Monday, November 28, 2011


  • Question:-macys?????????
    does the macys at 4000 W. Diversey Ave Chicago, IL 60639 sell clothing or is it just a matress and furniture center??????
    please help

    Answer:-clothing and mattress and furniture. i went to the exact mall when i was on vacation. i bought like three skater shirts and some tight jeans there. and i also remember seeing mattresses and furniture there.
  • Question:-How does the Macys employee discount work?
    I just got a job at Macys...they haven't explained the employee discount to me yet, so I need to know. They pay practically nothing (this is by far the lowest I've been paid in my life), and if the discount isn't good I might not go to training. Do I need to use my Macys credit card? What departments don't get discounts? Can I use the discount at sister stores?
    I've previously read that you need to have the credit card to get the discount. I know it's 20% but it doesn't include all departments. If Coach and Movado aren't included, I'm out of there.

    Answer:-i worked at macys to and the pay was horrible. the discount works likes this u have the credit card and u can use it anywhere in the store and they take 10% off of your monthly bill.
  • Question:-will my macys employment discount work with other coupons and merchandise already discounted?
    I was wondering if my macys employment discount would work on already discounted items on the sale racks. Also, if it would work with international visitors pass, all-day savings pass, etc?? Let me know. Thanks!

    Answer:-i believe it works on sales items but not in combination with actual coupons, it's considered double dipping
  • Question:-I bought a dress at macys can I return it to a different macys where I originally bought it?
    I bought a dress at macys and I want to return it, does it have to be the macys I bought it from or can I return it to any macys?

    Answer:-yeah you can. as long as you have the receipt :)
  • Question:-How do I order stuff from Macys that is not available in the store?
    There is this blazer that I want and I have to be measured for it and the blazer is not in the store. What I want to know is would they measure me and can I place the order for the blazer and pick it up at Macys or do I have to buy it online.

    Answer:-you can probably go to the store and have them measure you. call macys and ask them what to do. :]
  • Question:-Which job would be a better option Whole Foods supermarket or Macys retail clothes store?
    In the past I would have said the clothes store, but the thing is this supermarket pays $10 dollars an hour which is more than the clothes store. Also I think the supermarket gives more hours which I is good for me. Is there more oportunitinies in this Whole Foods supermarket or macys to move up?
    Ok, not just Macys but any other clothes or shoe store, are they still better than supermarkets, or does it depends what company it is?

    Answer:-you should work at macy's. while whole foods may pay more, macy's offer more levels of management, so within a month you can get a promotion, 6 months another promotion and after a year you can become a sales manager.
  • Question:-How does working at Nordstrom compare to working at Macys?
    Currently I'm working at a Macys store in the housewares department. Macys cuts my hours and doesn't treat its employees very well. I went to a job interview at Nordstrom two days ago and they said they will call me on Tuesday.

    Is Nordstom a better company to work for? How is working at Nordstrom as a cashier?

    Answer:-Nordstrom is awesome! however I work there in sales so I dunno about JUST being a cashier. I do both. If you ever get the chance to work there you should.. mostly because if you leave on good terms you are always welcome back. You can work just holidays or for the sales every year if you really wanted to. They love to hire within so its easy to go to school and come and go for summers and holidays for extra money.
  • Question:-Is it the same thing buying a coach bag from Macys or the Boutique?
    I am just wondering because is it good to either go to Macys to buy the bag or the Coach boutique? I perfer the boutique for some reason. I know its the same but I rather get it from a coach boutique. Of course, i am comparing Macy's and the boutique when the bags aren't on sale.

    So Which one would you prefer to go to Boutique or Macys? This can apply to other bags such a dooney and bourke, LV, etc? Or is this a difference at all?
    Lol! I am from NYC too!

    Answer:-A Coach bag, or a Juicy Couture or a Kate Spade handbag are EXACTLY the same if you buy them from a boutique or a department store. Personally I like to buy them from the place where I can get them for the least amount of money.
    Because of this, I buy nearly all my handbags from eBay. I have very expensive tastes, but a not so expensive budget so I can get very high end bags on eBay for less money. My last purchase was a $695 Isabella Fiore handbag that I paid $219 for! If your not familiar with Isabella Fiore - you must check her out - her bags are works of art!
  • Question:-Can I return a food processor to Macys after 5 months without a box?
    I received a food processor/blender for my birthday 5 months ago and I noticed that when I use it, which is seldom, it has a very sharp loud noise. I have seen reviews for it online and it seems that others have encountered the same. I don't even want to use it because of the horrible noise. Can I return it to Macys without a box?
    I used it at most 5 times and it was only the processor part where the bowl was easily cleaned. The item looks Brand New. I have the original receipt.

    Answer:-"Most items can be returned to a Macy's store, with original proof of purchase, within 180 days (6 months) of purchase. Read items with special guidelines for information about restrictions on store returns, as well as other restrictions."

    Food processors don't count as "items with special guidelines" and their policy makes no mention of original packaging.

    If the item is defective, at this point, chances are they would refer you to the manufacturer.

    If the item works well but is obviously used they might not take it back on that account.

    If you have all parts and it's not used (or at least look like it) I would think the answer would be yes.
  • Question:-What makeup product should I get at Macys?
    What makeup product should I get today at Macys up to 20$. I really can't think of anything I want, any suggestions?

    Answer:-Clinique is on money range you want to spend like 23 I suggest almost foundation is good.

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