Sunday, November 27, 2011

christmas photo cards

  • Question:-what is a practical and creative way to display our Christmas photo cards from friends and family?
    I'll get about 100 christmas photo cards from friends and family over the next month. What is a creative and attractive way to display them in my home? Most of the cards are flat, like a large post card. My house is very small.

    Answer:-Well, I always put our cards up on our fireplace mantle with some decorations...I do that for every holiday. We don't get 100 cards though, that many cards up there would look tacky.

    If you don't have a fireplace, maybe find another type of ledge to put them on? You dont really need to display all of them, do you?
  • Question:-Would it be strange to send out Christmas photo cards with only a single adult on it?
    I love photo cards at Christmas and would like to personally send them out. Unfortunately I don't have a husband or family so I'm wondering if it would be strange to put a picture of just myself on a card. Thoughts?

    Answer:-That's fine I don't find it strange! My mom always sends out photos of me alone and my sister alone.. cause my family likes to see how different I look haha !

    Hope I helped & Merry Christmas,
  • Question:-Where can I get templates for Christmas photo cards?
    I'm trying to make some Christmas cards but where can I get the template?

    Answer:-Well, you can go here and upload photos into the different designs they offer.

    Or if you want to make and print them yourself there is this

    or maybe here?

    If you put "christmas card templates" in quotes just like that into Google, you'll end up with a ton of options.
  • Question:-Who does the best Christmas photo cards online? Cutest and best price??
    I'm looking for ones where you can put multiple pictures and use them as Christmas cards. I don't want to pay an arm and a leg though.
  • Question:-Which company offers the best deal on Christmas photo cards?
    I have been able to find prices on photo cards from several companies already (walgreens, CVS, Snapfish). But I am curious if anyone knows of anywhere really cheap to get 4x8 photo cards. The prices I have found so far are around $32 - $39 for 60 cards (The amount I need is 60). Is there any better deal?

  • Question:-When you send photo Christmas cards, do you also write a message on the back of the photograph?
    For the first time this year I orderd photo christmas cards and now I am wondering if I need to write a personal note to each recipient on the back of the photograph? What do people usually do with these sorts of cards? Thanks!

    Answer:-yesterday i received one of those types of Christmas cards from a good friend of mine. I haven't really spoke to them in quite a while since they moved out of state. It was sad that there was nothing attached to the card, not even a quick hi hand written on it. So here's what I think you should do: if you are sending your Christmas card to someone you see all the time then no, leave it just as it is and put it in the envelope and send it off. If it's to someone that you don't see very much, don't talk to very much or stuff like that go ahead and type up a quick letter saying what you were up to that last year. It's nice to read about what has been going on. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays!
  • Question:-Do you like receiveing photo Christmas cards, or do you prefer traditional Christmas cards?
    I don't mind the photo cards if they fold so that I can display them. But of course I always am happy to receive a card. :)

    Answer:-I like the photo cards better. Especially when it is from someone I don't see that often.
  • Question:-What kind of paper is the paper they use to make Christmas Photo cards?
    I am looking for that hard glossy paper to make christmas photocards...what is this paper called and how can i buy some?

  • Question:-Will you be sending out those family photo Christmas cards this year?
    I think we are going to. I've been looking on-line for inspiration. What are you planning to do for your Christmas cards this year?
    Alex! That is precious!!!!
    Rosie, I can't see the link. :-(

    Answer:-I did this last year. I got christmas cards made up with my son's picture on it. We decorate our tree right after thanksgiving (black friday) so this gave us plenty of time to add in a dvd of my son decorating the tree. My husband made a video online using a chipmunk christmas song...and had my son put ornaments on the tree while we video taped him and pose for pictures that also went into the dvd. We sent them to our close relatives and friends that could not join us for christmas.
  • Question:-Should I write on Christmas photo cards?
    This year I ordered Christmas photo cards from a website, and they already have a holiday message and our name printed on them (next to a photo of us). Should I write something on the card to make it more personal? Where should I write it - on the front or back? What should I write given that the card already says season's greetings, happy holidays, and our names?

    Answer:-I was wondering the same thing. In the past I haven't, but it is nice when you receive cards from others with a personal message, so this year I probably will. I think on the back- there is more space to write. Make it personal to the recipient, not general. I know it will take me a lot of time though!

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