Wednesday, November 30, 2011

carrier iq

  • Question:-Is there a list of android devices infested with the carrier iq spyware?
    BQ: how long before the pointless class action suit?

  • Question:-what ye think of carrier IQ?--shouldn't they be torn into pieces for violating our trust?

  • Question:-The old IQ Carrier game?
    Hi :-)

    Can anyone that remembers the old IQ Carrier game tell me where I can find one or if there is a game that is like it? My mom had that game a while ago and loved it and she wants it again so I have been looking and cant find where anyone would have one I can buy for her so any info anyone has is great!! Even if there is something like it she would like that would be great too. Thanks so much everyone!!!

    Answer:-even Google was pretty stumped on this one! The best I could do was get you a picture of what it looks like:

    The guy who owns it says he isn't selling but you CAN email him to see if he'll change his mind!

    I'd keep checking ebay too.....but they don't have it now either!

    Sorry I'm not more help!

  • Question:-Are there any good free IQ tests that don't want you to buy something?
    I mean like having to subscribe to a phone carrier.Many of the free IQ, tests that I have tried, make you do that.

    Answer:-Below are the list of sites that offers free I.Q. test online:
  • Question:-How can i take an iq test?
    Im afraid to take any online because they just lead to virus's and 'enter your cell phone carrier'. But is there any real iq tests out there?

    Answer:-I can suggest you some sites which will not lead you to virus. You can take that online IQ test. It is really good.
  • Question:-How high should a Mailmans IQ be?
    How high should a Mailman's IQ be? Parts of my IQ go high. My Verbal Comprehension being 112 and Perceptual Reasoning 113. The other parts a pretty low. My working memory being 92 and processing speed being 86. I would really really like to be a Mail carrier someday. I'm a hard worker and a people person also. Am I smart enough??????

  • Question:-I want to take an IQ test that WORKS! Where can I find one?
    I want an IQ test but they all don't work! The cell phone ones don't really send it, and they usually don't have my carrier anyway! Please, if you know one you can find one that just gives you you results or not a scam, HELP ME? I really want to know my IQ!!!

    Answer:-There are plenty of free IQ tests online, like this one but none of them are real. You can't take a real IQ test online - online tests are just for fun. They can't give you your actual IQ. They don't agree with the real tests and tend to give everyone high scores. If you need to know your real IQ, ask your school or doctor to have you professionally tested.
    Welcome to the Official IQ Quiz!
    Where you will be robbed thru your cell phone carrier for downloads and a monthly service charge !


    It's not even an official IQ Quiz; it's just 10 simple questions, most of them about the Beijing Olympics.After you take the quiz, it asks for your cell number so they can send you the results..
    After completing the quiz, we will calculate your score and provide you with the results upon completion of a mobile games subscription offer. We think IQ tests should be fun, so our quiz isn't PhD certified, but instead just for entertainment purposes only. You will also be eligible for our special offer to gain access to our awesome mobile games portal.
    YOUR WELCOME ! I have more updates to come . You can look at this site for more answers . VIEWPOINTS
    In the field of computer security, phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Communications purporting to be from popular social web sites (YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live Messenger), auction sites (eBay), online banks (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase), online payment processors (PayPal), or IT Administrators (Yahoo, ISPs, corporate) are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting.
    Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail or instant messaging,[1] and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one. Even when using server authentication, it may require skill to detect that the website is fake. Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used to fool users,[2] and exploits the poor usability of current web security technologies.[3] Attempts to deal with the growing number of reported phishing incidents include legislation, user training, public awareness, and technical security measures.
    A phishing technique was described in detail in 1987, and the first recorded use of the term "phishing" was made in 1996. The term is a variant of fishing,[4] probably influenced by phreaking,[5][6] and alludes to baits used to "catch" financial information and passwords.
    Join the fight against phishing

    Submit suspected phishes. Track the status of your submissions.
    Verify other users' submissions. Develop software with our free API.

    Answer:-All the links in this post will put a virus on your computer.
  • Question:-How to be fully prepared for an IQ test?
    Before you all understand me wrong, no, I don't mean study for it or anything. I mean, how can I be at my full potential?
    I've been in a semi-depression phase these last days and I've been sad every day. I don't know if I will do well. Also, I'm really stressed out, like, REALLY! Because I've already planned that the results to this test will choose whatever I will do later. I really LOVE science, maths and computers so I wanted to do a carrier in computer science for college but if I score low, I will probably just go to some low quality sh*t subject in college, so this will literally decide my future.
    Anyway, any tips how to be at my fully potential at this test?

    Answer:-You can be at your full potential by de-stressing yourself (indulging in activities which you enjoy doing is a good way to do this), getting plenty of rest, eating a healthy diet, and taking vitamin and mineral supplements as well. Also, taking supplements of two chemicals, called choline and inositol, which seem to play an important role in healthy mental functioning, is a good idea. To learn more about choline and inositol, just google them.
  • Question:-not sure if i need to ask here or in biology. is there a carrier of the elementry force related?
    to the receptors for smell/taste. as gluons are responsible for the binding of protons and neutrons in the atomic nuclei (physics) if that seems a stupid question skip it and explain in simple terms are there things that hold the elements in the periodic table together. and i'm not very educated, and i've been called stupid, and i don't intentionally ask unanswerable questions. when you are not very knowledgable in a subject it takes a long time to learn the definitions,..., as in fermionic dyon in quantum electrodynamics after some time they let you know there in no magnetic monopole. then you must believe that they know everything to believe that. in other words their IQ's may be too much larger for me to understand.

    Answer:-You mean what holds the elemnets of the periodic table together in a compound?

    In a compound, the elements are held together by chemical bonds between the atoms. These chemical bonds form due to interations between the outer shell electrons (the valence electrons) of the atoms. An ionic bond is when the elements involved gain or lose elctrons to each other to gain a stable electronic configuration (i.e. like that of a noble gas); the elements are then held together by the attraction of opposite charges. This only happens between nonmetals and metals.

    Another type of bond is the covalent bond. Again, the outer shell electrons interreact, but, to gain a stable electron shell configuration, the electrons are shared between the two atoms involved. This only occurs between two nonmetals.

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