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  • Question:-Hazing .......................................................?
    Just clean fun or a work of modern art?
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    Answer:-Well what are we talking about, beer and goldfish eating, toilet swishies, or a good snap on the azz with a towel, cuz I know some azzes I'd like to snap.
    I'm going with general sports
  • Question:-How do i remove hazing from newly installed polished granite floor?
    I had a polished granite floor installed 3 days ago. They did not do a very good job of removing the hazing after it was grouted. There are even tiles with spots of grout on them. I was told to add baking soda to the cleaner i use to remove it. Is baking soda safe for polished granite? What will remove the haze, but still not ruin the polished finish?

    Answer:-hazing is left over residue from grouting the tiles. If you do choose to tackle this yourself, I would get the floor wet by spraying it with a spray bottle and let it sit for an hour. If it is still wet I would then use a clean dry cloth to remove the residue. You could try a small out of the way area first so you will not have any scratches in the middle of your floor. After the water has been removed from the floor, you should use cheese cloth to buff off any remaining hazing. I have used this process in the past with great results. The biggest challenge with your floor is that it is a polished granite and trying to remove the haze incorrectly could dull the polish on the granite. I would not use baking soda.

  • Question:-What are some fraternity hazing activities that I can portray in a film?
    I am producing an anti-hazing film and I have to come up with several hazing or initiation rituals meant to humiliate the pledge. I guess my question is: what would other guys on this forum find most humiliating?

    Answer:-(a) pushing a penny across the floor or sidewalk with one's nose.

    (b) standing (or kneeling) still while having ketchup, mustard, etc. dumped over you. Or being pelted with raw eggs. Or, a single egg under a ball cap that is broken gently, so that the liquid oozes out over time, drips down onto one's face and clothes, and dries.

    (c) Physical exercise (push-ups, bows & toes, etc.)

    (d) have one's hair cut into a non-fashionable style (think 50's flat-top)...especially if you get an entire pledge "class" to do the same

    (e) wearing suit, dress shirt and tie on the top half of your body, and gym shorts and athletic shoes.

    (f) go into a local store and purchase for themselves queen-size panty hose. Wear it under regular clothes the next (several) day(s).

    Perhaps many of these you could no longer do on most politically correct campuses, but note that these kinds of things do not carry the risk of physical injury as some of the more "newsworthy" hazings that pop up. Also, perhaps easier to stage and film for a documentary then imposing on a real pledge class these days (except for finding multiple guys who would be willing to cut their hair for you).
  • Question:-How do you clear up the hazing of headlights?
    The headlights on a Mazda and Honda are hazing up. Is there any product or remedy to clear this up?

    Answer:-yes, you can go to wal mart and look in the auto section, or i am sure places like jiffy lube will have it too, just tell them your problem, and they will get you something for it
  • Question:-How do I get rid of hazing on polycarbonate drinking glasses caused from Goof Off?
    I couldn't wash the price tag off of the glasses, so I used Goof Off. Unfortunately, it caused hazing that has disfigured the glasses. I tried washing the hazing off with soapy water, but it didn't work. Any suggestions for getting the hazing off? Or did I ruin my new glasses?

    Answer:-Try using toothpaste. Sqeeze some on your finger & rob like crazy.
  • Question:-How common is hazing on men's varsity sports teams and do they really make new players masturbate?
    I'm just wondering if all the rumours about hazing on men's varsity sports teams is a myth, or a reality. I'm new to one of these teams, so I really hope they don't make me do something crazy, like masturbate in front of others in the locker room. I heard a rumor that this happens, with all the guys standing in a circle.

    Answer:-ya, happens sometimes, sometimes alot worst that just that.
  • Question:-How bad is hazing in college and high school?
    I am about to start school again and apparently hazing is super bad. What happens?

    Answer:-It is not nearly so much of a problem as it used to be. It is illegal. If you encounter it, report it immediately to the dean or the campus police. Refuse to participate.
  • Question:-What should you do when you witness a serious hazing?
    Let's say there's a hazing going on that is seriously injuring people, and you've tried to report it to school faculty but no one does anything. Should you try to break it up yourself?

    Answer:-"No." Odds that you are dealing with A GROUP of people, and you'd be making a bad situation worse, by challenging them by yourself.

    I would: report it to the Greek Council / Athletic Director; to the Dean; to the group's Academic Advisor .. or the local police.
  • Question:-How bad does rookie hazing get in the NFL?
    Is it relatively harmless stuff like shaving cream or gatorade dumped on the rookies, or does it get carried away and dangerous? You'd think with what these players cost the NFL would ban all hazing period. It's only a matter of time until someone seriously injures a rookie and it costs the team big time, either in a lawsuit or losing a position they were counting on.

    Answer:-Ben Roethlisberger had a motorcycle collision, Brandon Marshall put his arm in a TV for a bag of McDonalds, and Plaxico Burress shoots himself in the leg. Those are three incidents that happened on their own merrit.

    Pro football players hurt within this 4 year time frame? Answer - 0.

    Hazing incidents is just overblown by the media. Stupidity causing injury to one's self is worse.

    Thumbs up to those who agree.
  • Question:-What is a good attention getter for a speech about hazing?
    I have finished my informative speech on hazing, and I just need an interesting and possibly shocking attention getter to get everyone into my speech. I could also use a closer. Any ideas?

    Answer:-Hazing is a way for people to fit in, while harrassing and humiliating others who don't fit in. If it isn't stopped, it's just like childhood abuse, it could wind up becoming a neverending circle.
    But darn... It was so fun trashing my friends back in high school. Ohhh, good times. Gooood times.

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