Saturday, November 26, 2011

nba news

  • Question:-Whats the latest NBA news from the weekend?
    Other than my Spurs losing 2 in a row.

    Manu come back.


    Answer:-celtics beat spurs tony parker missed 4 straight freethrows at the end and the team misses a total of 6 straight in the last minutes of the 4th
  • Question:-Is there any more news NBA 2k11 on My Career for NBA 2k11?
    I know about the press conference, sig. shoes, billboards for My Career. I was just wondering if there were any other news on My Career Mode.

    here's all the things that i know of so far. hope it helps because i'm a die hard b-ball gamer. Also, on a daily basis, go to google, then type in: nba 2k11 news and click on the one of operation sports. They have something new everyday.
  • Question:-what do you think of the latest NBA lockout news?
    The players decline the owners offer to discuss a 50/50 split, at first i was on the players side, but their egos are getting the best of them.
    I am talking about today's negotiations, they just want to make a point now, and its getting really annoying.

    Answer:-The players in this league are complete idiots. It would be a lot better for them (money wise) to accept the 50/50 cut than to have the entire season cancelled. Because if they accept the 50/50 cut then they will only be losing a small fraction of their pay. But if the whole season is cancelled then they would be losing an entire year's salary. And for all of the idiot players who would rather play internationally, they are taking a much larger pay-cut then if they accept the 50/50 deal. Also they will be playing against inferior player (talent wise) and it's not going to help their game.
    I'm on the owner's side because most of the owners didn't make a profit last season, which is sad considering that they own the team.
  • Question:-Best NBA news sites and forums?
    Please tell me, what are in your opinion best NBA and NCAA basketball news sites? And what are the best forums?

  • Question:-Can the NBA news sources be relied on after LBJ make his decision and the sources are all wrong?

    Answer:-These are the same sources that said the Celtics were going to win the championship. I say he stays in cleveland. He's too country for Miami.
  • Question:-Where can i get right now NBA news?
    like all trade rumors or who posey is thinking of going to and all the other players
    espn is not helping

    also any websites to go to to talk about NBA rumors?

  • Question:-What's the best website for NBA news and rumors?

    unless u want to pay money to get the insiders view on ESPN LOL
  • Question:-What is your favorite site to get NBA News off of?
    Just wondering where everyone goes.. I like to go on (of course..) (forums) (if I want to find some general information)

    Answer:-I visit and more often than the other sites.
  • Question:-What is the latest news on the NBA lockout?
    What else will i watch everyday day football isn't on?

  • Question:-Will the recent news about the NBA lockout put the nail in the coffin for players looking to play overseas?
    Especially people like Kobe Bryant who could make tons of money.

    Answer:-Kobe is already playing in Italy making $3 million dollars per 10 games

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