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  • Question:-JCPenney ?
    I've just made a purchase at JCPenney and for some reasons I want to return this item during the next visit. I think my next visit is going to be a couple weeks later. I was using my JCPenney charge to pay for the purchase and what if I am going to receive the bill before the return day ? Are they still gonna allow me to return it eventhough I already paid for the bill ?

    Answer:-You can return any item, any time as long you have the receipt. A back up would be to have receipt and statement of bill with you, so that your account gets immediately credited. Pennys is simple. Without a receipt your card will be credited or gift card issued. Hope that helps
  • Question:-jcpenney??
    does anyone have any JCpenney recipes that have the 15% off survey on them?? if you do could u give me the access code?

    Answer:-I do not shop there
  • Question:-JcPenney????
    Before you get hired at JcPenney in NYS, do you have to take a math test?
    if so, what kind of math questions were on it?

    Answer:-Yes!!! I work at pennys, and I had to apply on a computer in the store, and they had all these math questions. I must have passed.
    Which JCPenney are you applying at?
  • Question:-Jcpenney..?
    what is that color of green on the walls pleaseee help!!!.|28908|28942|36035

    Answer:-You can take a pic of this color to a paint store and they have a machine that will tell you exactly what color it is so you can get the same color of paint.
  • Question:-How long do you have to work at JcPenney's before you can transfer to a different store?
    My boyfriend just got a job in North Dakota at JcPenney. I live in Minnesota and so I'm wondering how long he'll have to work out there until he can transfer to a JcPenney out in Minnesota.

    Answer:-I've worked at Penney for 1 and a half years. I relocated after working for Penney's in Wichita for 4 months. I was told that I hadn't worked there long enough to transfer so I had to quit and be rehired. but it was quick and painless. Tell him to have his manager call the desired location and put in a good word, it worked for me.
  • Question:-What song plays on the jcpenney appreciation sale commercial?
    Recently there has been a commerical for jcpenney with a little boy and girl giving each other gifts. It's for the holidays. I really like the song but i can't find what it is called anywhere. Does anyone know?

    Answer:-"Follow The Arrow" by Rosi Golan
  • Question:-How can I access JCPenney's application process without being denied access?
    Why can't I upload the JCPenney application online? Everytime I get to the application process it says access is unauthorized. Why is that?

    Answer:-if i were you i would just go to the store and apply in person
  • Question:-How do I go about to cancel a JCPenney credit card?
    Hey! I'm fairly new to the adult world of credit and got myself a JCPenney credit card without realizing the disadvantages to having several credit lines. I would like to know: How do I cancel my JCPenney card? Anything else I should be aware of?

    Answer:-I think you should know that closing your account will also knock your credit score down a couple points. Make sure you're doing more good than harm by canceling it.

    "•Don't cancel multiple credit cards. That can suddenly lower your available credit and can hurt your credit score. Keep old accounts open to ensure a long credit history."

    That's from "Your five minute guide to credit scores" check it out

    Hope this helps......
  • Question:-Can I return something from JCPenney to a different location?
    Ok I wanted to go to Hollister, but its in a different mall than the JCPenney that my parents got my presents. Luckily for me, there is a JCPenney location inside the other mall that Hollister is in, but im kinda scared that they will take it. Please! I need more money for Hollister!

    Answer:-Of course they will take it at another location.

    If not, then make two trips (one to each mall). Not worht being scared about.
  • Question:-How can I pay off my Jcpenney credit card with my major Visa Credit card?
    When i go online to pay my Jcpenney card off...It will only let me use a checking account? Is there a way for me to use my major visa card? Can i actually go into the store and use my visa card to pay off my jcpenney card? Also, same thing for my Maurices credit card?

    Answer:-No, you will need to call your Visa card and do a balance transfer..

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