Tuesday, November 29, 2011

patrice o neal.

  • Question:-I was just wondering if anyone on here know Patrice O Neal.I would like to Know if you liked his comedy acts.?
    Patrice just died and the world is missing a true genius.The man was really funny.I loved his act on netflix,titled elephant in the room.Anyway I'm just curious to Know if anyone else misses him.
    p/s If you have something rude to say please don't answer....Thank You..

  • Question:-song after patrice o'neal elephant in the room comedy special stand up?
    whats the song name that plays at the end of patrice o'neal elephant in the room comedy special stand up as hes walking off the stage?
    where can i find this song?

  • Question:-whats the show with patrice o'neal on comedy central(it was a cartoon)?
    i remember it was like two babies sitting aorund watching tv

    it was hilarious

    Answer:-Shorties watchin' Shorties. It was basically animated comedian skits
  • Question:-do you think that Patrice O'neal is right on when he tells women how to keep their man happy?
    will you take his advice? or not?


    Answer:-I'm not taking any "advice" from a "guy" named "Patrice."

    didn't even watch the video.
  • Question:-Who is Patrice O'Neal's girlfriend?
    I listen to him all the time when he's on the Opie and Anthony show, and they're always talking about his girlfriend and about how gorgeous she is, but he never mentions her name and I've not been able to find a pic of her anywhere online. Anyone know what her name is or where I can see her pic online?

    Answer:-I have no idea, sorry.
  • Question:-Have You Ever Listened/Watched Comedian Patrice O'Neal .....?
    A great/funny as hell comedian passed away this morning after having suffered a stroke in October.

    ... I will miss him and feel great sadness/heart break at his passing. My deepest sympathy to all who knew and loved this man:(weeping)

    He was only 41 years old.


    I remember watching his special "Elephant In The Room" and realized that I was watching another in a long line of great comics to perform on Comedy Central.

    If you knew about him what did you think of his work?

    Thanks and thumbs up to all who answer ... just give me time to get back and read the answers.

  • Question:-Did you know comedian Patrice O'Neal is awake to the New World Order?

  • Question:-anyone know who patrice o'neal is?
    he hosts the show "web junk" on vh1. i've seen some stand-up fromthis guy and he is hilarious, anyone else seen his act?
    no he is not irish, he's black.
    in one bit he made fun of pres. bush 's lack of intelligence when the tsunami hit he pronounced it tusunami" lol. if you don't know who he is look him up, trust me its worth it. what he does on vh1 is nothing compared to what his stand up is like

    Answer:-He is on VH1 a lot for tons of other things like I love the 70's. 80's, 90's etc... He is funny! He is also in Scary Movie 4 and he is a writer on One Night Stand.
  • Question:-dane cook or patrice o'neal?
    I'm doing something for school about boston comedians and these are the two that stand out to me, who do you think is funnier

    Answer:-Dane Cook is the best! :] ha ha
  • Question:-What was that Comedy Central show with Dennis Leary and...?
    It was about how Comedy Central gave a chance to produce the script of an unknown aspiring writer, and all the horrible things that went wrong during the production process. One actor was run over by a car. They tried to fill the audience with passers by who ended up being deaf. Dennis Leary brings in a fancy chair with an umbrella. The sprinker system ends up going off in the studio electrocuting who I think was Patrice O'Neal. At least Dennis had his umbrella. What show was this that aired several years ago?

    Answer:-I believe it was called "Contest Searchlight" and they wanted Patrice O' Neal to star in a sitcom where he played Jesus, i remember watching it

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