Monday, November 28, 2011


  • Question:-Walmart?????
    Does Walmart sell Cream Puffs the Frozen Dessert?

    Answer:-Yep. In the freezer section next to the pies and the eclairs. Usually about $5.00 for a container of them.
  • Question:-walmart???
    how old do you have to be to work at walmart??

    Answer:-In Bentonville, home of Wal-Mart my daughter's best friend has been working at the store for two years (since she was 16) and she loves it. Of course there are laws about how long a 16 year old can work and stuff. It's a great place to work. Good luck!
  • Question:-WALMART ............... ?

    Answer:-...destroys local businesses. And is just generally awful.
  • Question:-WALMARt!!!!!!!!!?
    ppl i need the times its open and cl,oses and what days!!!

    please n thx!

    Answer:-24/7, if you go to a Super Walmart!
  • Question:-I bought some blueberries at Walmart and the next day I got spam offering blueberry plants for sale. How?
    I keep getting some curious looking spam. The names are often family members or friends (coincidence?). I bought some blueberries at Walmart and the next day I got a spam for some blueberry plants. I paid at Walmart using my debit card. Is Walmart giving away my personal info or is someone hacking Walmart's computers?

    Answer:-Sounds more like a coincidence. We sometimes hear about someone who had a premonition and didn't get on a flight that later crashed, but we never hear about the people who had premonitions and didn't get on flights that landed safely.

    Walmart would have to have some way getting your email address from your debit card number. It's not likely your bank would give it out even if they have it, and it's even less likely Walmart could hack it any other way.

    Hope that helps.
  • Question:-How does Walmart sell stuff for so cheap and make money?
    I was on the Walmart website, and everything is so freaking cheap! I live in a third world country and we pay way more than that for stuff. How does Walmart sell stuff for so cheap?

    Answer:-Due to their purchasing power. They buy in extreme volume and get bulk discount pricing. Also, they tell vendors what they will pay them not vice versa. If a vendor doesn't like the price Walmart will find a vendor that will give them their price. Most vendors don't want to lose Walmart's business so they agree to Walmart's purchase price. Walmart is then able to offer the goods for the low prices that they do.

    I was able to tour one of their warehouses and they are quite expansive. Walmart has mastered the art of knowing what they need, how much they need, and when they need it. They order merchandise months in advance. They also have their stores linked into their inventory system and are able to replenish their stores almost instantly. For example, if you bought a TV. The system registers that a tv was bought at sore x and sends out a notice to ship TV to store X to replenish the inventory stock at store x. This usually happens in the same day. This efficiency also helps to save in ordering and labor costs which also contributes to Walmart being able to offer low prices.
  • Question:-Is Walmart the best place to buy my first ballet leotard?
    Today I am planning to go to payless and buy my shoes and tights,but is Walmart teh best place to buy my leotard?

    Answer:-To be honest, neither payless or walmart are good stores to be buying dance clothes or shoes. You should either buy your shoes at the studio or go to a dance specialty store. Same with your leotard. The clothes at walmart are not good quality and your leotard will be falling appart after a few weeks. The material used in many of their leotard also doesn't let your skin breathe properly. Also, the dance shoes at payless are really cheaply made and are not suitable for anyone over the age of six.
  • Question:-How much $ has Walmart lost since the boycotters boycotted them for boycotting their Beck?
    Are there any figures out on that yet? Are the Beck boycotters seriously believing that they can break Walmart's bank and bring them down? I don't care for Walmart and haven't shopped there in years, I'm just curious.

    Answer:-Glenn Beck supporters put on their best "sweat suits" to shop at Walmart. They "class it up"
  • Question:-How long after the first interview does walmart call you for a second interview?
    I had an interview with Walmart about 4 weeks ago for a part-time cashier and they have not contacted me yet. At this interview all I had to do was sign some papers with the manager who said that usually there is more than one interview done. The interview went great and I only had to answer a few questions like the hours that I am available to work. If you are a previous or current employee of Walmart please tell me how many interviews you had and how long it took to get the second one. I heard that it might take a while but I didn't think it would be this long. Should I keep calling Walmart to ask them?**I really really want this job.

    Answer:-Tell them you are handicapped and you will get the job.
  • Question:-Whats the difference between walmart skateboards and normal skateboards like from Zumiez?
    I really just want to go and now do many tricks so should i get a walmart skateboard? WHat should I get? I heard walmart skateboards are bad but whats the difference?

    Answer:-Walmart skateboards are cheaper but only because they're made out of cheaper material. If you want the board to actually last a while a hold up, invest in a good board. If you go into a shop like Zumiez or Vans, they'll be able to tell you what the best board they have is and fit you with the right parts for a decent price. Spend the money on a good board so you don't have to worry about buying a new one soon when the Walmart one breaks. It depends on who wants the board and how serious they are.

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