Saturday, November 26, 2011


  • Question:-How does Ian MacKaye get that palm-muting sound on Margin Walker by Fugazi?
    I just saw a video of him playing it live, and he didn't seem to be using any pedals or effects.

    Answer:-It looks like he's just using harmonics. It's when you lightly prest on the strings and it makes a high pitched noise. If he is moving his hand up and down it can make it sort of sound like "Flange".
  • Question:-What Fugazi Album would you reccomend?
    Hi, I'm going to buy a Fugazi album. Which would you reccomend?

    Thanks for any input.

  • Question:-What is your favorite song from the band Fugazi?
    mine is "Suggestion" love that song.

    Answer:-Wow, that's a band I have not heard mentioned in YEARS!!

    wow, let me think.....

    I would say anything off the Repeater or Steady Diet of Nothing records umm, Latin Roots.
  • Question:-What are the Essential Fugazi Songs?
    I am looking to introduce Fugazi to my friend by making him a compilation of about 10-15 songs. I was looking for some input on what others thought the essential Fugazi songs are.

    Answer:-Some songs that I'd include would be:
    Waiting Room
    Give Me The Cure
    Bad Mouth
    Caustic Acrostic
  • Question:-How are Fugazi and Radiohead similar?
    I always see them compared, but I see no similarities!

    Answer:-The only similarity I can think of is how both bands started with more straight-forward albums and then gradually became more experimental with subsequent releases. On a personal note, I think both bands' best albums are their early stuff - not that the later releases aren't very listenable as well.
  • Question:-What Ian MacKaye band (Minor Threat, Fugazi, The Evens) do you think is his best work? Why?

    Answer:-For me its Fugazi, they opened up a whole new world for me back in the day. The sheer energy and real punk ethos is a very admirable quality to find in a band these days. They are a band in the real sense of the word.
  • Question:-What are some new bands you would recemend to someone who likes Pixies, Fugazi, Distillers, Nirvana, and Clash?
    + Bowie, Black Flag, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 7 seconds, Heavens to Betsy, Nina Hagen, Lou Reed

    Answer:-The Nation of Ulysses. Scary B*tches. Diamanda Galás. Danielle Dax. Bauhaus. Bella Morte. Lydia Lynch. Richard Hell and the Voidoids. Jawbox. Erase Errata. Liliput. Cold Cold Hearts. Mika Miko. The Letter Black. The Casualties. Descendents. Kerosene 454. Smart Went Crazy. 59 Times the Pain. Bear vs. Shark. The Action Design. Slant 6. Tiger Army. Faraquet. Go Betty Go. Cadallaca. The Jesus Lizard. Burning Airlines. Shudder to Think. Ten Foot Pole. Sleater-Kinney. Huggy Bear. Sick of Sarah. Horrorpops. Tiê. No Use For a Name. Streetlight Manifesto. Goldfinger. The Frumpies. Cuff the Duke. Sponge. Live. Injected. Jet Black Stare. Seven Wiser. The Wallflowers. Julie Ruin. Thought Riot. The Organ. Free Kitten. Babes in Toyland. Corin Tucker Band. Emily's Sassy Lime. Tiger Trap. Tracy + the Plastics. Henry's Dress. The Casual Dots. Go Sailor. God Is My Co-Pilot. Four Year Strong. The Soviettes. Talulah Gosh. Rites of Spring. Jamie's Elsewhere.
  • Question:-What are your favorite songs by underground band Fugazi?

    Answer:-I never heard of em, but this one was one I found. I wonder if they could afford shirts after this gig, LOL.


    EDIT: To the Thumb downer. Thank you very much, even negative attention is still attention. I wish you a great day.
  • Question:-In the first jackass movie is there a song by fugazi or the misfits?

  • Question:-who do u like better the misfits or fugazi?
    who do u think is a better band?

    FUGAZI :)

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