Sunday, November 27, 2011

cybermonday deals

  • Question:-Cyber monday video games?
    Are there any cybermonday deals for sims 2 double deluxe and the expansion packs?

  • Question:-I want to buy a Macbook on Blackfriday, will Apple have a sale or do i have to go to places such as BestBuy?
    I want to buy it online, just because i don't live anywhere near places like Apple Stores or BestBuy. Will i get a better price/deal if i buy it on Blackfriday or CyberMonday?

    Answer:-no you dont want A mac
    mac are weak and girly
    men buy sagers or dell or HPs
  • Question:-What kind of stuff is is amazons cyber Monday's add?
    I'm trying to buy a canon t3i and can get a better deal on it right now from a guy on a different site. Any idea what the chances of it being in the amazon cybermonday sale is?


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