Wednesday, November 30, 2011

chester mcglockton

  • Question:-Who's your all time least favorite player on your favorite team?
    Chester McGlockton. His bad attitude and poor work ethic ruined the Raiders solid defense. The kicker was in 98 during the Raider Chief game in KC where we got shut-out. Hes over on the sidelines chatting it up with Schottenheimer! He went to the Chefs next year and the Chefs declne was on.

    Answer:-Im a Giant Fan, there are a bunch of guys who didnt live up to where they were selected in the draft.. Eric Dorsey, Howard Cross, Tyrone Wheatley, Cedric Jones (The one eyed pass rusher from U of Oklahoma*sigh*), William Joseph... there have been too many to simply point at one...

    but if i HAD to say one, i go with Tyrone Wheatley... Have never seen a back with that size and speed that was as freegin soft a runner as wheatley was in NY.

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