Wednesday, November 30, 2011

victoria secret angels

  • Question:-whys it so hard to become a victoria secret angel? why did they pick the angels they have?
    Just out of curiosity, looking at some of the angels its hard to tell why they picked these models to be angels rather then the other Victoria Secret models which are equally as beautiful, bubbly, down to earth, good spokes people and have great bodies? what other qualities are needed?

    Answer:-besides just the looks you need the experience. the models that are 'angels' have been in the buisness for years and are part of modeling companies that are the 'big leagues' like IMG. they also work for other brand names besides victorias secret
  • Question:-Victoria Secret Angels Battle:candice swanepoel vs miranda kerr?
    Victoria Secret Angels Battle:candice swanepoel vs miranda kerr?
    Which one do you think is sexier/prettier if you had to choose one to be your girlfriend who would you choose?

    Answer:-Victoria! =)
  • Question:-free victoria secret angels card for march 2009?
    i just signed up for the angels card and i was just wondering if it is any good. i just signed up for it and i heard that there is a booklet that victoria secret offers. is it any good. wat discounts are coupons come with the angels card.

    Answer:-I had the angels card and ended up closing my account. The APR rate on retail cards is ridiculous so whatever you save with coupons you end up spending on interest. You only get that book the first year you sign up and the deals in it are okay. Even without the angel card I still get plenty of offers through my email and in my mail from Victoria's Secret. Hope this helps!
  • Question:-How can i get hair like the Victoria Secret Angels?
    I really have no idea how to make my hair exactly like theres. I know i would need a curling iron but my hair doesnt come out like theres when i use it. I just love how flowy and wavey their hair is. Thanks!

  • Question:-Do you have to have good credit to get a Victoria Secret angels card?
    I am just starting to build my credit. I got my first jewelry card, but I am not into jewelry, so after paying it off I would like to get the VS angel's card. How long do I have to let my credit build to qualify for the card?

    Answer:-If you want to improve your credit apply for a mastercard and/or visa card. You are extremely unlikely to build apurchase/repay track history with a single revolving department store card. RJ
  • Question:-Will the designer of the Victoria Secret angels will be willing to custom make a pair of wings for sale?
    I would like to have a human size pair for a photo shoot.

    Answer:-VS makes so much money im sure they dont need to make custom orders. u can probably buy some cute ones online (knockoffs though)
  • Question:-What's the song in the commercial for the new Victoria Secret Angels fragrance?
    I just heard it on the video on yahoo they had before one of their links and just recall the words "falling down."

    Answer:-I found it I found it finally!!!
  • Question:-Can Victoria Secret Angels Have Tattoos?
    I have 3 small tattoos and I am interested in trying to become one..
    will I have to get them removed?

    Answer:-Where are they and what do they look like?
  • Question:-how do i get a toned body like the victoria secret angels or britney spears?

    any good websites that'll help

    Answer:-Work out with a personal trainer, eat healthy and drink lots of water. =]
  • Question:-How do I request a new Angels card from Victoria's Secret?
    I can't find my Victoria's Secret Angels card and I hate having them look it up every time I go in. How do I request that a new card be sent to me? Should I call customer service and speak to someone?

    Please, no complaints about the store or card. I'm very happy with it.
    How long does it take to receive the new card?

    Answer:-you could call customer service and tell them you lost your card, there gonna temporally disconnected the old one and send you a new one.

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