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hedy lamarr

  • Question:-Did one particular photographer take stills of Hedy Lamarr?
    Not only is the actress gorgeous, some of the photos are remarkable!

    Answer:-No...there was not one particular photographer credited with her still shots. Any and every photographer that could shoot her, did. She was the most beautiful woman in the world back then and still is, if you ask me!
  • Question:-What is the frequency hopping-spread system of actress Hedy Lamarr?

    Answer:-George Antheil met Hedy Lamar in the summer of 1940, when they were neighbors in Hollywood. They began talking about radio control for torpedoes. The idea itself was not new, but her concept of "frequency hopping" was. Lamarr brought up the idea of radio control. She conceived the idea of hopping from frequency to frequency just like a pianist can play the same notes, but in different octaves.

    Antheil's contribution was to suggest the device by which synchronization could be achieved. He proposed that rapid changes in radio frequencies could be coordinated the way he had coordinated the sixteen synchronized player pianos in his Ballet Méanique. The analogy was complete in his mind: By the time the two applied for a patent on a "Secret Communication System," on June 10, 1941, the invention used slotted paper rolls similar to player-piano rolls to synchronize the frequency changes in transmitter and receiver, and it even called for exactly eighty-eight frequencies, the number of keys on a piano. This early version of frequency hopping used a piano-roll to change between 88 frequencies, and was intended to make radio-guided torpedoes harder for enemies to detect or to jam.

    Frequency hopping is one of two basic modulation techniques used in spread spectrum signal transmission. It is the repeated switching of frequencies during radio transmission, often to minimize the effectiveness of "electronic warfare" - that is, the unauthorized interception or jamming of telecommunications. It also is known as frequency- hopping code division multiple access (FH-CDMA).

    Lamarr and Antheil worked on the idea for several months and then, in December 1940, and, with the help of an electrical engineering professor from the California Institute of Technology, they ironed out its bugs, and the patent was granted on August 11, 1942. It specified that a high-altitude observiation plane could steer the torpedo from above.

    Despite Antheil's lobbying, the Navy turned its back on the invention, concluding that the mechanism would have been too bulky to fit into a torpedo. Antheil disagreed; he insisted that it could be made small enough to squeeze into a watch. In the United States Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil, shunned by the Navy, no longer pursued their invention. But in 1957, the concept was taken up by engineers at the Sylvania Electronic Systems Division, in Buffalo, New York. Their arrangement, using, of course, electronics rather than piano rolls, ultimately became a basic tool for secure military communications. It was installed on ships sent to blockade Cuba in 1962, about three years after the Lamarr-Antheil patent had expired. Subsequent patents in frequency changing, which are generally unrelated to torpedo control, have referred to the Lamarr-Antheil patent as the basis of the field, and the concept lies behind the principal anti-jamming device used today, for example, in the U.S. government's Milstar defense communication satellite system.

    Today, spread spectrum devices using micro-chips, make pagers, cellular phones, and, yes, communication on the internet possible. Many units can operate at once using the same frequencies. Most important, spread spectrum is the key element in anti-jamming devices used in the government's 25 billion Milstar system. Milstar controls all the intercontinental missiles in U.S. weapons arsenal. Lamarr was recently (2000, the year she died) given the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) Award for their invention. Antheil was also honored; he died in the sixties. Hedy's son accepted the award for her since she no longer makes public appearances. From her Florida apartment where she lived on a pension from the Screen Actor's Guild, Lamarr responded, "It's about time."
  • Question:-How pretty was Hedy Lamarr in Samson and Delilah (1949)?

    Answer:-Very pretty, as I recall.
  • Question:-A picture of Hedy Lamarr's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
    Hmm..I've been searching but can't find it.

    Answer:-Here it is:
    Scroll down to a short description of her death.
  • Question:-Did you know this about Hedy Lamarr?
    Turns out Lamarr, along with composer George Antheil, invented a radio-controlled torpedo guidance system in 1941. Together, they patented the system and gave it to the Navy.

    Answer:-No, I never knew that and thanks for the information. Wow, I am flabbergasted at her intelligence and talent. Oh, she was so beautiful too.
  • Question:-How did Hedy Lamarr die?
    Okay, so i read this book called "What Almost Happened to Hedy Lamarr" by Devra Hills and its a biography.In the end, it says Hedy died when her first husband Gunther came to visit her while she was on a safari. He was obsessed with her and he kept saying stuff like you're coming back home with me. She obviously didn't want to and he had grabbed a scarf she had and wrapped it around her neck and was about to choke her or drag her to the car. She had a revolver and shot him in the stomach. There had been pits dug to save themselves if a wild animal came it would fall into the holes. Hedy and the now shot Gunther fell into the pits and Hedy cracked her neck and died.
    i looked up her death online and it wasn't anything like that. i know the title is what ALMOST happened to Hedy Lamarr but on the back of it, it says biography.Don't they have to tell what really happened if it's a bioraphy? Does anyone know how and when Hedy actually died?

    Answer:-january 19 2000 of natural reasons she died in florida
  • Question:-Who was prettier at a younger age: Lauren Bacall or Hedy Lamarr?

    Answer:-Both of them were beautiful young women, but Hedy Lamarr just had the edge over Lauren Bacall for me.
  • Question:-Biography project outfit for Hedy Lamarr?
    I'm going to be Hedy Lamarr for a biography character fair in about a month, and I need to buy my outfit fairly soon (we need to bring it in to class before the actual date). Does anyone know what outfit I should wear? Please make it CHEAP, with links included to places that I can GO to (not online stores)
    aka target, forever 21, those types just make it cheap! (thats a goal for the class assignment)

    p.s. she's an actress and inventor from the 30's and 40's. look her up :]

    Answer:-yeah...I first though you meant Hedly Lamarr, the guy from Blazing Saddles

    The best option I can think of, especially on the cheap, is going with a white blouse and slim plain color skirt. It's not exactly what she wore, but common during the time period.
  • Question:-Do you think Vivien Leigh and Hedy Lamarr looked similar?
    Hedy Lamarr:,r:14,s:18&biw=1022&bih=592

    Vivien Leigh:,r:9,s:0

    Alot of people say how similar they looked but i don't see many similarities, except they both had pale skin and dark hair, do you see any similarities?

    and who do you think is prettier?

    lol random question

    Answer:-I agree, there are some similarities between them, and I think Hedy Lamarr is hotter, :)
  • Question:-Who looks better, Michael Jackson or Hedy Lamarr? a military jacket and why???




    Answer:-Anything looks better than michael jackson

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