Friday, November 25, 2011

college football scores

  • Question:-Where can I find old college football scores and stats from the 1980's and 1990's?
    I need to find some college scores for schools that I do not see scores for anymore like Campbellsville State from NCAA D2 and for Evergreen State from Washington state.

  • Question:-what is the best web site for real time college football scores?

    Answer:-ESPN, Yahoo sprots page or CBS Sportsline are all very adequate.
  • Question:-college football scores text to my phone how to?
    is there a site that will text the top 25 college foot ball teem scores to my phone for free

    Answer:-check ESPN
  • Question:-College Football Scores?
    Where can i watch College Football Scores online.
    Is really good for live games as they say? would work
  • Question:-is there a phone number I can call and get up to date college football scores?

    Answer:-Try 1-888-75-SCORES (72673)
  • Question:-Impossible college football scores.?
    Ok all you college football fans. I have a football puzzler for you. Using NCAA football rules what are the only scores that are completely impossible to have? By this I mean team A has X points and team B has Y points. I want you to list the actual scores that are impossible.My guess, and I am not completely sure, is that there are only 6 combos that are impossible. I will list my 6 after I hear some answers. Have fun.
    Thanks for the responses. So far, the only responder to come close is "Billy", but there is a technicality error to his answer. He is absolutely correct that it is possible to score 1 point through a "one point safety" by the defense off a conversion. However, it is also possible for a final score to be 1-0. This would make a totoal of only 6 impossible scores. Can anybody figure it out? Good luck.
    Well done "Better than Most". However, I was including the 1-0 technical forfeiture score as a possible "official" score and that is why I came up with 6. However As far as the 0-0 score, I too am not 100% sure of the rules in terms of game termination but presumed that play would continue until someone in fact scored.
    This is an interesting topic for another puzzler. Peace and thanks for playing. Hope you enjoyed..Scott

    Answer:-Good question.

    I don't think that 0 - 0 is possible. I'm not positive but I'm not reading the overtime rules to figure it out. Presumably they would play until one team or the other scored and then held the opposing team. Maybe they would call it a draw after 10 overtimes. Who cares?

    By my count the impossible scores are:
    I think 1 - 1 is impossible because a team must score at least a touchdown to earn a 1 pt safety.
    I think 1 - 2 is impossible because a team must score at least a touchdown to earn a 1 pt safety.
    I think 1 - 3 is impossible for the same reason as previously stated.
    Same is true of 1 - 4 and 1 - 5.
    A score of 1-6 is possible if the defense scores a one point safety after the first touchdown of the game. I believe that this is the lowest possible score when one team has but a single point.
    I think 1 - 7 is the last impossible score. I can't figure a way for Team A to have exactly 7 points if Team B already has 1.

    So I came up with 7.

    That's right. You won't catch me on the old forfeit rule which allows for a final score of 1 - 0.
  • Question:-Need online college football scores from September 30th, 1950?
    Sports nuts - I need a site that has results of all college football games played on September 30th, 1950. What makes this more difficult - I need scores from smaller schools - especially a game played between Norwich (Vermont) and Coast Guard on September 30th, 1950. The score was 41 - 0, but I have conflicting info on who won and where the game was played. Have not been able to confirm anything online so far. Any football researchers out there who know the definitive answer? (Coast Guard or Norwich alumni might also know...)

    Answer:-Coast Guard beat Norwich 41-0 in New London, CT.

    Go to

    They have the scores for every game every team has ever played going back pre 1900. It has the location the game was played, the score, etc. AMAZING INFORMATION.
  • Question:-How do I get College Football and NFL scores on my cell phone?

    Answer:-go to your web browser and look up

    It will give you the option to go to the scoreboard.

  • Question:-Where are the college football scores?

    Answer:-They're here:
  • Question:-Who is going to win next weak in college football? name the scores of your games you want to watch and rank‼?
    I really want to watch BYU at Utah

    Ranks Champion series
    BYU lost to TCU and Utah is undeafeted
    They are rivals that are in state. And I think whoever wins might have a chance at a BCS game

    BYU: 38
    Utah: 36

    Answer:-I agree with you, the Holy War should be very interesting this week. It's going to be a thriller! This game is going to come down to who has a better 2 min. drill and who has the ball last. Who is that team? BYU!

    BYU 34
    Utah 31

    Texas Tech and Oklahoma should be very interesting too. I think here, particularly in Norman, Oklahoma is going to throw a monkey wrench into Texas Tech and into the BCS standings.

    TxT 42
    OU 49

    Boise State at Nevada has the potential of being interesting too... However, Boise State will be too much for the Wolfpack.

    BSU 42
    UN 21


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