Friday, November 25, 2011

jason witten

  • Question:-Jason Witten............?
    Is Jason Witten gonna do anything the rest of the season?

    Answer:-yes id say he is the one of the more valuable TES
  • Question:-Who would win in a fight Jason Witten or Julius Peppers?
    Cowboys TE Jason Witten vs Julius Peppers in an all out fight. Who wins? And How would they win the fight?

    Answer:-well Jason Witten is jacked he is 6"5 262
    Julius Peppers is jacked he is 6"7 283

    both are beasts but Julius Peppers has two inches and twenty pounds on Jason Witten which could be a huge advantage

    It would be a great fight though should be a cage match
  • Question:-How come when Romo throws the ball to Jason Witten?
    The announcer should really say 10 yard pass complete from Tony Romo to BFF Jason Witten?

    Answer:-They're BFF's, best friends forever. They might not show it this season but in the previous seasons Witten was Romo's go to guy. It's just a joke.
  • Question:-Who is better Tony Gonzalez or Jason Witten?
    I am thinking of getting Jason witten is it worth it when i have Tony Gonzalez?

    Answer:-Witten is better. The departure of TO will open up more opportunities for him.

    Tony Gonzalez is a close second though because at least now he has a QB that will find him.

    But the better of the 2 is Wittne.
  • Question:-Fantasy Fooball Trade Jason Witten for Mcdonald and Deshawn Wynn?
    This is the trade:

    Jason Witten for

    Shaun McDonald and Deshawn Wynn
    Who gets the better deal? Keep in mind that the person gettin Wynn and McDonald are dead at WR and their best RB is LaMont Jordan. And they are 1-5.

    Answer:-WOW THIS GUY ABOVE ME IS THE BIGGEST LIAR IN THE WORLD HAHAHHAAH LT, BUSH, BRADY, HOUSHMANZADEH??? i love people who try to make their team sound goo when its crap
  • Question:-Jason Witten or Kevin Boss in Fantasy Football?
    I have to play a tight end on my Fantasy Football team and need to make a choice fast. Should I play Jason Witten, coming off an injury that happend just 4 days ago, or Kevin Boss? Boss was hot last week, Witten has been disappointing this season as far as fantasy points, but is still a proven player. Does anyone have any opinions? I need to make a decision before the Dallas game later today.

    Answer:-witten is out.
  • Question:-Jason Witten or Kevin Boss week 15 fantasy football?
    I have to decide between Jason Witten or Kevin Boss this week. Witten goes against New Orleans nd Dallas has to win. The Giants are in a must win situation too and they play Washington. Does anyone have any input?

    Answer:-Go with Witten. Romo has been throwing to him alot the last couple of weeks. I do not see that changing this week. He is Romo's #1 guy.
  • Question:-shoudl I start Plaxico Burress or jason Witten? Plaxico is hurt and playing philly defense?
    witten is a beast and playing a mediocre st louis. thoughts?

    Answer:-Witten is too hot to sit right now, plus he is Romo's favorite target, plus Saint Louis can't defend the pass, equals start Witten.
  • Question:-Week 13: Who do I start at TE: Jason Witten or Kevin Boss?
    Kevin Boss would be facing the Redskins and Jason Witten would have Seattle. I've started Witten all year and he has sucked for awhile now, but I also have a weird feeling that the first time I don't start him he will have a monster game...

    Answer:-Still start Witten, Seattle's defence is pretty much horrible. Romo is back and threw for 3 TDs last week. Stay with Witten and hope for the best.
  • Question:-jason witten or antonio gates? Who looks like they're going to be the better fantasy TE this season?
    jason witten or antonio gates? Who looks like they're going to be the better fantasy TE this season?

    Answer:-Witten by far.

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