Sunday, November 27, 2011

a christmas story

  • Question:-How do I tell the Christmas Story to Kindergarteners?
    I was assigned a project for my Bible class where I have to teach the Christmas/Nativity story to a Kindergarten class. Any ideas on how I can tell it at their level and keep their attention?

    Answer:-Get a children's book with nice pictures and the story told in simple words. You can read and stop to show the pictures. Have one for my grandchildren they love it.
  • Question:-what is the name of the Christmas story of Santa accompanying a dying soldier?
    it was on the radio this year on christmas of a dying soldier how was accompanied by santa while on his death bed. i am trying to find it on youtube but i cant, can anyone give me the name of the story.

    Answer:-Is this some kind of South Park humor?
  • Question:-What is the title of the christmas story in the description?
    I can only remember parts of the story. I know it is about four different peoples christmases, and one is an orphan. They all tie together in some way and one of them ends up adopting the orphan(or the sister does) when they find her nearly frozen behind (a dumpster?) because she ran away. one person is rich and in her dads restraunt they have a christmas tree people can put wishes on (One is a ski trip and another is new shoes) and the little orphan puts her wish on it asking for a family.

    Answer:-What Child Is This? by Caroline B Cooney

    From School Library Journal

    "A heart-tugging story with an upbeat ending, told in alternating chapters by the young people involved. Eight-year-old Katie, an emotionally starved foster child, writes a wish on a paper bell that will be hung on a Christmas tree in a local restaurant. There, members of the community can choose a request and give a gift to a needy child. However, Katie doesn't ask for toys or clothing?she wishes for a family. Although the social worker says her request is inappropriate, Matt, a high school student who lives in the same foster home and works in the restaurant, hangs the bell on the tree. Liz, Matt's classmate, is upset when her uncaring father reads the wish, calls it ridiculous, and tears up the bell. Meanwhile, Liz's older sister struggles with her grief over the recent death of her baby. When Matt tells Katie on Christmas Eve that her wish will not come true, the devastated girl runs out into a blizzard, setting off a chain of events that brings about a resolution befitting a holiday tale."
  • Question:-What should I write my Christmas story about?
    I need to write a short Christmas story or poem for my school. It's for a club I'm in called Young Authors. For every major holiday we make a booklet filled with short stories, poems, and songs that we write. I'm looking for some good ideas for mine. I don't want whole stories, just ideas.

    Answer:-about christmas eve night waiting for santa or about drinking hot chocolate while watching the snow
  • Question:-What does the donkey symbolize in the Christmas Story?
    I'm writing a modern version of the Christmas Story, and was wondering what the correlation of the donkey could be in our time. I was thinking of making it a bike or something, but I'm not sure how that fits.

    Answer:-Don't know!
  • Question:-Where can i find bunny pajamas like the one in a Christmas story?
    Does anyone know where i can find pink footy bunny pajamas like the ones on a Christmas story? I want to get them for my nephew (as a joke of course), but i can't seem to find them anywhere.

    Answer:-pajama or just google it i did and there are tons of sites that sell them even some on ebay
  • Question:-What would be a good Christmas prose and poetry story?
    I need to find a Christmas (i don't know why but my teacher chose Christmas) story that i can do for my speech/communication applications class. Just keep in mind that i can't vary my voice to much. I can do the voice of a little girl pretty well but i have a harder time doing guy voices but it's still do-able.

    Answer:-"the night before christmas"
    i do christmas stuff in the summer all the'd be surprised how just thinking along those lines will affect you physically and mentally.
    you could probably do the songs in prose too...if your any good at that stuff...which seems to be the syllabus of the course
  • Question:-Any suggestions as to where to submit a short Christmas story for publication?
    It is a first person fictional story about a man who reflects on a childhood Christmas event.
    Adam. I need to copyright it first. I am hoping there is a publisher who will help with that.

    Answer:-I'm not sure where you could get it published, you might have to google publishing companies.

    Sounds intriguing though, would I be able to read it??

    If so, its =) =)
  • Question:-Where can I go to get a good christmas story for theatre class?
    I need a christmas story for theatre class to act out. Or any type of plays for christmas. Maybe original kind of stuff? Anyone know any sites I can go to, to get some plays or acts or anything? thanks :]

    Answer:-Try the website for anchorage press plays. Also see if you can find the script for "The Gift of the Magi" its a very touching story about a poor husband and wife and their sacrifice of love for Christmas.
  • Question:-What type hat did Randy wear in the movie called "a christmas story" when him and ralphie visited santa?
    Can anybody tell me the name of the type of hat Randy, Ralphie's little brother wore in the film\movie called "A Christmas Story" when they were at the mall visiring santa? Its looks like the long hat the sandman wears but has a ball at the tip like a santa's hat.

    Answer:-I think that they are called "Stocking Caps".

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