Saturday, November 26, 2011


  • Question:-HUGO????????????????????????????????????????
    how many evacuated from hurricane hugo

  • Question:-Whats the difference between Hugo Chavez and George W Bush?
    At least Hugo Chavez never got appointed to the presidency by an unelected body.

    Answer:-Bush loves his Country and I guess Hugo loves his too(he must he rules it).
    Hugo and barrack insane also have something in common, they both hate America.
  • Question:-What do you think about Hugo Chavez and his presidential policies?
    I am a supporter of Hugo Chavez, I am not Venezuelan and I do not live in Venezuela.

    I would just like to know what you think as the elections are tonight.

    Answer:-Lol are you crazy? That punk is taking control of his own country! Which means he doesn't want freedom not even for his own people! Basically he wants to become a king! Now his is in the side of the drug dealers because he actually did finish with the drug dealers in his country but he sent all the stuff to other countries for example Mexico which is my country and Colombia. Now also that punk is a terrorist! Do you still think that chavez is cool? If you do then you must be out of your mind!
  • Question:-Javier Aguirre vs Hugo Sanchez. How badly is Aguirre going to destroy Hugo tactically speaking?
    Or will Hugo Sanchez's 4-4-2 somehow overcome Aguirre hahaha i mean you never know? Also is it the match between the 2 best Mexican coaches in the history? Or not even close?

    Answer:-Ohh man....I'm not sure...but I sure will love to see this!!
    I mean, Once Hugo saw that Aguirre got a hold of Madrid...I knew Hugo was Jealous. Hugo thinks they were just going to hand Real Madrid to him on a silver platter.....what a joke!! So deep down inside, he wants to win and prove that he got what it takes to be Real Madrid's future coach. He has to start his way down and up just like Aguirre did.

    On the Other hand.....You have Aguirre who already knows the league like the back of his hand. Lets see.....It would be interesting to see a grind out match and see Hugo Overcome and it would be nice to see Aguirre's team destroy Hugo's team with the subs! Either outcome would be nice!! Lets see what happens!
  • Question:-How has Hugo Chavez been able to dominate in Venezuela?
    How has Hugo Chavez changed and bettered venezuela and why does he win the hearts and votes/support of the people?
    Please support with facts. Thank you.

    Best answer gets 10pts.


    Answer:-First of all Chavez is a President that fool a country when he got elected. He never claimed to be socialist, he actually admitted that Cuba is a dictatorship and he said that after 5 years in power he would leave, he got elected to fight corruption, better the economy and turn around the country. Instead he got thousands of Cuban to come to Venezuela to help the poor, with missions. The missions included education the poor, giving healthcare to the poor and low food prices. The thing is that Chavez for over 10 years in power has launched a ideology that did not existed, he has divided the country between rich and poor. Claims that being rich is bad, but some of the richest Venezuelans are Chavistas or Chavez followers. When I say rich i mean billion dollar rich. All that he did was take from the old rich and give it to his cabinet members and followers, why you might ask is he still in power?. Out of pure ignorance, Caracas every year becomes dirtier, poorer and overall worse. There is no social education, there is Chavez education. Why does he win elections, well consider this when elections come he uses the state money to fund for the campgains. He buy all the adds in newspaper, magazines and tv. Why is there no penalty for this because he controls every part of the Venezuela government. He has not won hearts he has won money followers, during elections is common to give bonuses, food, gifts to voter and government workers. Instead of fixing the problems he nationalizes the industries which he blames for the problems, he has nationalized pretty much everything. His government is like a hungry lion eating everything without thinking for the future. Once he nationalized everything in a couple of year those industries are going to be broken. And the only reason he has made it this far is called oil money. Even more the so called democracy that there is in Venezuela is a false democracy. When the opposition won the election for the supreme mayor of Caracas. The government took all it's power and responsibilities and created a new position called head of Caracas appointed by the president. The Opposition governors and mayors have run their budgets with less money then normal because they are not pro-chavez. He has put in Jail ex-followers just because they did not agree with him. He will come up with some charges and put you in jail. You want sources I am not going to look up these things for you can do your own research you will find all these things. How do I know these I am a Venezuelan who has seen my country go to hell. Thanks
  • Question:-How can I send a contribution to the Alaskans who rejected Hugo Chavez's offer of oil?
    Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, after delivering a speech at the UN in which he insulted President Bush and the US, offered to provide millions of dollars of oil to poor Alaskans. Many of the Alaskan villages have accepted the offer, but many others have rejected it, to send a message to Chavez about their patriotism and loyalty.

    Does anyone know how I (and others) can send a contribution to those villages that have bravely declined Chavez's offer? Thank you.

    Answer:-I do not know the correct answer to this question, but I can tell you for certain where NOT to send it. Joe Kennedy. Rep.Joe Kennedy is conspiring with Hugo Chavez to bring communism to MA. Well, I suppose that with MA, there was a considerable head start before Hugo Chavez!
  • Question:-Why does Hugo Chavez praise Obama and his plans of socialism?
    Hugo is power over the people while we're suppose to be "power to the people" over government. Why does Hugo love Obama so much?

    Answer:-because they are both international socialists.
  • Question:-What does the engraving on Hugo Stiglitz's knife in Inglorious Basterds say?
    What does the engraving on Hugo Stiglitz's knife in Inglorious Basterds say? I just saw the movie and couldn't catch it; Google has been no help, either.

    Answer:-I have seen the movie 2 times and I am not sure of what's written on the blade of Hugo Stiglitz. But the dagger looks like a German army officer's dagger.
    What's written differs if the dagger is a SS or a Werhmacht dagger.
    I must ask my friends on several knives and collectibles forum to know more.
  • Question:-What question services like ask hugo are online?
    Since the company ask hugo don't answer questions on facebook anymore I was wondering if there were other asking services.

    Answer:-ask jeeves
  • Question:-How does Victor Hugo use his 4 main characters to describe his view of human nature?
    How does Hugo use his 4 main characters to describe his view of human nature? Discuss how each character represents another facet of Hugo’s view?

    Bishop (goodness, Godliness, divine law, love, and forgiveness)
    Convict (lawlessness, greed, selfishness, and hate)
    Policeman (human law, order, justice, rules and regulations, punishment)
    Prostitute (immorality, worthlessness, self-hate, and desperation)

    Answer:-as exactly as u have said it. each character portrays those adjectives that u describe . how apt for each character to do so

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