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neil diamond

  • Question:-Neil Diamond?
    I need a free download of say maybe by neil diamond.Can somebody please help?

    Answer:-go to: -
  • Question:-What was the Neil Diamond song he performed in Saving Silverman movie?
    Neil Diamond and the rest of the cast in the movie Saving Silverman were on a concert stage and sang a song together.

    Can anyone tell me the name of that song?

    Thanks for any and all help.

    Answer:-holly holy
  • Question:-Is it true that singer Neil Diamond has disowned Dustin Diamond?
    Former child star Dustin Diamond is the biological son of popular singer Neil Diamond, although they've apparently had a falling out. I heard that Neil has cut Dustin out of his will because he thinks that Dustin is a terrible actor, extremely ugly, and an overall embarrassment to the Diamond name. Can anyone confirm these details or provide additional details?

    Answer:-Neil Diamond is a successful singer and is ashamed that his son Dustin turned out to be such a loser and douche. The guy above is correct that Neil has other sons Jesse and Micah. However, Dustin pushed Neil's buttons so much that Dustin has been the only son that he's actually disowned (so far).

    I think that Neil was ready to make up with Dustin in the early 1990s but was so enraged when Dustin started acting in Saved By The Bell: The New Class that he completely wrote Dustin out of his will. He must have thought that Dustin totally sucked on that show.
  • Question:-Who sings the song touching you, touching me i know its not neil diamond who sings the newer version its in?
    Taylor Swifts video she made when she went to Londen for the first time. The Neil Diamond one is deff not the one.

    Answer:-i believe in a thing called love - the darkness
  • Question:-Why Neil Diamond at the Billboard Awards?
    Neil Diamond is quite old now, and it's very doubtful that many of the young age group that filled that audience even knew who he was. Look at who were up for the awards, Ke$ha, Beiber, Rhianna, Brittany Spears etc. All of them young enough to be Neil's great grandchildren. And the kids in the audience were mostly probably in the same age group according to all the kiddie screams. It's like that award show is for the teenyboppers. Now I could see Neil Diamond on the Grammy award. That award show awards more older refined singers.

    Answer:-Like Lady oh said, he was receiving the ICON Award and maybe Billboard wanted to remind listeners what music sounds like without having high tech effects to be able to sound good !
  • Question:-neil diamond?
    is it just me or do you find it REALLY creepy how he wrote "sweet caroline" about caroline kennedy.......when she was like 11!!!!

    Answer:-You're taking it out of context. It's actually a sweet song.
  • Question:-Can you write a funny story with these Neil Diamond songs?
    1) Love on the rocks.
    2) You're so sweet horseflies keep hangin' 'round your face.
    3) I'll come running.
    4) Red, red wine.
    5) Don't turn around.
    6) You'll never be anything but mine.
    7) Can anybody hear me?

    Special consideration for additional Neil Diamond songs.
    He's got a gazillion of them!
    GRRR!!! Can't decide!!

    Answer:-"Hey buddy, gimme a love onthe rocks, will ya?"
    I turned around to see a dirty old man with coal dust on his clothes and trail dust in his beard.
    The bartender kept cleaning the glass he was holding and snarled, "Yeah, I'll come running if you show me some cash, Pete."
    Apparently this guy had been here before. I sipped my red, red wine and regarded this newcomer. Suddenly he looked my way and I tried to avoid his eye, but he said, No, don't turn around. I can see you're wondering about me. If you'll spot me a drink or two, I'll tell you the story of my Sweet Caroline."
    Well, I'm a sucker for a good story, so I agreed.
    Seems this guy had a lot of trouble with the ladies--had a good heart, but his mouth kept tripping him up. The story of Caroline started on a September morn. She stepped off the train and walked away with his heart back in 1859. That was the year the flies were so bad, so of course the flies were following everyone around. Well, he thought many more followed Caroline than anyone else, so his best opening line was, "Baby, you're so sweet horseflies keep hangin' round your face."
    That earned him a slap in the face, but he kept trying--complimenting her manure brown hair, her blister-red lips, her coyote eyes...I could see where this was headed.
    He finally got so desperate that he dropped the compliments and simply said, "Oh, baby, you'll never be anything but mine!"
    Sweet Caroline turned on him and landed a fist in his belly, saying, "There, ya creep! That'll turn on yer heartlight!"
    That's where the bartender entered the story. He had seen the whole thing and took pity on old Pete, offering him a drink or two to ease the pain.
    Turns out what Pete lacked in the romance department, he made up for in the mooching department. In a night's time, he drank the bartender right out of his establishment, the Longfellow Serenade, and never paid him a dime.
    After telling me this, old Pete stood up and staggered quickly out of the bar. "Hey!" I said, "What about Caroline? Why are you so dirty? Why does the bartender allow you in here when you don;t pay your tab?"
    Old Pete just cackled and said, "I guess I didn't tell you, I'm not much of a story teller either!"
    As I sat staring open-mouthed after this freeloader, the bartender laid down a bill in front of me---$42! Well, I guess the old geezer's other talent is guzzling the booze....
    Well, maybe I'll go try to find Sweet Caroline....
  • Question:-Does anyone want two tickets to see Neil Diamond at Fenway on August 23rd?
    I had bought two tickets to see Neil Diamond but I will be out of state on that day. If you would like them please email me and we can negotiate a price.

    Answer:-yeah! gimmie!
  • Question:-What do you think of Neil Diamond?
    Im 39 years old and I grew up listening to my Fathers albums of Neil Diamond. I took my father to a Neil Diamond concert last night, and I will say it was the best performance I have ever seen. He played all the great hits, and while I watched him I realized... it's not his distinctive voice that makes him great. It's that he writes all of his music and when you listen you can't help but hear how he has influenced Music of the 60's 70's. He is really a great songwriter.

    Answer:-when I was kid my step-father was really into him and I am just a few years younger than you are and we watched the Jazz Singer together it my first time seeing the movie and I loved the movie I thought it was a great story and very inspirational, its been a long time since I have heard any of that but I remember the song "Hello" like it was yesterday good song and yeah hes a good song writer
  • Question:-Is Neil Diamond's London Electric Prom's performance going to be broadcast on TV?
    I can see that Elton John's show from Friday will be shown on the Saturday on BBC2, but I cannot find any mention of Neil Diamond's performance on any schedule. Any help please?

    Answer:-It is my understanding that Diamond's show will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 2. Then, on November 13, BBC Two television is doing A Night With Neil Diamond which will not only include highlights from the Electric Prom's show but also a documentary on his career.

    Lulu also just announced that she'll be singing The Boat That I Row at the Diamond concert. Not sure if there will be other guests (UB40?).

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