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texas high school football

  • Question:-Is it legal to block below the knees in Texas High School football?
    I dont want to hear that it is in Virginia and might be in Texas. I want someone that knows Texas High School rules to tell me if blocks below the knees are legal.
    I dont play Texas football im watching a game right now and im seeing blocks below the knees left and right, and wondering if its legal or just being overlooked by the refs.

    Answer:-they should be blocking like that cause they could break some ones legs , but since texas loves it f-ball ,i bet they are over looking that
  • Question:-Any official (or not) site where I can get results for Texas high school football for 2006 ?
    I'm planning a trip down there next fall and I am trying to package a great friday night high school game, a saturday college and the Cowboys on sunday... Who's on top of high scool football these days ?

    Answer:-Maxpreps is a good resource, schedules and scores of most of the high school teams in the country.
  • Question:-Can a high school sophomore play down on a freshman football team in Texas high school football?
    I know of some kids who are sophomores,yet they play on the freshman football team.I thought a player could play up but not down.

    Answer:-Some schools will let you play down if it is your first time playing football. Some will let you play down if your age is the same. Like someone who skipped a grade going up.
  • Question:-What is the difference between 5a division 1 and 2 in texas high school football?
    Texas only goes up to 5a, how do you get 2 champs from same class? On several team sites i only saw 5a and a district, but no division. did they stop it this year, because in 2010 there was a 5a division 1 and 2 champ. but the teams dont list a division this year. thanks for the answers.

    Answer:-Texas does high school football in a quirky way when it comes to the playoffs. Classes 4A and 5A don't have Division 1 and Division 2 alignments until the playoff brackets are determined.

    For 5A, the top 4 teams in each district qualify for the playoffs. Of those 4, the 2 schools with the largest student enrollment are placed into the 5A Division 1 bracket and the 2 schools with the lowest student enrollments are placed into the 5A Division 2 bracket.

    For 4A, the top 3 teams in each district qualify for the playoffs with the school with the highest enrollment going into 4A Division 1 bracket and the other 2 going into the 4A Division 2 bracket.

    Having the best record doesn't matter. Depending on enrollment, the district winner can end up in Division 2 if they have a lower enrollment than the other schools.

    Yes, it's screwy. For one, 4 teams qualifying for the playoffs is way too many. In some districts, teams with 3 or 4 wins can get a playoff spot. And, a school can be put into the Division 1 bracket one year, and the next put into division 2, depending on which other schools in their district qualify for the playoffs.

    i didn't follow it all that close but I remember the debate when the Texas UIL switched to the 2 division bracket alignments for the playoffs. Supposedly, it was done this way to avoid adding a 6A classification for the larger schools.

    Texas certainly has enough high enrollment schools to justify a 6A class. It might work okay in the larger population centers with a lot of schools but it would be a problem for north and west Texas schools. For example, a proposed district included an El Paso school, an Amarillo school, a Lubbock school, an Odessa school, and 2 Dallas schools.

    It was determined that the cost of travel would be way to high to put districts like that together. The cost could probably be justified for district football games, but all the other sports would have to travel the same distances... basketball, volleyball, softball, etc, etc, etc.

    So, I can understand why they chose not to add a 6A classification but going to the 2 division playoff system seems like a strange alternative.

    The like below has links to the 2010 playoff brackets and to the UIL home page for more information about the playoff formats.
  • Question:-In texas high school football can you wear blue and black gloves or does it have to a certain color?
    My school colors are blue black and white could i wear blue and black golves or does it have to be a certain color?

    Answer:-Would you ask a dog if a mule was hungry? I would think not, your answer can be found at the following link.
  • Question:-Who is going to win in texas high school football between amarillo high and midland high?
    amarillo is 5-1 midland high is 4-2 but they are tied in there divisions both at 4-2

    Answer:-Home team
  • Question:-Andrew Luck is only good cause he Played Texas High School Football?
    He is from Houston do you think playing Highschool Football in Texas helped him?

    Answer:-Yes definitely. Texas is all about football. Most of the people I have met from Texas not only play football, their moms still play football. Its serious.
  • Question:-Where would I find a listing of all Texas high school football coaches?
    Looking for an old friend but have lost touch but know he would still be coaching.

    Answer:-Maybe here!
  • Question:-Why are there two 5A divisions in Texas High School Football?
    Last year Allen won the 5A Division I title and Katy won the 5A Division II title. Why are there two divisions, and why don't they play each other at the end to determine an undisputed State Champion?

    Answer:-There are two divisions because there are so many schools that meet the conditions to be classified as class 5A. The larger class 5A schools are division I and the smaller 5A schools are division II. They don't play each other because they would have to wait another week plus one or both teams would have to make extra travel arrangements that are not accounted for in the schools' budgets. Also the UIL (University Interscholastic League) only has a certain number of weeks set aside for the football season. Adding that extra game would exceed that number of weeks. Plus, all classifications (and divisions if applicable) are required to play the same number of games (regular season and playoff) and because all classifications are not separated into divisions there would be an unequal number of games in the higher classifications.

    You are correct about California, RBackBalla13.
  • Question:-Texas high school football, why is it so popular yet the players so average?
    Texas high school football, why is it so popular yet the players so average?
    I went to my first Texas high school football game this weekend and didnt think they were that good. the team i was on and the teams we played in New Mexico were just as fast, strong, and agressive. EVERYBODY in town went to the game but I expected the players performance to truly surpass NM 1A football but really fell short. They seem pretty even. Why is the hype and enthusiasm there for texas football when they are just as good as football teams everwherein the nation?
    There are also alot of players. in ratio to state size, Every other state has had just as many.

    Read my question before blurting out answers.

    Answer:-check how many pro players come from Texas. The only states that even compete are california and florida, with a respectable showing from ohio, michigan and pennsylvania.

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