager can not start you on a schedule until the drug test result comes back clean.
  • Question:-for anyone that worked at kmart how long after orientation do you start work?
    I have orientation for kmart thursday. How long after orientation do you start work.?

    Answer:-They'll give you a schedule. Usually 2 - 4 days
  • Question:-What training do Loss Prevention officers at kmart get?
    I have an interview at kmart tomorrow for LP. But I wanted to know what type of training they get? And how long does it take? Do they also get a badge?

    Answer:-I use to date this guy who worked as a LP for K-Mart. He had no formal training other than watching a few videos to learn how to spot shoplifters. He did not have a badge either. I am not sure if they have changed things since then, (This was back in 2000) and it could differ from store to store or area to area. This would be a good question to ask in your interview though. Good Luck!
  • Question:-How can I assemble my Martha Stewart from Kmart prelit Christmas tree?
    I bought a 7-foot prelit Christmas tree - Martha Stewart from Kmart last year. My daughter assembled it in 10 minutes and it was beautiful all season! We took it out of the box and tried to assemble it yesterday and the branches won't stand up. It seems as if they need to hook or click into something but we can't figure out what. Of course, there were no instructions, only a simple diagram on the box. Does anyone else have one of these trees and know what to do with it?

    Answer:-You could try to get online website to www.martha Stewart website to see if you can find something on there. I had a tree three year without instructions.
  • Question:-I applied to Kmart recently and they automatically scheduled an interview for me, should I call to confirm?
    I just applied to Kmart and to my surprise, they automatically schedule an interview towards the end of the application. The scheduled interview is in 3 days, should I call them to confirm?

    Answer:-It never hurts to confirm an interview and it makes you look like you are really interested, so I would do it.
  • Question:-What kind of positions can you apply for at kmart if your underage besides cashier?
    I wanted to apply at kmart. But i'm not sure what to apply for. Is there anything else I can do besides cashier?
    BTW it has to part time because my state wont let me work full time :(

    Answer:-Check with your states department of labor to see what they legally allow underage workers to do. From there you will know if K-Mart has anything for you that you can specifically apply for.

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