Monday, November 28, 2011

new orleans saints

  • Question:-What great New Orleans Saints players wore the jersey numbers 21 & 46?
    Inside the New Orleans Saints training camp facility, where the administrative offices are, they have a galss mural of some the of the great Saints players. Like Archie Manning and Ricky Jackson. I just don't know who wore the 21 and 46 numbers that were good. So who are they?

    Thx in advance.

    Answer:-Archie Manning wore 46 and Ricky Jackson wore 21
  • Question:-What is a good website to get new orleans saints merchandisee in australia?
    I am looking to purchase new orleans saints stuff for my room and to you know of any websites with new orleans saints merchandise

    Answer:-You can try the NFL site. I'm sure they will ship to Australia. The Saints are a good team to root for.
  • Question:-How much is a New Orleans Saints team signed football worth?
    I have a New Orleans Saints autographable football signed by Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, Marques Colston, Jeremy Shockey, Jonathan Vilma, Tracey Porter, and Darren Sharper.

    It has taken me a few years to gather all these signatures and I have pictures of all of the signing it. Roughly how much is it worth. Thx in advance.

    Answer:-approx 2100.00 source:
  • Question:-Which New Orleans Saints RB do I start in Fantasy?
    I have all 3 New Orleans Saints Running Backs. Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell, and Reggie Bush. I need to start one of them this week. Whom do I start? It is a PPR league, 6 pts. per TD...

    Currently Im leaning towards Pierre, but Bell is a TD vulture and Bush is always a good flex play.

    Answer:-I'd go with piere thomas but with ppr, it's a bit of a coin flip with bush
  • Question:-What Going On With My New Orleans Saints?
    During the 2006 for the first time in years, My Family, and myself were proud to be a natives of Louisiana, and also proud to boldly say we're New Orleans Saints fans.

    We've supported this team since the 1980's when I was born.

    While we're still proud to be from Louisiana, it’s hard to say that about our Saints. They'rere making, and everyone in us feel sad, because we got use to having a winning team.

    What should we do? I mean Dallas isn’t to far away, should we jump ship?

    Answer:-Let's just hope that their plan is to go for the 1st pick of draft...I wouldn't jump ship, after all I've been cheering for them longer than you. That bandwagon sure got crowded last year and I kind of go use to the company...wait and see how the year turns out but don't expect so much with injuries and all. Enjoy the games and if worst comes to worst, there's always LSU!
  • Question:-Can The New Orleans Saints press the repeat button for The 2010 NFL Playoffs?
    The Saints last year had the #1 NFC Seed locked in before week 17 came. Can The New Orleans Saints pull it off again this year with AT LEAST a wildcard spot?

    Can they got all the way again, winning the NFCCG and possibly even Superbowl XLV?

    Why or why not?

    Answer:-no. they are just not the same team as last year. they don't have that firey edge they had last year. they will never get past the falcons or the packers. also they aren't even better than tampa bay this year.
  • Question:-What is your prediction for the New Orleans Saints versus the Atlanta Falcons?
    The Saints and Falcons are both undefeated and play Monday night in the New Orleans Superdome. Since they started playing each other back in 1967, the game has been decided by 3 points or less.

    Answer:-Well, the Saints marched in last night and all over the Falcons!!

    Go Saints!!!
  • Question:-Will the New Orleans win the superbowl since god is obviously a Saints fan?
    Should I bet on New Orleans Saints, since god will do his magic to make the Saints win.

    Answer:-Ahhhhh nothing sweeter then Brett Favre snatching defeat from the jaws of victory ...

    God had nothing to do with it ... a forty year old guy with failing eye sight did ...
  • Question:-Where can I find a full body spandex sports costume in New Orleans Saints colors?
    I'm trying to get something like the green man costume from "It's Always Sunny" but I want it in the color of the New Orleans Saints (black and gold). Where is a good place to get it?

    This site specializes in the best gear for die hard rooting sports fans. Check them out. My fraternity ordered 10 of these with a group discount and all wore them to a UF football game (you can get them in any color). Everyone at the tailgate went crazy when they saw us.They have spandex body suits in any color combinations. And they have that one featured I believe.
  • Question:-Who thinks the New orleans Saints will be in or win the superbowl next season?
    Who thinks the New orleans Saints will be in or win the superbowl next season?

    Answer:-It's gonna be all Falcons in the NFC SOUTH next season.They might get in as a wild card team.

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