Saturday, November 26, 2011

cyber monday deals

  • Question:-What are the best online / cyber monday deals for the Playstation 3?
    Hello! Does anyone know where I can find the best online cyber monday deal for the 80gb Playstation 3 console? This could include coupons, rebates, special games of blu ray offers, etc.? Thank you!

    Answer:-Even after you find the best deal on Amazon or many other stores, you can get additional cash-back rebate by clicking through The prices are exactly the same, and the Paymentkey rebate is separate and added. I've been getting cashback with them for more than a year.
  • Question:-What are the BEST Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals out there?
    What are the BEST Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals out there? Any really good deals not to miss? Online or Offline deals?

    Answer:-try Amazon Black Friday deals, they start early this year
  • Question:-what time does American Girl start their Cyber Monday deals (2010)?
    This is the first year that I am shopping on AG online on Cyber Monday. In talking to other people who have ordered they say that items tend to go fast. I just want to know if there is a specific time that the deals start.

    Thanks for the help!

    Answer:-6:00. a.m ,E.S.T. (11:00 GMT).
  • Question:-Where can I find Cyber Monday deals and are they actually any good?
    Are there going to be any good Cyber monday deals? Are they really just like 15% off stuff you don't want? Where can I find what deals will be offered?

    Answer:-Walmart got a headstart and started their cyber monday sales today and they last all week I think. You can check out walmarts sales at the top of the page of the link below. Happy shopping.
  • Question:-Who has the best cyber monday deals on luxury watches? Any Ideas? I really want a good deal on a watch.?
    I know that cyber monday is the best day to get deals online. Please post the best deals for luxury watches. Thanks

    Answer:-I see that on they have created a Special page devoted to coupons. They 9 Cyber Monday coupons that are sure to work for every customer.
  • Question:-What were your top cyber monday deals?
    Hey Guys,

    Just wondering what were the things you were looking for the most on cyber monday?

    I found this great website: through digg. They had a great cyber monday deal on Nokia bluetooth headset for $19.99. Just ordered one.

    There were some other great deals there too on laptops and all specially. So, I was wondering what did you guys buy on cyber monday?

    Answer:-TomTom GPS for 100
  • Question:-Looking for HD Video Cameras with great video quality. Also, any Cyber Monday HD Video Cameras Deals?
    I'm looking for HD Video Cameras with great resolution and video quality. That is most important. And an internal hard drive. What would you recommend?

    And any Cyber Monday deals out there for HD Video Cameras?

    Answer:-You can check here
  • Question:-Any black friday or cyber Monday deals at barnes and noble?
    I am purchasing the new nook tablet at B&N as soon as possible. I was wondering if anyone knows if they will be on sale for black fri or cyber Monday?

  • Question:-What are good cyber monday deals for laptops?
    Under 400 dollar please, any brand as long as it works, thankyou

    Answer:-Hey, I bought an HP for $375 this morning and I am so excited! I have had 2 of them so far and they both lasted me 6-8 years which is exceptional for a laptop. I know they do have nice parts and are all solidly built so I would suggest checking out HP.

    If you're interested I got a $25 off coupon from

    Just gotta write down the code and click the banner to activate the coupon!
  • Question:-What are some sweet cyber monday deals and where can I find them?
    Interested mostly in electronics/video games, clothes, stuff like that : )

    Answer:-I found

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