Saturday, November 26, 2011

sugar bowl

  • Question:-Sugar Bowl?
    Is the Sugar Bowl on New Years?

    If it is than if there a last minute FG what time should it end.

    Answer:-The game is on January 1st...starts 8:30 pm EST I believe, that means with Hawaii playing in the game and it comes down to a last minute field goal, it should end just about 12:07 am, January 2nd.

    Hawaii 38 Georgia 35
  • Question:-sugar bowl?????
    who do you think will win the sugar bowl??? Hawaii or GEORGIA?!?!?!(i'm a big ga fan if you haven't noticed!!!) gooooooooooo DAWGS!!!!

    Answer:-OBVIOUSLY Georgia. Way to ask this question midway into the 3rd when Georgia's already ahead 3 TD's....
  • Question:-Why does Georgia get a Sugar Bowl bid while Tennessee goes to the Outback Bowl?
    LSU is clearly the overall SEC champ but is going to get a national title shot of which they don't necessarily deserve seeing how they lost 2 games in regular season to Kentucky and Arkanasas while Hawaii is undefeated .Shouldn't undefeated Hawaii, or any other undefeated team, have first dibs to the BCS bowl over a 2 time beaten team? And doesn't LSU's national title shot leave the SEC's first runner up, Tennessee, next in line to be going to the Sugar Bowl over Georgia, of which Tennessee beat the snot out of in regular season?

    Answer:-Tennesse lost 4 times georgia 2. tenn. barely beat UK and vandy not too strong georgia finished winning last 6
  • Question:-What rank is the sugar bowl of the bcs bowls this year?
    The national champion ship is one vs two, in bcs, well where does the sugar bowl rank this year, becuase i know they switch them around every year?
    I know, but even if it doesnt go in direct order, there is still a ranking of bowls.

    Answer:-just depends on the bcs computer. thats how you had hawaii versus georgia they werent 3 vs 4. I believe georgia was ranked 4th and hawaii was 9th

    Well for a rank for me i would have to say it goes

    Championship game
    Rose Bowl
    Sugar Bowl
    Orange Bowl
    Fiesta Bowl
    Thats how i would rank them myself
  • Question:-Did the final score at the Sugar Bowl surprise anyone?
    Use the coach bailing out as your excuse if you like, but I think he saw this coming. Which is why he bolted out of there.

    And why did the Sugar Bowl become the proving ground for untested teams; Hawaii, Utah, and now Cincinnati?
    It's the Sugar Bowl. There will always be an SEC team playing there.

    Answer:-Kelly bailing out is not the reason Cincinnati lost.They were exposed as the very average team that they are.This is the second BCS bowl game in a row that they have lost and not looked like the contender they want to be.Simply put,no matter who would have coached them last night - they are not among the top teams in college football.
    Games like this are the reason that the mid-majors and second tier conference teams(and yes,that includes TCU, Boise and Cincinnati)really need to play some better competition during their season if they are to be taken seriously when talk of national championships come up.Neither TCU or Boise State would have fared any better against the Florida team that played last night.
    And now for those who call for the playoff or a "plus one" format in college football - doesn't Florida have a good argument to be included based on their impressive win against a top rated team?The number 5 BCS team dominating the number 3 team gives them a claim should the 1 & 2 teams play a close game.Or number 5 beating number 4 in the other polls.Take your pick.A playoff system would be just as flawed as the BCS.
    ***Brian Kelly coached the Bearcats in a BCS bowl game prior to this year,too.The result was the same.They lost.This year was no different.They played a relatively weak schedule and when they played a top team,they got their asses handed to them in a handbasket.***
  • Question:-Would Boise State play Bama in the Sugar Bowl under the following circumstances?
    Assuming OK State wins out, Stanford loses, and Bama and Boise win out.

    OK State would play LSU for the National Title.
    However Boise and Bama will be 3 and 4. Would they play for the Sugar Bowl the way that TCU played Boise for it 2 years back?

    Answer:-Boise won't even make it to a BCS bowl. They'll lose a game before the season is over and it will be to a cup cake since that is all they play.......

    Since Boise lost to an unranked TCU they are a non-factor. They are still wannabees!!!!
  • Question:-can I use a sugar bowl as a honey pot and how do I store the honey?
    I would like to know if I can use a regular sugar bowl that has a little notch for the spoon in it as a honey pot to store honey in? Also, I heard that honey never spoils, so how would I store the honey in the pot and can I keep the pot in a cupboard?

    Answer:-You should have gone to "WINNIE THE POOH Answers." All of yahoo will fail in getting you as quality an answer as Winnie The Pooh could provide. That dude KNOWS storing honey.
  • Question:-Can Hawaii hope to beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl?
    Is Hawaii a sub-par team playing an easy schedule? And does beating Boise State really mean anything? And will the Sugar Bowl be a blowout?

    Answer:-2007 Fiesta Bowl
    Completely underdog that no one took seriously in WAC vs. Very Well Known National Powerhouse.

    Remember who won that one?
  • Question:-Where can I watch the sugar bowl online for free live?
    Where can I watch the sugar bowl online for free live? Please the cable hasn't been working!?
    ESPN360 dosent work!

    Answer:-On FOX, duh.
  • Question:-I have a sugar bowl that has a marking on the bottom of Royal Jaci, who is the maker and how old is it?
    The sugar bowl has a drawing on it that looks like wheat. It has gold trim and is waranteed

    Answer:-Royal Joci with wheat pattern was manufactured by the Salem China Company out of Ohio during the 1960's

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