Saturday, November 26, 2011

hope solo

  • Question:-Hope Solo????
    Why did hope solo (the goalie) get kicked off usa women's soccer team????

    Answer:-when i saw solo make the comments, i took it as she was critical of a bad coach making a bad decision. i didn't think she meant that scurry was a bad player, we all know she's not. but, solo was the hot hand and scurry had not played in along time. it was just a coach trying to regain control of a team that should have never been his! these players entire lives are built around this sport and the few moments they have to let people see it at it's best, and he took that moment away from the team, as well as solo and the people who watch it. it should be ryan apologizing to the team, solo and the fans that follow this team and the women who live for it. i think she should be disciplined, but not as severely as he is doing being that he will be fired after this next match. solo will and should be back for she has earned the spot as number 1 goalie and despite backlash on her comments, she was right about the soon-to-be ex-coach of the women's team.
  • Question:-What happened to Abby Wambach in the Olympics and when did Hope Solo start playing?
    I noticed Abby Wambach wasn't in the Olympics with the USA women's soccer team; was she injured? Also, when did Hope Solo start keeping goal again? What happened to Brianna Scurry?

    Answer:-Abby Wambach suffered a broken tibia and fibula in the 31st minute of their final tune-up match for the Olympic games vs. Brazil. She collided with Brazillian defender Andreia Rosa.

    I've included a link below where you can read the whole story.

    Yes, Hope Solo is the goal keeper. It seems as if she has made peace with the US National Team and coaches. Brianna Scurry is getting a little old, and Hope is younger and moves better.
  • Question:-Where can I buy a purple Hope Solo jersey?
    Hope Solo is basically my idol. I'm also a goalkeeper, and just the way she handles herself on the field is amazing to me. Anyways, I would really like to find a PURPLE Hope Solo jersey. I have been searching and searching, but to no avail. Does anyone know where I could purchase one?

    Answer:-You can't, because the idiots at Nike don't make them. What a missed marketing opportunity. (They don't make the Tim Howard kit, either. Sigh.)
  • Question:-How can I get my wife to be more like Hope Solo?
    I want her to be more like Hope Solo. Can you help me in this journey towards her greatness?

    Answer:-It will take some effort on your part. A great deal of plastic surgery will be required. Are you willing to fork over the $45,000 for a new chizzled jaw and DSL's?
  • Question:-what game did hope solo play bad in so that she didn't play against Brazil in the 2007 world cup semi final?
    there was a game where hope solo played really poorly. It was the 2007 world cup quarterfinal but i don't know who it was against. Can someone put the link of a video of the saves that she missed?

    Answer:-It had nothing to do with how well or bad Hope Solo had played in the tournament. Coach Greg Ryan decided to start Briana Scurry over Solo because of Scurry's past experience in big game situations.
    Many called it a bad decision even before the Brazil game had kicked off.
  • Question:-Does anyone know where to purchase a hope solo goalkeeper jersey of any color? Or some other type of clothing?
    To me hope solo is my idol because im a goalkeeper and she inspires me and when i play on the field i want something from her with me on the field when i play. And if you do know please be more specific than just saying "the store " thank you.

    Answer:-You can buy goalkeeper jerseys on eBay at
  • Question:-Where can I buy a Hope Solo jersey?
    I'm looking for a Hope Solo jersey I don't mind any particular color.

    Answer:-i got mine at a local soccer plus store... if u cant find it at a local one near by just ask da place u went to if they can make some calls to da other soccer plus stores, thats how i got my sister her abby wambach jersey..
  • Question:-I wanted to know what anyone thought about the whole hope solo vs greg ryan situation?
    (personally i'm with hope solo and think ryan was completely wrong in playing scurry instead of her. for some reason if i was her i wouldn't play unless he takes responsibility and admit that he should have started solo in the first place)

    Answer:-i'm with hope solo on this one. The thing that annoys me the most is that he still won't admit it's his fault and is instead trying to make it look like Hope Solo is in the wrong by doing those interviews. she has a right to free speech and now, she's getting punished for it when it's really his fault. She already said that it wasn't directed at Scurry. What else does the stupid coach want?
  • Question:-Where do I buy a hope solo jersey?
    I'm looking to purchase a USA national team jersey and I wish for it to be the goalkeeper, Hope Solo. Does anyone know where I can find one online? I can't seem to anywhere.

    Answer:-I read on her Twitter she is requesting that Nike sells her purple jersey, so there may be one to buy in the near future. Otherwise there are none avalible now.
  • Question:-Where can I buy a Hope Solo poster?
    Hope Solo plays for the USA soccer team. She is the goalkeeper.

    Answer:-look on the net there are several

    ps look this fansite

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