Friday, November 25, 2011


  • Question:-Gamestop ?
    in Gamestop the store do they allow you to trade games and get new ones?

    Answer:-Yea,you can trade games,buy games,sell games to them, and you can get cheaper games that are even new and used.
  • Question:-gamestop.......................?
    gamestop rips people off like crazy there gonna give me 4 dollars for fifa 08 and they sell it for like 20 dollars

    Answer:-Yours is used, and no they don't rip people off. When they sell games, they sell them more for what they bought them, or there is a set price they're to be sold at. It's called business, it's how the game company make money and so does the business who sells the game.
  • Question:-GameStop???!!!?
    Can you sell parts to GameStop too? Like a disc tray from a PlayStation, or something like that?

    Answer:-Unfortunately you cant you must sell the whole console which includes the av cables, a controller, power cord and system.
  • Question:-GAMESTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    HOw much would i make from gamestop if I SOLD these things?
    2 psp games
    6 gameboy games
    8 gameboy advance games
    2 wii games
    6 xbox360 games
    1 xbox game
    13 gamecube games
    1 goldeneye wii controller
    1 gamecube controller
    JUST an estimate on how much you think they would give me is fine

    Answer:-1 dolla
  • Question:-GAmeStop !!!?
    I bought a x box 360 like in January and there is no warranty on it
    just yesterday i got the rrod do you think i can take it back

    i dont have a receipt

    Answer:-Dont worry all xbox have a 3 year warranty. Ring the customer service number in the manual (its on website if you dont have the manual) have your xbox serial number with you,(its on the back of xbox near barcode)

    they will tell u a few things and then arrange a pick up for the xbox and it should be repaired within 2 weeks.

    i have had the rrod 3 times since i had mine

    The repair is free aswell

    If you got any more questions just message me
  • Question:-How well do Gamestop refurbished game systems work?
    I have been considering buying a used PS3 for less money from Gamestop, and they have "Gamestop Refurbished Systems" online for sale. I was wondering if anyone knew if they worked well. Thanks!

    Answer:-I know someone who bought one of those refurbished systems and has never had a problem with it. so i'd say go for it!

    plus, if you buy one from them and it turns out to still have something wrong with it, take it back to them and they have to replace it for you (with i think) a brand new system as a replacement because they messed up.
  • Question:-How long will Gamestop take to verify a PS3 and game order?
    I ordered a PS3 and Valkyria Chronicles early Monday morning, about 2 in the morning.
    I paid for overnight shipping. Gamestop says one business day to transit, one day to process.
    So I should get it by Wednesday, right?
    I've been reading that people have a lot of problems with Gamestop online orders, but I checked to make sure my shipping address and billing address match, which they do.
    How long will it take to verify my information?

    Answer:-I dont gamestop cust svc dude.
  • Question:-How does Gamestop get their values for when you trade in a game?
    Im curious as how gamestop gets their values on trade ins. I traded in about 7wii games and the wii zapper and i spent like over 200$ on thoes games and only got about 40$.

    Answer:-Probably age of the games and the price they charge for a new copy. They certainly want to make money and not undercut their new game sales.

    Besides, you're the one who accepted their offer of only $40. You could have said no.
  • Question:-How much would gamestop buy my nintendo games for?
    I have 3 games I want to sell: Hannah Montana Music Jam; Cats; and Puppy Luv Spa and Resort. These are games that I don't play anymore. And I was wondering how much gamestop would buy them for. I dont know how much it would pay or separately and together.

    Answer:-It depends what the game is when its made and all that, if it was made in 08 probably half of a game that was made in 2010. And also the condition of the game.probably around twenty bucks if its not used, but if used around ten to twenty, like I said it depends on when the game was made.
  • Question:-How long does gamestop hold a preordered game after release?
    I preordered Medal of Honor on Friday the 8th and it was released on Tuesday the 12th. I put ten dollars on it when i preodered it but ill only be able to pay it off and pick it up on Thursday the 14th. Will Gamestop hold it for two days after the release day?

    Answer:-they only hold your game for fourty eight hours unless you call them. Many times if there are extra copies they don't mind holding onto it but if there isn't they don't. You don't lose your money you just won't get your game.

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