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  • Question:-Where can i find a loft bed to add on to a bunkable twin?
    We have to keep our dorm room beds in our dorm so i cant bring a loft bed from home but i can loft it with a kit that goes under it. I want to be able to put my desk under my bed. Does anyone know where i can find such a kit or plans to make this loft? Keep in mind i CANNOT build a bed. It must be only the support for underneeth.

    Answer:-I never saw such bed which can put on another twin bed.
    But this is a creative way to go. you can buy three pieces of loft bed and combine together. maybe that is what you want.
    two pieces put under another one.
  • Question:-What to do with a loft in a Montessori preschool classroom?
    It is my first year teaching preschool. I have a Montessori 3-5 preschool classroom witha loft that drives me nuts. Right now I have it be a "quiet area" but the kids go up there and do everything but be quiet. They take all the books out. Hide under the table. Stack the bean bags on top of each other. One suggestion I got is turn it into a cultural area. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
    I need an idea that is Montessori based and will give the classroom order and structure.

    Answer:-A soft play area, we had loft in the nursery i worked in and it was something the owners looked into. It was going to be too expensive as the floor needed sorting or something. Wouldve been great though. They can run wild and have great fun!
  • Question:-How to get pictures from computer to virgin mobile loft?
    I have pictures on my laptop; but I want them on my loft phone. Is there a way to save pictures from my loft?

    Answer:-Yep, search on Google :D
  • Question:-How do you loft a bed at Washburn University?
    My sister is moving into the Living Center at Washburn University this year and wants to loft her bed. They do not provide a company to help do this. Has anyone who has lived here before done this and if so can you tell me how? Also, if you know a way to loft an existing bed that would help also. Thanks!

    Answer:-Here's a website that provides examples of different types of loft beds and includes some instructions:
  • Question:-How good is the are where The Loft 2 downtown Miami is located?
    My gf and I are planning in moving soon, one of our picks is the Loft II downtown Miami, but we are not so sure about the area.

    Answer:-The Loft II is a very good choice and living there is something new couples or would-be couples will surely like. But there are many things that you need to consider in deciding where to really settle and start your new life together.

    For one thing, The Loft is simply exorbitant. The price of the unit alone could leave you penny-less. Not unless you are born rich or have saved more than you'd probably be needing.

    But that also applies. What do I know about your financial capacities? If you can afford that, very nice.

    But for start-ups, I guess it will be better if you settle for something less pricey. You see, as new couples, there are many things you will be spending at. You will have to prepare for your wedding and moving into a new niche simply mean more expenses. Of course, you will have to buy new stuffs, new furnitures, a lot of things.

    So I guess, it will really be better if you pick another site.
  • Question:-How do I build a loft ceiling for a "soft loft"?
    My friend and I got a 2 bedroom loft only one of the ceilings doesn't go up all the way to the top, meaning that theres this uncomfortable lack of privacy for the room. How can I build something that will touch the ceiling and seal off the room? Is there an inflatable wall or cubicle I can buy? We're also renting so drilling/breaking into any part of the building is out of the question.
    But would hte fabric seal out some of the noise?

    Answer:-I built a temporary wall using pvc pipe and fabric, it was supper easy and really cheap (a ten foot piece of pvc pipe is $1)

    I would try using a heavy felt type fabric for blocking noise. If you go to your local joann fabric, they will have it in lots of colors and I think it is pretty cheap.
  • Question:-How do I go about getting a loft conversion?
    Do I have to get architect plans before I can get planning permission?
    I want to convert my current flat roof to a pitched roof with 2 rooms in the loft.

    Answer:-yes find a contractor to advise on doing this before starting. Also talk to ur local governemnt as they may require an updated plan.
  • Question:-How much weight can a loft conversion take?
    My brothers room underneath me is developing cracks in the walls, and i'm not sure if it's because the loft has too much weight in it. Heres what i have in my loft:

    A torso man (standing punch bag)
    a weights bench
    another weights bench (foldaway one for situps, etc)
    67.3kg of dumbells / weights
    a squat rack
    A TV
    A PC
    A bed
    boxes containing books etc, under the bed.
    and me (i weight 123 pounds).

    Do you think this is ok?

    Answer:-Without knowing how your structure is I would guess no more than 125lbs. per sq. foot.
  • Question:-Where can I find plans for a loft bed for my 6 year old?
    I am good at the building part, not the planning part. I am looking to build a loft bed, full size mattress. I have searched high and low and can't find what I am looking for. Can anyone provide me a website or is anyone out there good at drawing up plans and material lists?

  • Question:-how do i access my loft, which is above the middle of the stairs?
    hi all, bought a house with less storage space except for loft, but its in an awkward place where you cannot access it, normally its right at the top of the stairs. if you walk half the way up the stairs and look up thats where the loft is, so u cannot put a ladder there.
    good idea, i was thinking that earlier.

    Answer:-You will need a long enough ladder and someone to spot the ladder...consider relocating it to another area.

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