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ar 15

  • Question:-AR 15................................?
    Will this fit a Smith&Wesson M&P 15 AR 15 rifle? And is UTG a good brand?

    Answer:-Don't listen to the other guys. Nothing wrong with having a carry handle w/ sights to go on your flat top. It is always a smart idea to have something solid to use should a time come when optics are not available. It will be a lot more durable than a much smaller flip-up. As for re-zeroing, a decent set-up will not require it. You will be surprised how many of the guys out there with $900 optics on their $1200 rifles don't even know how to zero a set of iron sites much less use them effectively.

    The UTG will do just fine.
  • Question:-What are the major differences in AR-15 from a manufacturers standpoint?
    Looking to purchase a new .223 AR-15. I'm seeing that a number of manufacturers make this rifle. Are there any major differences to consider besides brand loyalty? I'm currently considering a Bushmaster.

    Answer:-The differences are in how closely they follow the Technical Data Package for building the rifle. Frank Joe is right that the difference is in the quality, but the manufacturers he listed all makers of low-end, low quality rifles. What is surprising is how little price difference there is between those makers and the prices from a top tier manufacturer. See here for a list of materials and processes used by some of the manufacturers of AR-15 rifles:

    Read the technical discussion section at to learn about what makes a good AR rifle and why. Some time spent studying that information will be invaluable in helping you choose the best rifle for your needs.
  • Question:-What company produces AR-15 variants that are under a thousand dollars?
    I am thinking about buying some type of AR-15 for my first rifle and I have looked everywhere for a decent model. I know that Bushmaster and Armalite make good ones, but I have not found anything for less than $1000. I was hoping that there is a model of AR-15 out there that costs closer to 600 or 700 dollars. And by the way, I live in New Jersey if that complicates anybody's answer.

    Answer:-I would go with a DPMS Panther. They make a bunch of different models and calibers but the most basic one in 223 I believe is around 800 bucks. I've seen that at Cabelas stores and they seem much cheaper than Bushmasters, Colt,s and Armalites. Sometimes they go on sale too. That's what I would go for if I had the money right now.
  • Question:-How do I transfer my AR-15 to a friend who lives in California?
    I have a AR-15 I want to transfer to my friend who lives in CA. I live in NV so do we need to file paperwork through a FFL? He is going to drive down here to pick it up. The AR is completely Cali legal.

    Answer:-No. Just give it to him. No firearms law applies to the transfer.
  • Question:-What is the better AR-15 between a DPMS Panther or a Spikes Tactical M4 Carbine?
    I have a DPMS panther AR-15 and was trying to decide if it is a better rifle than the Spikes Tactical M4. I was thinking about selling my DPMS and buying a ST M4 if the Spikes Tactical was the better rifle. Any input is welcome and appreciated!

    Answer:-..Better in which way?...I have a DPMS 24" Heavy Barrel I can easily fill a bullseye at 300 Yards...
  • Question:-What's the best brand for legal AR-15 in California?
    I'm planning on buying or building my own AR-15 but since Cali fits restriction on brands, I don't know which is best to buy. And also are AR-15 Pistols legal in California? If so also what brand? Any information would help thanks again guys!

    Answer:-Rock River.. Accept nothing less..
  • Question:-How does the loading and firing mechanism of an AR-15 work?
    I recently came upon a video of the Systema Training weapon system, which uses airsoft technology to simulate real weaponry. Unlike most airsoft guns, however, these weapons are modified to be as realistic as possible by doing things other airsoft guns cannot, such as lock the trigger upon running out of ammunition. Which brings me to my point. When loading in a fresh magazine, is there a button or catch on the side of the AR-15 series rifles that one can press to chamber in a round without pulling back the cocking handle? I ask this because this is a requirement on the Systema PTW.

    Answer:-Yes, the gas-operated firearm locks its bolt back on an empty magazine, upon firing the last shot. There is a button (a mechanical lever) on the left hand side of the gun that releases the bolt under spring pressure, shoving a bullet from another mag into the chamber.

    Eugene Stoner is the man.
  • Question:-What tools and parts do i need to assemble an ar-15?
    Hi, I recently started building my frist ar-15.

    I am not sure what tools and parts i need to finish the job.

    I have a stripper lower and a stripped upper reciever at the moment, i know they sell parts kits for both. What exactly do I need for parts (minimum). And what exactly do I need for tools?

    Answer:-For the lower: lower parts kit and stock kit.

    For the upper: forward assist assembly, ejection port cover assembly, barrel, delta ring assembly (if you are using a free float rail with its own nut you will not need the delta ring assembly), front sight base or gas block, gas tube, handguards, taper pins for the front sight base, gas tube roll pin. And of course bolt carrier group and charging handle.

    Tools required: vice, AR-15 vice block, armorer's wrench, torque wrench, assorted punches, a level, headspace gauge and maybe an ejector removal tool. There are other specialized tools, but they are not necessary.

    Check out, they'll tell you what you need and have videos on each step in building an AR-15.
  • Question:-AR- 15 owners, what do you suggest when making your first purchase?
    What would be a good brand or model for a reliable, accurate, high quality AR-15 rifle. Thank you. How would you begin to selecet one?
    To: General Harry S. Kuntwissle

    I do? My you have a good memory for sick demented people.

    Answer:-Mr. .357 did give a good list of mfg'rs of quality parts and rigs, But I have to recommend you look at Sterling Arsenals AR builds. They really work with you to build the right rifle for an affordable price. Plus you can't beat their lowers and smithing abilities.

    What I'm saying is do your research and ask alot of questions from the right people to figure out what you want from a rifle and what you need to get that want out of it. Look them up

    Good hunting
  • Question:-What are the benefits for each in choosing a stripped or full upper receiver for an AR-15?
    I recently purchased an AR-15. I am in the military and know my way around guns but am in no way an expert. The AR I have has an integrated carrying handle and I would much rather prefer a picatinny system for mounting optics. What are the pros and cons to using a stripped upper receiver versus a complete full length upper receiver? Just looking to hear some opinions.

    Answer:-I agree with risonav. At times, buying a stripped upper will save you money. Although, you will need to spend money in buying the necessary tools to put the whole upper together. Vice block, armorer's wrench, vice, torque wrench, etc. Plus the tools to check the head-space once the barrel is on. Although, once purchased, these tools will continue to be used as you make assemble many more uppers, so they can be considered a one time expense ;) The cons are the time expense, tool expense, and having to check head-space on the upper. Assembled uppers already have all of this done, but for about $100 extra, more or less. Note, that money figure is excluding the tool expense, because you might have some of those already. Also, checking head-space is not difficult, just takes a little time. By the way, thank you for your service!!
    Amended: Assembling an M4 carbine upper from parts from Bravo Company Manufacturing will only save you a few bucks (maybe around $30). Their complete uppers are top notch (equivalent to Colt and such) and start at around $430 minus handguards and CH, BCG. You'll save more money if you're building a more "exotic" upper with a lo-pro gas block and free float rail, since you subtract the initial cost of the delta ring assembly and A2 front sight base.

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