Wednesday, November 30, 2011

occupy la

  • Question:-What is the occupy la movement for?
    Why did this movement begin and why did it begin for? what is the reason for this? can you help me ? tnks

  • Question:-what is the reason for occupy la?
    whats the reason for the protest? what is the 99%? what are the people fighting for?

  • Question:-what are the occupy protests about in LA?
    going on right now in Los Angeles
    dude LA has some tough crowds...they can make a point if they want to, but not this time...there aren't enough people.

    Answer:-Graduating college but being $60,000 in debt.
  • Question:-Occupy LA schedule is needed?
    I want to observe and just maybe participate in downtown L.A occupy wall street protest, but i don't know how to find out about their schedule. Is there any website indicating their daily schedule including time and place?

  • Question:-Can someone explain what occupy LA is?

  • Question:-Why dont the occupy la ppl leve if the lapd is asking them politely? occupy la claims there peacefull but arnt?

  • Question:-Why do people have their kids at the Occupy camp site?
    im watching live on the news fox 11 live from Occupy LA and this lady in the background is dancing with her daughter playing ring around the rose-e.

    and the deadline for them to leave is Midnight and the police will move in soon.

    do they not care about their kids getting pepper sprayed or walked over?

  • Question:-What does Occupy LA on Glenn Beck have in common?
    About two weeks ago the Occupy LA facebook page was touting the virtues of buying and holding gold kinda like Glenn Beck does :) I wonder if 'occupy' realizes they are in league with Beck.

    Oh the irony :)

    Answer:-LOL. More proof that they are not only Liberal, but just nuts.
  • Question:-What is Occupy LA?????
    (Los angeles)
    i don't want any biased details...i have an idea about what it is i just want a clearer picture

  • Question:-Occupy where ever, How come your inundated with Criminals.?
    Occupy Boston, Heroin and Crack and Rape issues,
    Occupy NYC Heroin, Rape, Robbery.
    Occupy Oakland. List to long to deal with,
    Occupy LA. Gang infiltration Latin Kings, Acorn

    All in the name of the first amendment,
    Let me see the ciminals know why they are there, To bad the sheep protesters don't.


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