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the duchess

  • Question:-How would a Duchess informally address her husband if he was a Duke?
    I know that formally people would call him "Your Grace" or "Duke" when speaking to him, and the when writing it was "My Lord Duke" but would that change when the Duke and Duchess were speaking to each other, or would they just use first names?

    Answer:-According to Laura Chinet
    Equals call him "Duke." His wife can use his first name,in this day and age.Or,if he has a nickname,she will use that.
  • Question:-Pilots: is the Beechcraft Duchess considered a good aircraft for multi-engine training?
    I know very little about the Duchess. I realize that they're no longer in production. But my primary concern is that they're just so uncommon, so I'm worried about my marketability (as a CFI) if I wanted to apply to different flight schools. Most schools seem to use the Seminole for their ME training.

    Answer:-That and the Piper Seminole are probably the two most widely used multi-engine trainings, with the seminole probably being more popular of the 2.

    If you're talking about your marketability as a single engine flight instructor, then it won't make any difference. If you mean that you're getting your Multi-Engine Instructor ticket and are worried about being able to get a job as an MEI, then that's a different story. Getting a job as an MEI is generally tough unless you have a lot of hours in the type of plane that school flies. For example, the flight school that I worked at employed lots of MEIs. Each one had well over 100 hours of multi, in the seminole, before getting hired.
  • Question:-Why have certain people been so critical of Duchess Catherine of Cambridge?
    There has been a lot of troubling commentary from some of the more jealous of the masses referring to Duchess Catherine as a "commoner". This obviously couldn't be more incorrect, given her current status.

    Honestly, I'm trying to maintain my composure on this magical day. But the next cruel and negative critique of Duchess Catherine that I hear may trigger my fighting reflex.

    Answer:-I saw the wedding this morning and yes, I cried tears of joy.
    To see two genetically superior people get married to each other is such a great blessing for mankind.

    I haven't seen her nude yet,but I'm sure she is very attractive.

    By the way,that fighting reflex comment would carry a lot more weight if you were a MMA guy.
  • Question:-What is the child of a duke and duchess called?
    I'm writing a story, where the main character's maternal grandparents are duke and duchess of somewhere. I was wondering what his mother's title, and his, would be, if anything.

    Answer:-The eldest son would have a subsidiary title, usually an Earl. Ther rest of the sons are Lords and daughters are Ladies.
  • Question:-Where can i get The Duchess online for free 10 pts to best?
    So i want to watch The Duchess with Keira Knightly online for free but i dont want to have to download it. Chan anyone give me a web adress or a likn???? that would be awesome
    10 pts to best answer!

    Answer:-Totally agree - OVGuide is the best!! Its the only site i bother going to, they always find hte best source for online video

    I had to do you the favor of providing the direct link..
  • Question:-Why were the Duchess and the Queen of Hearts so alike in parts of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?
    I've recently been wondering if the Duchess was the Queen of Hearts's prototype when Charles Dodgeson wrote Alice's Adventures Underground and that he just didn't edit out certain parts that proved it. For example, the White Rabbit works for the Queen but when Alice first sees him he's afraid of making the Duchess wait. Then when Alice meets the Duchess, the Duchess once randomly shouts "Off with her head!". Thanks.

    Answer:-Consider that the story is a symbol for the girl growing up and it isn't relevant what the names of the characters are it's what they represent. The Duchess and the Queen both represent adult women of authority
  • Question:-Where will the Duchess of Cornwall sit on the Jubilee parade stand?
    Surely the woman will not be put front and center for all the world to be reminded of her debaucherous ways of weaseling herself into our glorious royal family. If equerries from the palace should be reading this forum, please, oh please, do not embarrass our dear Queen by setting up the parade stand so that the Duchess of Cornwall is seated upon it during the Jubiliee parade. Can she not be scheduled for another event that day far in the north of the country?

    Answer:-I imagine that she will be right next to her husband
  • Question:-Who was that duchess who used to torture people?
    I can't remember, but along time ago there was this duchess that would torture people and was known for it. Her name was something like Duchess of Death or something equally as cliche' (I don't have the correct e, sorry).


    Answer:-Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614).

    She lived in Trencsen, then part of the Kingdom oifHungary (now in modern Slovakia), and tortured and murdered young women for fun.

    She was known as "The Blood Countess"
  • Question:-How would you address the daughter of a duchess?
    I remember reading a book and the maids had addressed the duchess as Your Grace but how would servants address the daughter of a duchess?

    Answer:-A non-royal Duke and his Duchess are addressed as 'Your Grace' (when speaking to them directly'.
    The eldest son uses the courtesy title (the father's second title) and is addressed as 'My Lord'.
    The other children are addressed as Lord and Lady.

    Thus: His Grace The Duke of Norfolk (non-royal Duke), The Earl of Arundel (eldest son)

    A royal Duke (son or grandson of the monarch) and his Duchess are referred to as 'Your Royal Highness'.
    The children of the royal Duke, if the son of the monarch, are also addressed as 'Your Royal Highness'.
    If the royal Duke is the grandson of the monarch, then the children are styled as the children of non-royal Dukes (as per George V's 17 December 1917 Letters Patent).

    Thus: HRH The Duke of York (son of the Queen), HRH Princess Beatrice (daughter)
    HRH The Duke of Kent (grandson of George V), The Earl of St. Andrews (eldest son), Lady Helen Windsor, Lord Nicholas Windsor (daughter and son)
  • Question:-What has happened to the Duchess of Kent?
    I am used to seeing the duchess handing out trophies after the women's singles final, but I saw the duke rather than the duchess performing the duties. Does anybody know what happened to her?

    Answer:-I am not sure but she may be ill. I may have read something a while back but I can't swear to it.

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