Saturday, November 26, 2011

the muppets

  • Question:-What did you think of the muppets being on RAW ?
    I thought it was a little embarassing, I liked the muppets when I was younger but...
    BQ: Has WWE gone too PG ?

  • Question:-Poll: Will you see The Muppets in theatres?
    I won't lie - I'm excited! My parents and I used to love watching the movies together, and judging from reviews, this should be a nice revival. :-) What's your opinion?

    Have a lovely holiday season!

  • Question:-Why didn't they use CG for the new Muppets movie?
    Puppets are so childish, it would have looked better if they used computers. Also, they should have added giant robots and explosions. That would have been awesome!

  • Question:-Anyone Seen the Movie 'The Muppets'?
    What did you think of it?

  • Question:-Who is the most over rated in this line up?
    Hulk Hogan / John Cena
    Bob Barker / The muppets
    Michael Cole / Booker T
    Undertaker / Kane
    Zach Ryder / John Cena
    The Rock / Steve austin
    Trish Stratus / Kelly Kelly

    Whose the most over rated wwe star today

    Who is the under rated today?

  • Question:-the muppets?
    what is the big one one the topright corner called

    Answer:-That's Sweetums
    He was introduced in the Muppet version of 'The Frog Prince' which I believe was back in the early 70's. He popped up again in the original Muppet Movie.
  • Question:-The Muppets.....?
    What is the name of Miss Piggy's dog?

  • Question:-How are the muppets and sesame street related?
    I am doing a research project on the muppets for school, and whenever I search for Jim Henson, the creator of the muppets, I get stuff about both the muppets and sesame street.

    For those of you that know, can you please post a link to a website stating that, because my teacher requires "proof" for everything I say in my research project.

    Answer:-They all have the same father, Jim Henson, (well the majority of characters do anyway).
  • Question:-How well do you think the new Muppets film coming out in November will do at the box office?
    I wonder about that. I like the Muppets and I am interested in seeing the movie but I think the Muppets are kind of out of style nowadays and that the movie just might flop. Still, seeing the Muppets on the big screen would be a nice change from the overdone CGI Characters. What about the rest of you?

    Answer:-They are making new muppets.
    I dont know. probably good.
  • Question:-What was the name of the muppets Christmas special where they were in a farm house with fraggle rock?
    There was a special on tv when I was a kid with the muppets stranded in a farm house. John Denver was there and fraggle rock was in the basement. Either it was a special round the 80's... or I was tripping. Any help?

    Answer:-John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together. There is another Muppet Christmas special called A Muppet Family Christmas where Fozzie Bear takes the gang to meet his mother on the farm during Christmas.

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