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canon eos rebel t3

  • Question:-Is the Canon EOS Rebel T3 good for taking graduation pictures?
    Is the Canon EOS Rebel T3 good for taking graduation pictures?

    Indoors and outdoors.

  • Question:-How do I film myself with a Canon EOS Rebel T3?
    I'm a video blogger moving from a regular old Flip to the Canon EOS Rebel T3. However, I have no idea how to focus myself because I don't have anyone controlling the camera for me. How do I keep myself in focus and in the viewfinder while recording?

  • Question:-Is the Canon EOS Rebel T3 a good starter SLR camera?
    I'm going shopping tomorrow morning on Black Friday and there is a deal for the Canon EOS Rebel T3 SRL camera. Is that a good beginner SRL camera?

  • Question:-What's Better The Canon EOS T1I, Canon EOS rebel T3, Or the Canon Rebel XS?
    So I'm think of buying a camera. I want it to be an SLR, so it has the interchangeable lens. I really want a Canon Rebel. But which one, they all take nice pictures and i wanna stay under the price range of 700$. So any suggestions?

    Answer:-tech wise, the T1i

    of course, if you are just going to do stills and no video, the Xs is equally as capable, and you can use that extra $200 on accessories and possibly another lens
  • Question:-How to edit pictures on a Canon Eos Rebel t3?
    My dad has recently bought me a Canon EOS Rebel T3, and I was wondering how and if you can edit pictures on it. I have a friend who has a similar camera, and she can trim & make her pictures colors ON her camera. I was wondering if you can do the same on this camera. Here's my camera :

    Answer:-I'm thinking you actually mean the t3i - correct?

    Being a dslr this camera is not loaded with gimmicks. It's designed for serious photography and will not edit photos in the camera. I agree you need a good software editor for this kind of work.
  • Question:-How to open the battery door on the EOS canon rebel t3?
    i just got the canon rebel t3 and as i was atempting to put the battery in i couldnt for the life of me open the door thing that holds the battery in place. what do i do?
    i've read the owners manual. but it really doesnt give much info on how to open it. theres like a few arrows but none of them make any sense at all.

    Answer:-If the battery is giving you that much trouble, then being able to understand how to use the aperture/shutter speed/ISO properly will really give you issues.

    I'm sorry to say this, BUT....if you are still having problems inserting the battery after reading page 28 of the manual, then the best thing for you to do is put everything back in the boxes and return it to the store for a refund and then purchase a simple point and shoot camera (such as a Kodak Easyshare).
  • Question:-Is the Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera a good choice for me?
    I'm a beginner at photography.
    I manly take pictures of out side life and plan to move on to people to.
    I'm looking for a cheaper type camera.
    I have no experience with high tec cameras (professional cameras) though.
    I want a camera with great quality pictures.

    Answer:-The Rebel T3 is an entry-level DSLR. It is nowhere near close to a professional camera, but it's definitely suitable for a beginner to learn on. It's one of the least expensive entry-level DSLR's. The only one I know of offhand that is even cheaper is the Nikon D3000. They're both fine cameras; which one is better would be a matter of personal preference, since you would want to choose the one you feel the most comfortable with.

    The quality of pictures you take will depend on your skills with the camera, not the camera itself. The T3 is quite capable of producing great shots in the right hands.
  • Question:-Canon EOS Rebel T3, Canon Rebel XS, or NIkon D3000?
    I'm looking at the Canon EOS Rebel T3, Canon Rebel XS, and NIkon D3000.
    They're all about the same price, and as far as I can tell, they have similar specs, but I don't know enough to read that closely.
    I want it for a camera that will allow me to begin photography as a hobby, with full control etc.

    Witch camera is better?
    (perhaps you could factor in deals and bundles the may be available in time for Christmas, with links)
    edit: (after 2nd answer)
    thanks for the advice, but I've done tons of research about these cameras on amazon, and they all seem great. I want to find someone who's used one or more of these cameras to tell me how they are.
    And concerning bundles-
    I don't have anything else to accompany the new camera (tripod, memory card, lenses, etc.)
    so whatever I buy would Ideally have that in the purchase as well. If I buy everything seperately, I'm likely to spend more money, and I'm stretching the wallet here as it is.

  • Question:-What are main differences between the Canon EOS Rebel T3 and the T3i?
    I'm considering buying a Camera for Christmas this year.. But what are the main differences between the to? Do you own one of these cameras? Any information would be appreciated.

    Answer:-My first instincts would had been visiting Canon Website to look up the Specs on both cameras

    Specs for T3I

    Specs for T3
  • Question:-What is the best external flash for a Canon EOS Rebel t3?
    I'm looking for an external flash to buy but all of them seem so expensive. Is there a cheap one that's also good to use? Or just in general a good one (even if expensive)?

    Answer:-Best is probably the Canon brand.
    Pretty good and fairly inexpensive is the Canon compatible model of Promaster 7400EDF.

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