Sunday, November 27, 2011


  • Question:-How much is a 1995 Chiefs football autographed by the whole team worth?
    I have a 1995 chiefs football autographed by the whole team and I am wondering the price for the football.

    Answer:-it is worth a lot.
  • Question:-How come every season the Chiefs can beat the Broncos at least one time?
    Week 13 the Broncos are playing at the Chiefs. Do you think the Chiefs will win? But it seems like the Broncos have a lot better defense this year.

    Answer:-It's a division thing. Same reason why the Skins and Seahawks always manage to beat a team in their division even though they suck. Division games are rarely lopsided and anything can happen in a close game. That being said, I think this game will be an exception. The Broncos will thrash the Chiefs. Something like 26-3.
  • Question:-When are the Chiefs going to stop letting Jones be the lead back?
    It is ridiculous. Jamaal Charles consistently outperforms him, but he doesn't get as many carries. Why don't the Chiefs give him the ball more?

    Charles had 10 carries for 53 yards.

    Jones had 19 carries for 32 yards.

    I would tell you to do the math, but you are probably too retarded to do that too.

    If Charles had as many carries as Jones, he would have had at least 100 yards, idiot.

    Answer:-Jamal Charles carried the ball 22 times the week before, that's true and if he did that for 16 games that's 352 carries. The Chiefs ruined a big horse(230lb RB) like Larry Johnson by having him carry the ball 350 times two seasons in a row.

    Charles "might" weigh 180, he wouldn't last the season carrying the ball 20 times a game. IMO, the Chiefs would be smart to keep his carries under 220 for the year. At least if they expect him to be around for a few more years.
  • Question:-What was the original name and city of the Kansascity Chiefs?
    Who were the Kansas City Chiefs when the AFL first started up in 1959 and who did they beat for the 1962 AFL Championship?

    Answer:-They were originally the Dallas Texans when they were formed and beat the Houston Oilers for the AFL Championship in 1962.
  • Question:-How much does Charlie Weis have to do with the Chiefs resurgence?
    Also, what were some of the the other moves the Chiefs made in the offseason?

    Answer:-He's calling a good game(most of the time) and putting guys in a position to succeed.

    The Chiefs picked up a couple of veteran offensive lineman, and both have made a difference(Wegman & Lilja)

    Several rookies are having a huge impact Eric Berry(S) Javier Arenas(CB / KR) Kendrick Lewis(S)Tony Moeaki(TE) Dexter McCluster(WR / PR)
  • Question:-How will the Chiefs perform this weekend?
    How do you foresee the performance by the Kansas City Chiefs going this weekend against the Baltimore Ravens? Do they have a shot at winning? If so, how good of a chance do they have to win?

    BQ) If there are any Chief fans on here, will you do an avatar bet? I, as a Baltimore fan, will have the KC Chief logo as my avatar for the week if they defeat the Ravens; while you, as a Chiefs fan, will have the Ravens logo as your avatar for the week if we defeat the Chiefs.

    Answer:-Ok, but i think the ravens got this.
  • Question:-How in the HELL are the sorry Kansas City Chiefs beating the 2010 Super Bowl bound San Diego Chargers 21 to 7?
    How in the hell are the Chiefs beating the 2010 AFC West Champions Chargers, right now. The Chiefs have not been good since Christian Okoye, was playing running back.

    Answer:-Because it is week 1! Same reason the Texans beat the Colts.
    San Diego always starts out slow, I think they like to give Denver a false hope they will make the playoffs.
  • Question:-What will be the score for chiefs vs bills tommorow?
    I think the chiefs have a chance against the bills.
    How will the bills beat the chiefs by 21 when they lost to the browns?

    Answer:-Bills have been going downhill lately...

    While the Chiefs have found knew life it seems.

    So I say Bills win this one 21-17.
  • Question:-How should I celebrate the Chiefs clinching the AFC West tommorow?
    When the Chiefs win and the Chargers lose tommorow, the Chiefs will become AFC West Champs!

    Answer:-I don't know how you should celebrate. but i know we're gonna be happy. the chiefs are going to the playoffs, finally. lets just hope it doesn't take til week 17 cuz we all know the bengals are 3-11. by the way chris luck your a dipshit. sorry bro but the truth hurts.
  • Question:-Where is the best place to meet other KC Chiefs fans and watch games in the North Philadelphia area?
    I'm a huge Chiefs fan who has just moved to Warminster, PA and I'm looking to find a good place to watch the Chiefs on TV. I'm also interested in meeting other Chiefs fans in the area. I'm thinking of getting tickets to the Dec 30, 2007 Chiefs Jets game at the Meadowlands. I'm looking for someone to go to the game with.

    Answer:-they say it's a sports bar called charlies in Philly that has a big chiefs fan base good luck GOOOOOOO Chiefs!!!

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