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rockefeller center

  • Question:-Where are the stages usually located at the Rockefeller center Christmas tree lighting?
    I'm going to the lighting ceremony on November 30, 2010. I've heard that there is not just one central stage for the performances, but there are many stages scattered around Rockefeller center. Where are these stages usually located? Or do the locations of the stages change every year? Would it be obvious where these stages are if I were to just walk around Rockefeller center a few hours before the show is about to begin?

    Answer:-These stages are setup will in advance to the tree lighting. The main stage is by the statue of Prometheus on the rink. The other stages are on the plaza and are basically the same as those used by the Today show for performances on the plaza.
    You need to get there very early because the place gets packed and you will not be able to move around.
  • Question:-What is the average attendance in the Rockefeller Center?
    I need to know this for a school project i am doing. What is the average amount of people who go to the rockefeller center. This can be yearly, daily, weekly, etc. Thank you.

    Answer:-Well, when you say "Rockefeller Center" you are referring to an area that is several square blocks in area, over 22 acres (see link, below), plus, many, many people pass through there every day on their way to work, too, plus, there's a huge underground shopping concourse there, too, so that's a LOT of people every day.

    There's a very good article about it at the 2nd link, below, and perhaps there's an estimate of the numbers of visitors it gets in there.

    Good luck!... ☺
  • Question:-What is the best way to get from Rockefeller Center to the Statue of Liberty?
    We are coming by bus to NY and getting dropped off at Rockefeller Center. One of the places we would like to visit is the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero. I know that taking a taxi would be a huge amont of $. What is the cheapest and most safe way to get to these places?

    Answer:-To get to Ground Zero, you take the B, D, F, or M trains (on the downtown side) to West 4th Street and transfer to the A, C or E trains to Chambers Street-World Trade Center.

    From Ground Zero, you can simply walk down to South Ferry and take either the free Staten Island Ferry to St. George, which passes by the Statue of Liberty, or take a special ferry to the Statue of Liberty (that you have to pay for)

    I hope this was very helpful.
  • Question:-When is Rockefeller Center decorated for the holidays?
    We will be in NY the week of Thanksgiving (leaving NY on Thanksgiving day) and are wondering if some of the sites/windows will be decorated for Christmas? Will Rockefeller Center be decorated by then, even though the tree won't be lit? Thanks so much for your help.

    Answer:-Hey.. I hope you're having a great time in NYC.
    They start decorating Rockefeller Center mid-november. As a matter of fact, today they put the tree on and tomorrow or later on in the week they will be putting the gigantic star at the top. While they decorate Rockefeller, you might want to considerate stopping by Macy's, which is already decorated! and lightened up!
    Have a good time!
  • Question:-What day do they shut off the Christmas tree in Rockefeller center?
    What day do they shut off the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in NYC? Do they shut it down on Christmas day??? If so what day and time do they shut down the tree? What day do all the windows and evrything in Rockefeller Center go down?

    Answer:-The tree stays up until after the new year. The only time the lights are shut off are on NYE (I think).

    The store decorations should be up until January 1.
  • Question:-What is Rockefeller Center used for and what do people do there besides ice skate and shop?
    I need this for my project about Rockefeller Center. I need to know what it's used for, and I need to know what people do there besides ice skate in the winter, shop, and dine. :]
    Oh and I'm not allowed to use Wikipedia so I won't trust answers that were used from Wikipedia...sorry!

    Answer:-Well i know for christmas every body looks forward to the lighting up of rockefeller christmas tree it looks so beautiful plus the hosts of performers sure rocks.
  • Question:-What is the Christmas Music Played when at Rockefeller Center?
    There is an instrumental that is played when at Rockefeller Center in NY. What is the name of that song?

    Answer:-Christmas in Sarajevo 24/7 by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
  • Question:-How many poeple visit the Rockefeller Center daily and during the holiday season?
    I am a student, I am wrinting a report and would like to know howm many visitors shop or visit the Rockefeller Center daily,monthly,the holiday season ?

    Thank you in advance for the informations

    Answer:-I love Rockefeller Center simply because NBC studios is right there. Saturday Night Live and Conan tape there. Rosie used to, too. The ice skating rink is also fun, but it's pretty crowded. The third website listed said over half a million people visit the skating rink each year.

    Information from the last website:
    Rockefeller Center is one of the most highly trafficked areas of New York City attracting 19 million visitors a year to the Music Hall, skating rink, NBC studios, and its Christmas tree. Christie's spokesmen say special traffic arrangements will be made for important evening sales.
  • Question:-When do they light the tree at Rockefeller center?
    My husband and I want to travel to NYC for the first time this year (from Houston) and want to witness lighting the big tree at Rockefeller center. When do they light it? Any other tips for travel? great inexpensive hotels?

    Answer:-The exact date hasn't been set yet; it will be either November 27th or November 28th 7 - 9pm (if you call [212] 632-3975 closer to the date, you'll get exact information)

    If you will be in New for Thanksgiving, you might enjoy watching the preparation for Macy's parade the night before - you can watch them blow up those tremendous balloons, etc (warning - it's crowded and sometimes can get very cold)

    Hotels in New York are expensive - don't even consider the Pennsylvania or the Carter (bedbugs).

    Check out Radio City Apartments on West 49th Street (great location - less than a block from the tree - only a few blocks from the Theatre District). Every room has a kitchenette with a coffee maker, fridge, microwave and range. You'll save money if you can take back your restaurant left overs. There are suites and studios - very reasonable prices (for New York)
    Read what previous guests think about Radio City Apartments - would they stay there again?

    My brother and his family always stay at The Belvedere - spotless, great staff, in the Theatre District, subway and bus at the corner, microwave and fridge in every room, so you can take back the restaurant leftovers - he always gets a good price from Orbitz or PriceLine or Travelocity

    There are five Apple Core hotels in Manhattan - they are inexpensive and the New York Times says they are all very clean (they are also in good areas)

    Before you choose a hotel, look it up at See what previous guests think about it and would they stay there again. Look at the photos taken by the guests - not the ones posted by the hotel. The professional photographers make a box look like a spacious mansion.

    Get a copy of TimeOut New York - part of it is online here:

    This should help you plan what you'd like to see. Read other questions and answers here and see other recommendations. Wear comfortable shoes - you should do lots of walking. Have a great time!
  • Question:-What is the last day that I can go to Rockefeller Center during a year and see the tree lit?
    I am planning a trip to NYC on the weekend of 1/5 and was wondering if the tree would still be lit at Rockefeller Center. Any ideas?

    Answer:-The tree will be lit through "approximately January 6, 2007". Call the number at this site in a month or so, they may know the exact dates by then.

    Make sure you get to see the holiday windows at Lord & Taylor - Fifth Avenue and 38th Street. They are always spectacular!

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