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brett favre

  • Question:-Brett Favre?
    Have to ask. who was brett favre traded from back in '93 as a first round pick? i know the packers took him, DUH!!! im a packers fan. i live in racine, WI. but who was he traded from? by the way, brett favre is the best qb of all time. dont care what anybody has to say. if you like football and if you have respect for football players, you have to have respect for brett favre. even thought he could care less about his stats, just look at them. oh yeah check out and look under brett favre made by duffbeer421. best brett favre video of all time

    Answer:-the atlanta falcons gave him up for a 1st round pick. yeah, i saw the brett favre tribute on as well. it is awesome. so many videos made of favre. he is the greatest and will be missed when he retires.
  • Question:-brett favre...?
    even if you don't like brett favre, you gotta respect the man. yeah, he's got a lot of INT, but he's also got a lot of TDs. when you think green bay packers, you think brett favre, not vince lombardi or bart starr. the guy is one of the toughest to ever play the game. he's left a strong and lasting legacy. where would you rank him among the all time greats? and should he be a first ballot hall of famer?

    Answer:-Lots of people still think of Lombardi when they think of the Packers. Lombardi's Packer legacy leaves Farve's in the dust. Of course, one would need a good history book to know that, ESPN doesn't talk about Lombardi.

    Farve is over-rated, but only because he's been called the greatest QB of all time, which he isn't. He is a great, great QB however, and he will be a first ballot HOF'er. The football HOF has screwed a lot of players in terms of the amount of time it took some of them to get in, but I think that Farve will be voted in as soon as he becomes eligible for the honor.

    In terms of where I'd rank him among the all time greats, I would put Montana, Unitas, Bradshaw, Staubach, Marino, Brady and Elway ahead of him, at least...there might be a couple that I fogot about, but not too many that I missed.

    Farve deserves a lot of credit for his streak as well. Most 'streak' records really don't mean anything, and maybe this one doesn't either, but I still have to respect the fact that he went out there for 250+ games in a row (including playoff games) ...even if he does only play once a week LOL

    Seriously, the streak is impressive.

    In terms of QBs who won only one championship as a starter, Farve is probably as good or better than any of them. He's certainly better than the one-year QB wonders (i.e. one-time Super Bowl winners) of the last 20 years or so... Thinking about other QB's who won one championship as a starter (during the Super Bowl era), the best of them include Joe Namath, Ken Stabler, Joe Theissman and Len Dawson. I'm inclined to think that Farve is better than any of them.

    He's been a great adn durable player for a long time, and has been one who it totally indespensible to his team.
  • Question:-Brett favre.?
    i am having a contest to see who can make there avatar look most like brett favre so ya also what do you think of him retirement OK go make them look the favre look!
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    Answer:-how about my avatar?
  • Question:-should i start brett favre at home against the bills or pick up derek anderson at home vs the rams?
    I'm in a 14 team league and have no one else to pick up at the moment and don't know what to do. I know Sidney Rice is returning this week so I feel like Brett Favre would be the smarter decision, but I would like other opinions.

    Answer:-You gotta go with Favre. He has a really favorable matchup and anyway Anderson has just been atrocious. I wouldn't think about starting him at all...Good Luck!

    Please Answer My Open Question--
  • Question:-How many games has Brett Favre given away in the 4th quarter?
    You always hear about Brett Favre and how he saves the day in the 4th quarter. How many games has he blown in the 4th quarter? I bet it's close to the same if not more than he saved. All those interceptions didnt come in just the first three quarters.

    Answer:-lol @ Chang
  • Question:-How often does Brett Favre throw to Tight Ends?
    I've got Visanthe Shiancoe in my Fantasy league and I can't figure if his stock rose or fell with Favre signing with the Vikings.

    On the one hand, Favre's a much better QB, so presumably he makes his receivers' stats better.

    On the other hand, great QBs don't need to utilize their Tight Ends as much because they're better at finding receivers down field.

    So, does Brett Favre tend to make use of his tight ends?

    Answer:-Definitely do not get rid of Shiancoe, he was a top 5 tight end last season and is an incredible talent. Keep in mind that Favre sent Bubba Franks to the pro bowl 3 times, and basically utilized Dustin keller as an elite tight end option. Shiancoe is a great value, and should be kept in any league. I think you are over-thinking Favre's impact on the Vikings team.
  • Question:-What is the lifetime record between brett favre and ben roethlisberger?
    I want to know the record of the games when Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisberger were opposing quarterbacks.

    Answer:-Big Ben is 2-0 against Brett Favre. Beat him when they played the Packers(oh wait maybe that was Batch now that I think about it). Well in case he NEVER LOST to Brett "DRAMA QUEEN" Favre.
  • Question:-What is going to happen to Brett Favre with the Jenn Sterger allegations?
    BQ: Are you surprised that Brett Favre actually knows how to use a cell phone camera?
    I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

    Answer:-The league will probably let it slip since its Favre.

    BQ: Shocked.
  • Question:-How much is a Bart Starr and Brett Favre signed authentic football helmet worth?
    I have an authentic on-field Packers helmet signed by both Brett Favre and Bart Starr. It is certified authentic by Steiner Sports and comes with a COA. Anyway, I am looking to potentially sell it. How much would it be worth?

    Thanks for the answers...

  • Question:-How does Brett Favre affect the overall rating of the Jets?
    With the roster update, I know that Brett Favre is rated a 94. But how does his addition affect the rating of the Jets offense and the team as a whole (i dont have the game and was curious of the ratings)?

    Answer:-it improves them.

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