Saturday, November 26, 2011

pawn stars

  • Question:-How many levels are on pawn stars the game?
    My dad is obsessed with pawn stars the game and he is on level 101 when will it stop!!!!!! He is annoying the crap out of me!

  • Question:-Im going to Vegas and was wondering what days do the pawn stars work ?
    I was reading that the pawn stars are never at the shop. I wanna meet Chumlee LOL
    Does anyone know the best time to catch them there? Im going to vegas next week and Im only there 2 days.
    Answers would be appreciated
    Does anyone know what chumlees facebook or myspace page is ? Thats if he has one.

    Answer:-He is usually there by 9 a.m. that is when the three TV personalities get there. He was there one moring when I got there at that time.
    Cannot help on the face book. Just do some searches with Pawn Stars and see what pops for you.
    Have fun on the visit. ]
  • Question:-Why are the people who sell stuff on Pawn Stars so stupid?
    Apparently these people do not try to sell stuff on e-bay or to museums or find buyers themselves. Instead they show up on Pawn Stars and sell it for a fraction of the value when with very little effort they can get a LOT More money and the Pawn Stars people make a HUGE profit. Why are these people so stupid?

    Answer:-They probably just want to be on tv.
  • Question:-What is the tune in the Pawn Stars trailers?
    Here in South Africa, the Pawn Stars adverts on DSTV (with the phrase "You're wheeling around a little piece of history") has as a soundtrack a rather bouncy tune that seems to include the words "cause it's all 'bout the money".

    Anyone know what that tune is?
    Yeah, I already tried searching for the lyrics, and that's the tune that came up - but Meja's tune isn't the one used in the trailer. Thanks for trying, though.

  • Question:-Who is Leonard Shaffer mentioned on Pawn Stars?
    This question is regarding The History Channel's "Pawn Stars: Getting A Head" episode that premiered on Mon Sept 6 at 10:30pm. At the very end of the episode they said "In Memory of Leonard Shaffer". I do remember it said he died in Aug 2010. Who is he?

    Answer:-He was a coin collector/appraiser and appeared on various episodes of the show, as a "buddy" of Rick's, and he would look over coins brought to the shop to inform Rick of their origin and worth. No, it was not the Old man who died!
  • Question:-How old are the Rick Harrisons of pawn stars ?
    How old are the two rick harrisons of pawn stars?

    Answer:-isn't rick a living doll...minus the unkempt finger nails...hes in his 40s..and daddy is in his 70s..don't know exact...i think corey is a babe for being husky and chumley a sweet angel...i do have a soft spot for rick..i'll manicure his his laugh!
  • Question:-What is the name of the song from the latest Pawn Stars Commercial?
    Anyone know the name of the song in the latest Pawn Star Commercials from within the last say two weeks?


    Answer:-I heard the same song on the radio maybe 5 years ago once, and couldn't find it at that time. I thought now that its in the new Pawn Stars commercial, the case may finally get solved...........and found it after a bit of digging around........Dangerman - Let's Make a Deal
  • Question:-when is the new season of pawn stars coming on tv?
    it seems as if these shows premiere with a new season and then dissappear. Pawn stars especially is all over he place. One week its on mondays and they play 2 episodes, and then the next week it will be on a sunday and there will only be one episode and then it wont come on for a week. does anyne know what happened to the newest season that started in like april of 2010? or when a new one will be on?

    Answer:-For most of its first two seasons two episodes were aired in an hour block on Mondays, though the last several episodes were aired once a week, and some on Sundays.
    The show's popularity has earned a renewal for a third season and led to a substantial pickup in the pawn shop's business.
    No definite date has been announced yet.
  • Question:-Just watched pawn stars and im just wondering the real worth of a faberge brooch?
    i just watched the new pawn stars and rick gave a lady 15k for a black widow faberge brooch that contained black onyx, platinum, diamonds, rubies, and saphire
    he obviously under paid by tens of thousands just for the jewels inside it alone, but i was just wondering of anyone knew the real worth of this designer brooch

    (the lady who accepted the 15k was a complete idot. just thought i would slip that in there)

    Answer:-$20,000 - $35,000 for one like that
  • Question:-How much money do you think the "Pawn Stars" make?
    History Channel has a show called "Pawn Stars". How much money do you think the owner makes each year?

    Answer:-The owner, "Old Man", has a large mansion that he lives in. They show it in one of the episodes where Chumlee goes to his house to get something. I would guess that he easily makes 6 figures. Probably around 200,000-300,000 a year.

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