Sunday, November 27, 2011

bernie fine

  • Question:-Does anyone else see ESPN's coverage of the allegations against Bernie Fine as unprofessional?
    Not only are the allegations and the backstory suspect, but ESPN has already irreparably damaged Fine's reputation by running this story even though no charges have been filed and nothing has been proven.

    Answer:-The allegations and the backstory are suspect, as is the timing. But there are two separate witnesses. What would you have ESPN do, ignore it? That's what got Penn State in trouble, isn't it?
  • Question:-What in the H*ll is Wrong with Bernie & Lauri Fine?
    These are some sick individuals.

  • Question:-Do you think Bernie Madoffwithbillions should just get just a $50 fine if he puts on a good sob story show?
    at his hearing? Give the, give the guy a break huh?

    Answer:-He has a snowball's chance in Hell...they are lining up to give testimony in the court room against him ( they will rip him out a new one)
    He deserves to be tarred and feathered and thrown in the Hudson.
  • Question:-Bobby Davis adopted by Bernie & Laurie Fine?
    If not, why was Davis living in their in home?

  • Question:-Blue Lake Fine Arts Bernie Camp Question.?
    Im too young to go to the high school Band this year with my cousin so i have to go to the bernie camp... Although im pretty sure i could get good enough to play with them... (I pick up on music really fast) I get along really good with people older than me. Im have friends in every grade higher than me and a few in some lower grades. Is it possible to go to the Central Camp at all during the day to visit people or hang out with them or possibly have them tutor you some on something? This is my first year and I didn't see anything in the booklet thing about going from Bernie Camp to Central just to hang out with people.

    Answer:-they have an overnight program
  • Question:-Bernie Mac, are you ready to run?
    Oh, it's coming, brothers! Bernie Mac for vice president, running with John McCain!

    This will make for some fine television this fall...

    Answer:-you bet ye.
  • Question:-Bernie Mac's lame joke... Why does Obama even continue to run for President?
    This is just another fine example of a weak Democrate running for president, when will the nonsense end? Ill tell you when McCain wins!!!

    Answer:-the real joke here is obama himself. what a clown! never has someone reached so high with absolutely nothing to offer but empty rhetoric and bad ideas. he must have at least 10 strikes against him by now and he continues. he wants us to over look his many flaws and elect him president. how laughable is that? he is obviously on a mission of hate and destruction and probably wont stop until the usa is as bankrupt as he is. if the majority of the country goes insane and elects him, he will be impeached as soon as sanity returns.
  • Question:-How can I eliminate alternating dial tone and static in an added-on phone jack?
    I had a phone jack added in our house and the electrician who did other wiring for us a couple years ago ran a Cat-5 cable from the attic to the new phone jack The existing phone wiring in the attic is 4-wire and each wire is thicker than the wire in the Cat-5. I was unable to spice the wires together using compression splices because of the difference in wire sizes. So I cut into the existing wire in the attic, installed a phone jack there, and connected the Cat-5 to the phone jack.

    When using a phone off the new jack, I hear a dial tone and static alternating every few seconds (tone/static/tone/static), and the same is true when I plug the phone into the jack in the attic. The person on the other end can hear me fine without static, but I can barely hear the other person. The other phone jacks in the house work fine.

    We have DSL with a filter that's in the wiring that's plugged into another phone jack.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

    - Bernie

    Answer:-did you strip the wires should make sure dialtone is on green/red on the old wire the cat five wire color code is diff.if the cat 5 wire doesnt have green/red in it ,then the color code is as follows use the white/blue for the green and the blue/white for the red the green and red on the jack face is all that needs to be hooked up
  • Question:-Why when a black woman dates a fine non black man is a sell out ?Where is the love?
    Not to turn this into a racial war but i have face this kind of racism many times cause i have dated black women before!
    There were guys looking like Spike Lee , Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson who would approach my woman to tell her why she is with a soft Italian man and not a real black man like them i guess?LOL
    She even busted out laughing in their face!

    **By the way what is so soft or gay being a 6'3 tall 195lbs (the pic shows it all) in muscles ex rugby and kickboxing fighter, fine Italo-Spaniard male?The jealousy and envy of some people is worse than snake's poison no joke,worse than HIV and cancer!

    Answer:-they are being hypocrites. when a black man gets a women that's not his race, all the other men think of him as a player, mac, pimp, etc. but when a a black women gets a man that's not her race she is a sell out, trader,etc. it is really stupid. i used to think that black women can only date black men but black men can date whatever race they want. that's how bad it used to be for me

    Edit. i'm sorry but dayummm. i just read the last part. keep doin your thing and ignore the haters
  • Question:-What are some good movies that take place in the summer, either at the beach, camp,a cabin,etc.?
    I liked On Golden Pond,A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Becaus of Wynn Dixie,Weekend at Bernie's, State Fair,Earnest Goes to Camp,and The Parent Trap.

    Anything recent, or even old and black and white would be fine.
    no violent or trashy films, please.

    Answer:-Walk the Line
    Running on Empty
    Chasing Liberty
    The Dirty Dozem
    Gone with the Wind
    The Big Chill
    You've Got Mail
    My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Love Actually

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