Saturday, November 26, 2011

southern university

  • Question:-southern university?
    where is home for southern university jaguars

    Answer:-baton rouge louisiana
  • Question:-What ACT score do I need to get into georgia southern university?
    ? what is the ACT score that you need to get into georgia southern university?

    Answer:-They shared what the middle half of a freshman class scored with Princeton Review:

    ACT Middle 50%:21 - 24
    Math Middle 50%:20 - 25
    English Middle 50%:20 - 25
    Average HS GPA:3.17
  • Question:-Where can I find the Georgia Southern University Flag that looks like the State of Georgia's flag?
    I have seen people with a Georgia Southern University flag that looks just like the state of Georgia's flag except it has the Eagle head where the state seal would be.

    Answer:-This is what they school's store sells
  • Question:-How much does Charleston Southern University cost?
    How much does Charleston Southern University cost per a semester? Plus out of state?

    Answer:-Tuition is about $10,000 a semester. Room and board is about $3800. It is private school so in and out of state tuition fees are the same.
  • Question:-i want to go to University of Southern California?
    im still in highschool but im just wondering.
    i live in Northern California but i want to go to school in Southern (University of Southern California).
    i have a 3.0gpa sometimes less.
    Will That School Accept Me?

    Answer:-You would have to be closer to 3.75 or above. Additionally, your SAT scores would need to be in the 1910 to 2200 range and ACT scores in the 28 to 32 range. The web pages below can give you some more information about USC.
  • Question:-Does any one know about Texas Southern University Pharmacy Progam Requirements to get in?
    Does any one know like what your high school gpa has to range from and what our sat range from to get in to texas southern university Pharmacy school

    Answer:-To get into the pharmacy school, you have to complete the required pre-reqs which are 12 hrs in Biology, 16hrs in Chemistry, 6hrs in Math, 9hrs in English, 3hr Speech, 4hrs in Physics, 6 hrs of History, 6 hrs of Political Science, 3hrs in Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Computer Science which normally takes 2 yrs to complete. And pharmacy school is 4 years. They also want scores from the PCAT (which is the admissions test). Hope this helps.
  • Question:-How is the eMBA at Texas Southern University?
    What is your opinion of the eMBA program at Texas Southern University?

    Answer:-Some information is below./
  • Question:-Does anyone know if it's too late to apply for financial aid with Southern University?
    Ok, so I just graduated from high school and I'm on my way to college in the fall. I really want to go to Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA. I just found out that if my family doesn't have enough money to send me, I either have to apply for loans or I have to go to the college in my hometown which I really don't want to do.

    Answer:-You fill out the FAFSA (ASAP). Then the college you are accepted to will require you fill out a financial aid sheet that you can get from then. After that you wait and see what they offer you. If it is not enough then you can try to get private loans or go to a cheaper school.
  • Question:-What is the Southern University and A&M alma mater song?
    Southern University in Baton Rouge, respectfully. If you are a graduate from there, please explain the social and academic experience as it relates to the school. Anything you can offer helps! Thanks in advance :-)

    Answer:-I don't know if I can help you on the alma mater can probably google that.

    On the student life, try A bunch of college students write their reviews and grade the school based on a variety of topics.
  • Question:-Is the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University a good business school?
    I just recently graduated with a BBA degree from the University of North Texas back in December 2008. Since the job market is still pretty bad, I would like to go back to school for my MBA degree.

    I'm thinking about attending Southern Methodist University. I hear the Cox School of Business there is pretty good. Is this true?

    Answer:-I thought you were going to Harvard...?

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