Wednesday, November 30, 2011

mindy mccready

  • Question:-Did Mindy McCready really steal and sell Kari Ann Peniche's scandalous tape and sell it?
    Kari Ann blamed the leak of the sex tape with her, Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane on Mindy McCready. She says Mindy stole it and sold it. Anyone know if it's true? And are they both gonna be on Sober House together?

    Answer:-its a rumor.
    kari ann supposedly allowed mindy to live with her, while kari ann left to film Sober House last summer

    she believes that during the time she was filming Sober House, McCready took her external hard drive that contained this video.

    it was not a sex tape either, just classified as a nude video
  • Question:-Cant Mindy McCready do anything right such as commit suicide?
    Mindy whats the matter - Roger Clemens didnt want you back.

    Answer:-No matter how screwed up people are, I don't think this was a *cute* question. No one but the person knows anything she is going through.
  • Question:-What is the name of the song Mindy McCready sang on this week's episode of Celebrity Rehab?
    On this week's episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Mindy sang this gorgeous song while the patients and their families were watching a slide-show of themselves.

    Does anyone know the name of this song? I can't find it anywhere!!!!!

    Thank you! :)

    Answer:-it's called I'M STILL HERE
    I saw the episode thrusday moring & oh boy it was a emotional episode it came on later at 10;00pm...
  • Question:-Do you think Roger Clemens tazed Mindy McCready for her to submit?
    How else would that load of lard get her?

    Answer:-Money and fame. There are tons of women out there that would date a famous baseball player just so they can get famous and get money from them.
  • Question:-FBI investigating Roger Clemens and is interviewing Mindy McCready?
    Will she spill the bean?

    Answer:-At this point, it's like piling on. Just lock him up and get it over with.
  • Question:-What part did Andy Pettitte play in the alleged rape of Mindy McCready?

    Answer:-The details are not very clear right now, but I'm not really sure whether or not Petitte was involved.
  • Question:-Do you think Mindy McCready should audition for American Idol 9 (2010)?
    I love Mindy McCready. She is under no contract at this time, except she'll appear on Celebrity Rehab. She's an awesome country singer and should audition for AI after Celebrity Rehab.

    Answer:-She's 33. I thought there were still age restrictions on Idol (age 28 or something)
  • Question:-Is it true Roger Clemens used a stun gun on Ms. Mindy McCready?

    Answer:-Is that what he calls it??
  • Question:-Roger Clemens back in the news: this time having affair with country singer Mindy McCready?
    Clemens confirmed long term relationship but denied that it was a sexual nature...yea right!

    Answer:-If you hang around Mindy all those years and say it isn't sexual, you must be lying or gay.
  • Question:-Roger Clemens and Mindy McCready had an affair?
    Dude, seriously. WTF?

    Answer:-It wasn't really an affair so much as a long-term relationship, at least according to reports. I think they're saying that it started back when she was only 15 years old.

    Hopefully that last part is untrue, because I believe Clemens is 10 years older than her.....yikes.

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