Wednesday, November 30, 2011

chris paul

  • Question:-chris paul ?
    chris paul is not this basketball god people make him out to be... why do the announcers glorify him the way they do ?? he is an average point guard who runs simple pick and rolls for all of his points and assists... that doesnt take talent ???

    Answer:-is stealing the ball, throwing perfect passes for an assist, and leading a young team against the defending champs an easy thing to do? if it does then why are there few people who average double figures in assists?

    he may look like he doesn't have talent for you, but certainly he has the heart and passion to play ball and inspire every person in the hornets team. talent is not everything in basketball.
  • Question:-Chris Paul?
    Will Chris Paul be a legend like Magic Johnson?

    or will he have just good stats with no rings like Steve Nash?

    Answer:-Chris Paul will be a great player, i don't know about a hall of fame career like Magic Johnson. Because Magic is one of a kind. But if you're comparison is with Steve Nash, I think he can have a better career than him. Paul combines efficient playmaking and scoring and i would not be surprised if he would have an MVP and a championship ring when his career is over. For the record he would not just have good stats but great stats.
  • Question:-What are your thoughts on Chris Paul over the last five games? Paul 31% shooting Hornets 1 win and 4 loses?
    In the last 5 games, Chris Paul has made just 17 of his last 54 shots.

    The Hornets are 1-4 in their last 5 games.

    BQ: What is wrong with Chris Paul this season?

    Answer:-He's just struggling (same as to every NBA player, they go through this as well), plus not having the big guy down the block (Okafor) right now, means he's forcing more shots now (Ariza has been non-existent this season). because of less passing options, apart from David West
  • Question:-Did Chris Paul break the consecutive steals record, and is he continuing on set a new one today?
    I just wanted to know if Chris Paul is still setting a record for consecutive games with at least one steal. Lat I remember he was tied with Alvin Robertson for 105 consecutive games with a steal.

    Answer:-Paul broke the record on Dec 17 in a game against the Spurs. The streak came to an end a week later, in a Christmas day loss to the Magic.
  • Question:-Would Chris Paul start over Derek Fisher if he got traded to the Lakers?
    I have a friend who insists that Chris Paul WOULD NOT start over D Fish. He was completely serious.

    Do you think he would start over D Fisher on the Lakers?

    Answer:-Your friend is an idiot.
  • Question:-How will you Building around Howard, and chris paul on the orlando magic?
    How will you Building around Howard, and chris paul on the orlando magic?
    how will you bulding a starting line up around Dwight Howard and chris paul on the orlando magic?

    what nba play would you put around Dwight Howard, and chris paul on the orlando magic?

    Answer:-just get them the ball :)
  • Question:-Will Chris Paul at the end of his career, go down as the best complete point guard of all time?
    I mean this kid is absolutely incredible. Yes, we've seen many great point guards througout the years, but I honestly haven't seen anything like Chris Paul. I think his game models after Magic Johnson. Just the ability to score and make others better. So will he go down as the greatest complete point guard of time?

    Answer:-Well, at this rate who knows. It's all about the era the players were in. I mean, would Wilt Chamberlain average 50 ppg in the 80's or now? No. But I do think CP3 definetely has a chance.
  • Question:-Why didnt as much people got mad at Chris Paul or Carmello Anthony as they did Lebron?
    Even though Lebron, Bosh, Wade all joined the same team. There is no definite proof that before the summer they planned this. However, speculation is that Chris Paul and Carmello Anthony plan to plan on the same team. However, the same people who has criticized Lebron even though he play out his contract has not criticized Chris Paul and Carmello Anthony.

    Answer:-because lebron all ready had more haters
  • Question:-What do you think about this trade that would send Chris Paul to the Cleveland Cavs?
    It would be a sign and trade....

    Cleveland would get Chris Paul.

    New Orleans would get Anderson Varejeo, Delante West, and a floating basketball court to use the next time the city floods and people are too dumb to get out.

    Answer:-If this trade happend what I dout that it would then I would say that Cleveland has the best chance to win the title with a dominate big man in Shaq one of the best player's in the nba with Lebron and then the one of the best point gaurdes in the nba in Chris Paul.
  • Question:-What are the chances of knicks getting chris paul?
    What are the chances of knicks getting chris paul?

    Answer:-not good .they would need to free up money for that boy.

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