Wednesday, November 30, 2011

grammys 2011

  • Question:-Grammys 2011???????????????
    Why is NKOTBSB not performing at the Grammys 2011????

    Answer:-I wish they were.
    I have tickets to 2 of their shows.
  • Question:-Is Jlo going to be at the Latin Grammys 2011?
    Is JLo going to be at the 12th annual Latin Grammys 2011? This year.. because I haven't heard of her performing. Do you guys know?
    Sorry that this is the wrong section, but please answer!

    Answer:-Ask the pop section
  • Question:-Is Green Day going to perform in the 2011 Grammys?
    My friend said he saw a commercial with Billie joe in it for the grammys and i cant find it anywhere on the internet so i was wondering is Green Day going to preform in the 2011 grammys?

    Answer:-I'm wondering the same thing. I saw that commercial too. I'm watching the Grammys right now and they haven't said anything about Green Day yet, but my fingers are crossed.
  • Question:-What sneakers were Justin Bieber wearing during his performance at the Grammys 2011?
    When Justin Bieber performed Never Say Never with Jayden Smith at Grammys, He wore sneakers what looked liked black "kicks"(ankle high sneakers) with chains coming down from the back/sides. What are/were those sneakers called and where can I get them? Thx

    Answer:-Justin Bieber has a pair of sneakers in just about every shade!

    If there’s anything Justin Bieber likes as much as older R&B starlets, it’s colorful sneakers in every color of the rainbow! The pint-sized crooner has been spotted sporting sneaks in bright shades like purple, red, blue, and even yellow!

    Justin Bieber’s sneakers collection looks more like the inside of a Fruit Loops box than footwear! It seems like his fetish for eye-popping sneakers is his signature style staple! Don’t get me wrong, we’ve seen colorful shoes on other performers before, but the young star is easily making the trend his own with his array of brights!
  • Question:-What were the songs sang tonight by eminem on the grammys-2011, and what album are they on?
    I know the first song with Rhianna is her version of love the way you lie. However what were the other two songs? The one Eminem did solo, and the the Doctor song with Dre.
    And what album did they come from?

    Answer:-love the way you lie part ll was on rihanna's loud album
    i need a doctor will be featured on dr dre's album detox
  • Question:-who won best male pop vocal grammys 2011?
    I turned the grammys on just for this award and they never even showed the winner . Does any one know who won ?

    Answer:-Bruno Mars for "Just The Way You Are"
  • Question:-where can i find a dress simliar to what jennifer lopez wore to the grammys 2011 ?
    heres a photo >.



    very different price range. But the actual dress is by Emilio Pucci
  • Question:-Who did Eminem sing with at the Grammys 2011?
    Who did Eminem sing with at the Grammys just now? I know it was Rihanna but there was another girl at the end singing with him with black hair does anyone know her name?

    Answer:-The woman was Skylar Grey. She sings the chorus in Eminem and Dr. Dre's song I Need A Doctor
  • Question:-Can people go watch the red carpet at the Grammys 2011?
    Me and my friends were thinking about going to 'sightsee' since it's at LA Live. Is it open to the public? Thank you.

    Answer:-sure are just going to probabky be a bit late to see anyone..going to be packed
  • Question:-Where Can I Stream the 2011 Grammys Online?
    I live in Glasgow, Scotland, and im unsure if theres a channel that broadcasts the grammys, so does anybody know where I can stream it.

    (I'm disappointed with the nominees this year but it is fun to watch)

    Thanks to anyone who answers this.


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